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October 2021


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Tag: ibrahim al-asiri

Fingerprint Links al Qaeda Bomb Maker to Underwear Bomber and Bombs in Printers

Ibrahim Hassan Al-Siri

By Allan Lengel

The hand of al Qaeda is on key evidence involving attempted terrorist attacks against the U.S.

The Associated Press reports that the fingerprints of al-Qaida’s top bomb maker Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri in Yemen has been linked to the bomb hidden in the underwear of  a Nigerian man on Christmas day on a Detroit-bound flight in 2009.

And AP reported that the underwear bomb is chemically identical to the bombs hidden inside two printers that were shipped from Yemen to the U.S.

The wire service said the original fingerprint used for the match probably came from Saudi Arabia where al-Asiri and his brother were once arrested for terrorist activity.  AP reported that they were released and eventually fled to Yemen in 2006.

Explosive Packages Were 4 Times More Powerful than Underwear Bomb

By Allan Lengel

The explosives used in the packages from Yemen were four times more powerful than those used by the underwear bomber, the Associated Press reports.

Citing German authorities, AP reported that the two bombs contained 300 and 400 grams of the industrial explosive PETN, compared to about 80 grams used in the Nigerian man who tried to blow up a Detroit-bound plane last Christmas by detonating a bomb in his underwear.

AP reported that authorities suspect the bomb maker is Ibrahim al-Asiri, the master bomb maker for the Yemen-based group, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

“It shows that they are trying to again make different types of adaptations based on what we have put in place,” John Brennan, President Obama’s counterterrorism adviser said, according to AP. “So the underwear bomber, as well as these packages, are showing sort of new techniques on their part. They are very innovative and creative.”