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January 2022


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Tag: Hunter Moore

Nude Pictures on Revenge-Porn Site Leads to 2 Arrests for Hacking, Other Charges

Steve Neavling

Hunter Moore, who once operated the revenge-porn website, and an accomplice have been arrested and accused of hacking into computers and stealing nude photos, the Rolling Stone reports.

Thursday’s arrest of Moore and Charles Evens came on the heals of a 15-count indictment.

Moore, among other things, is accused of paying Evans for nude pictures stolen from hundreds of victims’ email accounts.

In 2012, Moore told the Rolling Stone that he decided to sell the website that year because “ruining people’s lives with naked pictures wasn’t, you know, the ideal job.”

FBI Investigates ‘Revenge Porn’ Website Founder Hunter Moore

Shoshanna Utchenik

Hunter Moore, 26, creator of the ‘revenge porn’ website and self-promoted bad-boy, is under FBI investigation, confirmed ABC Nightline.

Moore operated the site that allowed scorned lovers to post nude photos of their  ex-partners. It also allowed people to comment.

He sold the website, and it was shut down in April.

Moore’s site allowed anyone to upload sexually explicit photos and videos, including screen grabs of Facebook accounts and links to Twitter accounts, without subjects’ permission or even knowledge, says Nightline. Moore boasted nearly 5 million hits a month, with some of those users posting comments that added insult to injury for those who found themselves unwilling internet porn stars, ABC reported.

One of those unwilling stars was aspiring actress Kayla Laws, 25, who claimed her computer was hacked and private nude photos ended up on

Her outraged mother, private investigator Charlotte Laws, initiated a cease-and-desist and take-down notice to Moore, who refused. Mom says she then convinced the FBI to investigate whether daughter’s computer was hacked.

Moore denied ever hacking any nude photos.

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