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Tag: Halloween

Border Patrol Employee Posts Sign That Reserves Halloween Candy for ‘American families’ Only

Border PatrolBy Steve Neavling

A Border Patrol employee posted a sign outside of a government building in the border town of Presidio, Texas, that reserved Halloween candy for “America families” only.

The sign, written in Spanish, translated to, “Only American families will receive candy,” the New Civil Rights Movement reports. 

The town of Presidio is more than 87% Hispanic.

CBP quickly apologized, saying it supports all cultures.

“We respect all people regardless of their culture, nationality or origin. We apologize for any harm this incident may have created in our relationship with the community,” the statement read.

Residents were outraged and offended, including the mayor, John Ferguson, who said he’s never been excluded from holiday celebrations in Mexico.

FBI Warns Police Departments About Possible Attacks by Anarchists on Halloween

fbi logo largeBy Steve Neavling

An anarchist group is threatening to ambush cops as part of a “Halloween Revolt,” the FBI warned police departments nationwide.

The Washington Times reports that a group known as the National Liberation Militia is urged members to cause disturbances and then attack responding police.

The group is encouraging members to dress up in costumes and come armed and ready to attack.

No specific threats have been disclosed.

Halloweeen Posed Challenge to Border Authorities As Costumed Trick-Or-Treaters Cross Into U.S.

Steve Neavling

Ghosts, zombies, witches and princesses.

The increasing number of wannabe trick-or-treaters who crossed the Mexican border into the U.S. on Halloween posed tricky challenges to custom inspectors, Fox News reports.

Customs and Border Protection has had the painstaking responsiblity of verifying the identify of costumed travelers making their way to El Paso for trick-or-treating. Although Mexican celebrate Halloween, trick-or-treating has not caught on, Fox News wrote.


John Gotti Jr. Tells Story as a Kid Why he Later Joined the Mob

Father John J. Gotti

Father John J. Gotti

By Allan Lengel

John Gotti Jr. had a little different childhood than most.

On Wednesday, the man who just escaped conviction for the fourth time when a judge declared a mistrial in his racketeering case, explained why he joined the mob.

Newsday’s Sophia Chang reports in an interview with Gotti, 45, that he recalled at age 7 visiting his father John J. Gotti in the Lewisburg, Pa. federal prison where had been serving out his three year sentence for fencing stolen goods. He was popped in an FBI sting at Kennedy Airport.

“My father was released in March of ’72. That [previous] Halloween, ’71, I go to visit my dad, and we were visiting him in Lewisburg,” Gotti said, according to Newsday. “And he’s playing around with me and we’re talking, and he says, ‘Hey John.’ He says, ‘Halloween’s coming up. What’s your plans for Halloween?’

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