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December 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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Former DOJ Official Warns Europe of Russia Meddling in Elections

ballot box flintBy Steve Neavling

A former Justice Department official warned European countries about the risks of Russia launching cyber attacks to meddle in their elections.

Former Assistant Attorney General John Carlin, who served in the Obama administration, said the U.S. wasn’t aggressive enough to deter hacking and leaking of Democratic Party emails prior to the presidential election, Reuters reports. 

“What we did was too late,” Carlin said during a panel discussion on election hacking at the RSA cybersecurity conference. “We weren’t bringing deterrence at all to the table.”

U.S. intelligence officials believe Russia hacked the Democratic Paty nan effort to disrupt the election and swing it in favor of Trump.

“Pre-election, it’s vital that not just the United States but partners like Germany, like France make it clear what the red line is, that there’s going to be strong deterrence and that in terms of deterrence, our policy has got to be we are going to take action until the action stops,” Carlin said.

“So there is no ceiling on the level we will ratchet up the deterrence when you are undermining a core value.”

FBI Reviewing Forged Documents Aimed at Undermining Clinton’s Presidential Campaign

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

By Steve Neavling

The FBI is reviewing what appears to be doctored documents aimed at undermining Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The review is part of a broader investigation into suspicions that Russia is trying to influence the presidential election, Reuters reports. 

In particular, U.S. Sen. Tom Carper, a Democrat on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, said one of the documents containing his name was forged.

It’s one of several documents that the FBI and Justice Department are reviewing to determine there authenticity.

The FBI is asking Democratic Party officials to provide any suspected fake documents.

The FBI confirmed it was “in receipt of a complaint about an alleged fake letter” related to the election but declined to elaborate.

Russian officials deny responsibility for the hacks.