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October 2021


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Secret Service Denies Blocking Journalists from Filming Trump Golfing

White truck obscured CNN cameras outside President Trump’s Florida golf course. Via Twitter.

By Steve Neavling

The Secret Service denied trying to obscure CNN cameras from recording President Trump while he was playing golf at his course in West Palm Beach, Fla.

CNN reported that a large white truck was parked on public property in an effort to block nearby journalists from filming the president. 

The Secret Service responded that the agency “is in the business of protection and investigations not in commissioning vehicles to block the media’s view of the President’s golf swing.”

While a CNN film crew set up on a public sidewalk outside the golf course, “a white box truck drove up and obscured the view of the course through the trees,” the network claimed.

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Cash-Strapped Secret Service Spends $137,505 on Golf Cart Rentals at Trump’s Clubs

secret serviceBy Steve Neavling

President Trump’s frequent visits to his private golf clubs in New Jersey and Florida has cost the Secret Service at least $137,505 on golf cart rental so far this year.

The USA Today reports that the agency spent $61,960 to rent golf carts at the Trump International Golf Club in Florida. 

The news comes three months after it was revealed that the Secret Service can no longer pay overtime to hundreds of agents because of the large amount of resources needed to protect Trump’s large family.

“There’s a question about how fast Trump is racking up bills that the taxpayers have to pay, which are largely trips to his hotels and his golf courses,” said Harrell Kirstein, American Bridge communications director. 

Golf Cart Rentals Cost Secret Service Nearly $60,000 Because of Trump’s Vacations

secret serviceBy Steve Neavling

President Trump’s habit of taking vacations is costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

The latest expense is $13,500 that the Secret Service spent on golf car rentals ahead of the president’s “working vacation” in Bedminister, N.J., the USA Today reports

In addition, the Secret Service paid more than $35,000 on golf cart rental when Trump was visiting Mar-a-Lago.

That means taxpayers spent nearly $60,000 on golf cart rentals. “Trump’s vacations are costing Americans bigly — from the thousands of dollars the Secret Service is spending on golf carts to trail Trump on the course this week to the millions of taxpayer dollars already spent on his constant vacationing,” Brad Bainum of American Bridge said. “If all Trump wants to do is play golf and watch TV, he should do us all a favor and retire.”