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September 2021


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Justice Dept. Gives the Nod to Online Gambling

istock photo/

New York Post

NEW YORK — The Obama administration just gave Donald Trump and other casino titans a big, wet Christmas kiss.

In a stunning decision, the Justice Department has removed a major hurdle that kept states from legalizing online gambling, by maintaining that a key federal law applies to sports betting but not casino games.

In a letter to some lawmakers, released Dec. 23, DOJ officials said they’d changed their long-held stance against interstate online gambling to prohibit only “bets or wagers relating to sporting events or contests.”

“In my view, 2012 is going to be known as the year the online gambling industry in the United States is going to be born,” said Richard Bronson, chairman of US Digital Gaming, which plans to service the US online gaming industry once it gets going.

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Louie Freeh and Tom Ridge: Angels Protecting Us or Just Hired Guns for the Gambling Industry?

Louis Freeh

By Allan Lengel

Ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh and Tom Ridge, former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

Angels protecting us from evil, or just hired guns for the gambling industry?

If you read the press release by FairPlayUSA, you’d think they were here to save us from the evil.

FairPlayUSA announced that Freeh and Ridge have joined its board to help legalize online poker and toughen the ambiguous U.S. laws on the issue.

The website pressofAtlanticCity posted a story saying the two joined the board as part of a campaign launched this summer to build support to legalize online poker. The site reported that start up money came from Caesars Entertainment Inc. and MGM Resorts International.

The Sept. 15 release from FairPlayUSA said:

“Former FBI Director Louis Freeh and former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, today, announced they have joined the Advisory Board of FairPlayUSA, a new coalition of law enforcement officials, consumer protection experts and others concerned about the failures in current law to put illegal Internet gambling operators out of business, the need to better protect consumers and the need to impose a strict regulatory framework for online poker.”

Tom Ridge

The release added that “millions of Americans regularly engage in Internet gambling on offshore websites that operate in direct violation of federal and state laws, and they play online poker on sites that fail to provide necessary consumer protections. Current laws that attempt to prohibit Internet gambling have failed to stop the illegal Internet gambling market…”

Freeh said in the release: “Current federal laws fail to provide U.S. law enforcement vital tools to address illegal internet gambling, enabling a ‘wild-west’ atmosphere. I am joining FairPlayUSA to improve this environment by clarifying these laws, better empowering law enforcement agencies to crack down on violators and using licensing and regulation to ensure safe and legal online poker.”

Ridge said in the release: “States and tribes have rights that must be protected by authorizing them to decide for themselves whether to accept or prohibit online poker and make use of sophisticated technologies already in use in other industries to enforce those decisions.”


Postal Supervisor Ran Multi-Million Dollar Gambling Ring

By Allan Lengel

James “Harlem” Washington was helping deliver more than the U.S. mail.

Washington, a supervisor for the U.S. Postal Service, was convicted Thursday in federal court in New York of running a “Lotto” type numbers gambling operation at the Postal Service and other government facilities that collected about $10 million in wagers, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

Authorities charged that from 2005 to 2009 Washington and others at the Postal service and other local and state government agencies ran a “Lotto”-type gambling business, which relied on numbers selected from the New York State Lotto drawing.

The gambling operation paid out $100,000 or more per month in prizes, authorities said. Thousands of players each month paid a $20 entry fee and picked six numbers, just like the Lotto.

A number of others have already pleaded guilty in the case.

BINGO! Feds Indict 4 Ala. Lawmakers and 7 Others in Bribery Scheme Involving Gambling Legislation

Sen. Larry Means/gov photo

Sen. Larry Means/gov photo

By Allan Lengel

Four Alabama state legislators, three lobbyists, two business owners and one of their employees and an employee of legislature were indicted in a bribery scheme to promote legislation to legalize  electronic bingo machines, the Justice Department announced Monday.

“Today, charges were unsealed against 11 legislators, businessmen, lobbyists and associates who, together, are alleged to have formed a corrupt network whose aim was to buy and sell votes in the Alabama legislature in order to directly benefit the business interests of two defendants, Milton McGregor and Ronald Gilley,” Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer of the Criminal Division said in a statement.

Sen. Jim Preuitt/gov photo

Sen. Jim Preuitt/gov photo

“Vote-buying, like the kind alleged in this indictment, corrodes the public’s faith in our democratic institutions and cannot go unpunished.”

The indictment says that Milton E. McGregor, the owner of Alabama’s biggest casino, wanted to pass the legislation.  His casino had 6,000 bingo machines, but was shut down after the governor declared the machines illegal and sent out a task force to enforce that.

Ronald E. Gilley owned a controlling interest in the Country Crossing real estate, entertainment and gambling development in Houston County, Ala., which also sought to offer electronic bingo gambling machines to the public, authorities said.

Authorities said during the 2009 and 2010 Alabama state legislative sessions, McGregor and Gilley and others pushed for pro-gambling legislation that would have helped businesses legally display electronic bingo machines.

To help push through the legislation, they allegedly gave money and gifts state legislators and staff, authorities charged.

The Legislator included: State Senator Larry P. Means, State Senator James E. Preuitt, State Senator Quinton T. Ross Jr. and Senator Harri Anne H. Smith.

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FBI Probing D.C. Area Police For Allegedly Protecting Gambling Rings Frequented by Dope Dealers

Historically, as it goes, the Washington area police departments have had relatively little police corruption compared to cities like Chicago, New York and Detroit. But obviously, it hasn’t been non-existent.


By Aaron C. Davis
Washington Post Staff Writer
WASHINGTON –– Federal authorities are investigating whether a group of Washington area police officers took money to protect a high-stakes gambling ring frequented by some of the region’s most powerful drug dealers over the past two years, according to internal police documents and law enforcement sources.

The officers include five veterans in Prince George’s County, a District police official and a former D.C. Housing Authority officer.

Two under investigation have been spotted on police surveillance outside gambling sites, including one providing security in tactical gear. Witnesses have alleged that others wore police uniforms and drove marked cruisers to gatherings. One was arrested in a police raid outside a game with a handgun.

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A Man Once Framed by FBI For Murder is Charged With Illegal Gambling

A man who served more than 30 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit now faces illegal gambling charges. Any way you put it, here’s a man with an unlucky hand.

Associated Press Writer
WOBURN, Mass.— A man once framed by the FBI for murder pleaded not guilty Friday to new charges that he ran an organized crime ring that took in hundreds of thousands of dollars from illegal gambling.
Peter Limone, 74, of Medford, was charged with 12 counts of attempted extortion, loan-sharking and illegal gaming. He’s accused of running a ring of bookmakers who took bets on sporting events and charging other bookmakers to work on his turf in the Boston area and Middlesex County.
Limone spent more than three decades in prison for a 1965 gangland murder that he didn’t commit. He won part of a $101.7 million civil judgment last year after a federal judge found that Boston FBI agents withheld evidence they knew could prove that he and three other men weren’t involved in the killing.
Attorney Juliane Balliro argued Limone should be released on bail, citing his wrongful conviction and decades behind bars.
“No defendant in the Commonwealth is as deserving of the presumption of innocence as Mr. Limone,” Balliro said.
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