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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Tag: Fraud

Ex-ICE Official Sentenced to Probation in Fraud Scheme

Steve Neavling

A former research specialist for Immigration and Customs Enforcement was sentenced to probation for scheming with co-workers to use fake travel vouchers to steal more than $500,000 from the government, the Washington Examiner reports.

William Korn, 53, was sentenced two years of probation and ordered to return tens of thousands of dollars in fraudulent expense claims.

Korn is among four ICE employees to plead guilty for their roles in similar schemes with James Woosley, the agency’s former acting director of intelligence.

While working on a temporary assignment during a 14-month period starting in October 2008, Korn began turning in fraudulent travel vouchers for hotel and meal expensive, according to the Examiner.

FBI Probes Link Between Trenton City Hall, Towing Business

Steve Neavling

FBI agents investigating bribery, fraud, extortion and money laundering at Trenton City Hall are probing the owner of a scrap auto and towing business, the New Jersey Times reports.

Feds investigating Mayor Tony Mack’s administration are examining business dealings the city had with Nedal Abuhumoud, owner of Acres Auto in Hamilton and co-founder of a Trenton scrap yard and towing business, according to the New Jersey Times.

Abuhumoud told the Times he is not part of the investigation and has not been questioned by the FBI.

The news comes a week after agents searched Mack’s home and city hall.


Real-Life “Norman Bates” Sentenced for Impersonating Dead Mother to Keep Her Estate Alive

Shoshanna Utchenik

In a real-life twist on Hitchcock’s “Psycho” character Norman Bates, it seems a New York man who impersonated his dead mother wanted to keep her credit line alive.

Thomas Parkin, 51, of Brooklyn, was sentenced Monday to a minimum of 13 years and eight months in prison, for a real estate scam involving his late mother’s estate, reports Reuters.

Parkin addressed investigators while wearing a woman’s cardigan, lipstick, and breathing through an oxygen tank, claiming he was his late mother, Irene Pruskin, who died in 2003. She would have been 86 by now. He also was caught on surveillance video in the get-up at the DMV, renewing Pruskin’s driver’s licence.

In addition to trying to file a lawsuit as his mother, reclaiming her lost Park Slope home, the presumptuous Parkin and his partner also stole about $44,000 by cashing Pruskin’s Social Security checks for six years.

Mr. Dressup was convicted this month  in state court of fraud, grand larceny, forgery and perjury. The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office handled the case.

“He fooled no one,” a spokesman for Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes told Reuters.

Hopefully the prison jumpsuits won’t cramp Parkin’s style too much.

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Ex-FBI Agent and Wife on Trial in Va. for Fraud

By Allan Lengel

It’s showtime  for former FBI agent John Robert Graves and his wife Sara Turberville Graves.

Trial began Monday in fed court in Richmond for the two who are accused of defrauding 11 Virginians out of $1.3 million, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported.

Graves, 52, and his wife Sara, 44, are charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, mail fraud and four counts of wire fraud, the paper reported.

“This is a case of a husband-and-wife team who lied to investors and who stole from investors,” Jamie L. Mickelson, an assistant U.S. attorney, told the jury in her opening statement, according to the paper.

Graves resigned from the FBI in 1999.

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Authorities Bust Two San Diego Men Posing as FBI Agents

By Allan Lengel

Two San Diego men were busted for impersonating FBI agents in a scheme to shake down a woman out of more than $200,000.

NBC San Diego reports that the men posed as agents and told a woman that she was a victim of a fraud by her bank.

They directed her to remove $200,000 from the bank and turn it over to them. The woman called police, the station reported.

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The Nagging Problem of Food Stamp Fraud

State Patrolman Pleads Guilty to Multiple Charges of Fraud

By Danny Fenster

A former Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper pled guilty in a US District Court on Monday to charges of mortgage fraud, bankruptcy fraud and witness tampering, the FBI announced.

Benjamin W. Richardson, 46, of Powell, Ohio, plead guilty to the eight-count indictment before US District Judge Gregory L. Frost. Richardson was arrested in September of 2011 by FBI agents and has been in custody since. Richardson resigned from the Ohio State Highway Patrol when the charges were returned.

In 2005, Richardson took part in a conspiracy to defraud mortgage lending institutions out of $678,275 in loans involving three properties he was buying, as well as the refinancing of his own home, he admitted. He admitted to under-reporting his income when filing for bankruptcy in 2007 as well.

With a guilty plea on one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and four counts of wire fraud, Richardson faces up to 30 years for each crime, though a sentencing date has not yet been set. Five more years are possible for each of two additional counts: making false statements and false oaths in bankruptcy. For attempting to prevent a witness from talking with law enforcement during the investigation, Richardson also pled guilty to witness tampering, which can carry up to 20 years.


NY Assemblyman Indicted for Bribes

William Boyland Jr./ gov photo

By Danny Fenster

A New York state Assemblyman has been charged by a federal grand jury for soliciting more than $250,000 in bribes, reports the New York Post.

William F. Boyland, Jr. is charged with soliciting more than $250,000 in bribes in order to fast-track development deals and to help a carnival company, the Post reported.  Boyland and his aide Ry-ann Hermon were arrested last month by FBI agents on an array of corruption charges.

Indictments were secured on Wednesday by Brooklyn federal prosecutors on 19 counts each, including fraud, bribery and extortion. Hermon was also charged individually on two additional counts for attempting to shake down a carnival to line his own pockets, aside from bribing the carnival company for Boyland’s benefit.

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