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February 2023


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Tag: foreign intelligence

House Bill Would Prohibit Secret Collection of Americans’ Records Without Approval of Surveillance Court

Steve Neavling

The U.S. House is considering a bill that would restrict the ability of the FBI and NSA to secretly collect records of U.S. citizens, the Missoulian reports.

The bill, introduced on Thursday by John Waslh, D-Mont., would ban the collection of telephone, financial and e-mail records without the approval of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

That would require a case to be made for targeting a individual on the basis that the person is tied to international terrorism or foreign intelligence.

“As I’ve been traveling around the state … this is an issue that I’m hearing about from Montanans, about the government trampling on our civil liberties,” Walsh told the Missoulian. “I said that when I came here, I wanted to identify problems, find a fix for the problem and solve that problem.”


NSA’s Deputy Director Skeptical About Plan to Give FBI, DEA Access to Surveillance Data

Steve Neavling 

The NSA’s deputy director has expressed skepticism about giving the FBI, DEA and other law enforcement access to the agency’s troves of data, the Guardian reports.

NSA’s top civilian, John C. Inglis, said he was unaware of a Senate bill that would allow some law enforcement to search directly through the NSA’s data.

“The FBI is a customer of mine,” Inglis said in response to a question from the Guardian. “But I don’t provide domestic intelligence for the FBI, I essentially provide foreign intelligence inside, something that might cross the seam, and give them a tip as to how to spend their precious domestic resources to prosecute terrorism, counterintelligence, things of that sort.”

“So I can imagine situations where I, on their behalf, am querying my databases, foreign intelligence databases, to inform those instruments of power. I’m not yet in a place where I understand how I might give them direct access to those databases for their authorities. That I think would be problematic.”

Inglis said he wants to look at the legislation.

Navy Sailor in N.C. Arrested for Selling Classified Documents to Undercover FBI Agent

By Allan Lengel

In this turbulent era of WikiLeaks, this hardly seems shocking.

Authorities are alleging in a search warrant that a Navy sailor based at Fort Bragg passed classified documents to an undercover FBI agent posing as a foreign intelligence agent, the Associated Press reports. In exchange, he was given cash.

AP reported that Navy Reserve Intelligence Specialist Third Class Bryan Minkyu Martin, 22, of Mexico, N.Y., was arrested last week, but has not been charged.  He is, however, being held in the naval brig in Norfolk, Va.

AP, citing a search warrant filed in the Eastern District Court in North Carolina, reported that Martin received a total of $3,500 “from an undercover FBI agent in exchange for dozens of pages of documents that were classified either secret or top secret.”

At an initial meeting on Nov. 15, Martin told the undercover agent that his current assignment focused on Afghanistan and that he planned to work for the Defense Intelligence Agency, and would one day be very valuable, AP reported.