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October 2022


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Tag: federal law

Justice Department: Indian Tribes Can Begin Selling, Growing Marijuana

By Steve Neavling 

Indian tribes are now allowed to grow and sell marijuana on their sovereign lands under the same federal guidelines that apply to four states where pot is legal for recreational use, the Justice Department announced Thursday, Bloomberg reports.

The Justice Department said federal laws banning marijuana will no longer be enforced.

“The tribes have the sovereign right to set the code on their reservations,” said Timothy Purdon, the U.S. attorney for North Dakota and the chairman of the Attorney General’s Subcommittee on Native American Issues.

The decision to legalize marijuana will ultimately fall on tribal governments.

 Stories of Other Interest

Ex-Special Agent in Charge of Milwaukee’s FBI Office Accused of Pressuring subordinate to lie under oath

Teresa Carlson/fbi photo

Steve Neavling

The former head of the Milwaukee FBI office is accused of urging an agent to commit perjury and grilling subordinates for talking with investigators, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

The Office of the Inspector General believes Teresa Carlson likely lied when she was questioned and may have violated federal law by telling an agent to lie under oath.

Despite the findings, the FBI declines to discuss whether she was disciplined, and the Justice Department opted not to prosecute.

Carlson is the acting deputy assistant director of Facilities and Logistics Services Division.

According to Inspector General Michael Horowitz, Carlson “conducted herself unprofessionally and exhibited extremely poor judgment” when she allegedly told Special Agent Mark Crider to lie under oath.


FBI Steps Up Crackdown on Laser Pointer Attacks After Success of Pilot Program

Steve Neavling

The FBI is increasing its crackdown on people who point lasers at airplanes.

CBS News reports that the bureau is offering $10,000 rewards following an increase in laser cases.

The FBI launched a pilot program at 12 offices in February, which saw a 19% decrease in the number of reported laser strikes.

The number of cases has increased 1,100% since the FBI began tracking lasers.

“The FBI hopes to build off the success of the initial launch in February and not only reduce the threat but continue to generate public awareness about the dire consequences of lasing and the understanding that it is a violation of federal law,” said Michael Kaste, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Kansas City Division.


Editorial: Justice Department Wrong to Ignore Federal Pot Laws

The Post-Journal
Marijuana is illegal under federal law. Yet Attorney General Eric Holder has decided not to interfere in any way with two states where recreational use of the drug has become permissible.

Colorado and Washington decriminalized marijuana last fall. Many states allow its use for medicinal purposes, but the two western states in essence allow anyone who wants to get high to buy the drug.

Proponents of legalizing marijuana for recreational use were delighted by Holder’s decision. “The message to the people of the other 48 states … is clear: Seize the day,” exulted Neill Franklin, of one pro-legalization group.

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FBI Arrests 18 Year Old for Pointing Laser at Aircraft

Shoshanna Utchenik

What seemed a childish prank may land one North Hollywood, Calif.  teen in prison for up to 10 years.

The L.A. Times reports that 18-year-old Adam Gardenhire was arrested on federal charges Wednesday for allegedly shining a green laser beam at a commercial Cessna plane and a Pasadena police helicopter.

Gardenhire was likely unaware of a new federal law aimed at curbing laser attacks, a strange trend that has increased as lasers become so affordable. Lasers pointed at aircraft from the ground have blinded pilots, forcing them to abort landings. California leads the nation in reported incidents with more than 3,500 laser attacks last year, the Times reported.

Gardenhire also faces civil penalties by the Federal Aviation Administration.

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