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White House Drug Czar Wants to be Chicago’s Police Chief

Gil Kerlikowske/gov photo

By Allan Lengel

Could there be another possible defection from the Obama administration?

The White House drug czar Gil Kerlikowske, head of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, told the Associated Press that he’s applied for the vacant spot as police chief of Chicago, where former White House aide Rahm Emanuel was elected mayor.

Kerlikowske, the former police chief of Seattle, told AP he “wouldn’t have applied for it if I didn’t want it.”

Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske to Be Named Drug Czar

New Drug Czar

New Drug Czar

Seattle Police chief Gil Kerlikowske appears to be a good choice for this job. One thing he’ll have to deal with immediately is the violent, out-of-control drug war in Mexico that is spilling over into the U.S. That should be one of his top priorities.

By Chris Cilliza
Washington Post
WASHINGTON — President Obama will name Gil Kerlikowske as the nation’s drug czar today, ending a long search that slowed as details of drug arrests involving Kerlikowske’s stepson came to light earlier this year.

The Obama administration will remove the job’s Cabinet designation — reversing an elevation of the office made during the presidency of George W. Bush — although one senior administration official insisted Kerlikowske would have “full access and a direct line to the president and the vice president.”

The source also noted that Vice President Biden was instrumental in the creation of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, and would continue to be an outspoken advocate on the issue. (Further details on the nomination in a Post story by The Fix.)

Kerlikowske, who is currently the chief of police in Seattle, Washington, has long been speculated to be the frontrunner to serve as the drug czar. But, revelations concerning the arrests of his stepson, Jeffrey, on drug-related charges complicated the process and led some to draw unfavorable comparisons to the film “Traffic” in which the daughter of the man entrusted with overseeing the nation’s drug policy spirals into dependency.

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Drug Czar Nominee Robert Kerlikowske Not Big on Pot Busts

The new drug czar may have a different approach to drugs. For one, his record as Seattle Police chief shows he’s not big on focusing on marijuana busts. But can he offer up a different enough approach to make an impact on a war on drugs in which victory is always beyond reach?   And what will he offer up to deal with the ever-dangerous drug war in Mexico that’s spilling over into U.S. borders?

Robert Gil Kerlikowske

Robert Gil Kerlikowske

By AllGov
President Obama’s apparent nominee to be the nation’s new “drug czar,” Robert Gil Kerlikowske, has spent nearly 30 years in law enforcement, including a stint as a narcotics officer and eight years as Seattle’s police chief, during which he downplayed the importance of arresting individuals for marijuana possession.

Born in Fort Myers, Florida, in 1949, Kerlikowske was raised by his mother and stepfather, who was a judge. As a high school student, Kerlikowske worked as a crime scene photographer on weekends, and he discovered his love for law enforcement while fingerprinting criminals at a Florida jail.

Kerlikowske enrolled in St. Petersburg Junior College, but was drafted into the army in 1970, and joined the Army Military Police. He was stationed in Washington, DC, where his duties included saluting then-President Richard Nixon as he boarded the Marine One helicopter.

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