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October 2020


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DEA Continues to Bust Pot Shops in States Where Medicinal Marijuana Is Legal

Steve Neavling 

The DEA continues to crack down on medical marijuana stores in states where voters legalized the use of medical pot.

The latest law enforcement effort is targeting medicinal pot shops cropping up in metropolitan Seattle, Q13 Fox reports.

The DEA sent letters to shops that are close to schools or playgrounds and appear to be sending out more letters, the Fox station reported.

Some neighbors are relieved. Anna Ioannides lives next to one shop. She voted against I-502.

“Just like having a gun shop in the neighborhood; it would make me uneasy as well,” Anna Loannides said. “Same idea.”

Others weren’t so concerned.

“Once they moved in, to be quite honest, I hadn’t even noticed they moved in,” Kelley Scholz told Fox. “It’s pretty quiet; you don’t even realize they’re there.”

DEA Goes After Pot Dispensaries in Seattle, Says It’s Not Signal of War Against State Pot Laws

Steve Neavling 

The DEA has alarmed marijuana advocates after sending cease-and-desist letters to 11 dispensaries in the Seattle area, the Seattle Times reports

Although state law permits medical-marijuana dispensaries, federal law bans all forms of pot. 

The letters, however, don’t signal a war against state marijuana laws, according to the DEA.

The dispensaries were within 1,000 feet of schools, the Seattle Times reported.

Recipients of the letters were told to stop selling marijuana within 30 days or they face seizure.

California dispensaries also are being targeted by Federal authority, Gawker reports.


Feds Target 4 Calif. Marijuana Shops in Ongoing Crackdown

By Danny Fenster

Over the past week, federal prosecutors filed four asset forfeiture lawsuits against buildings housing “marijuana stores” in Los Angeles and Orange counties, the Department of Justice announced in a statement on Wednesday. The owners of the buildings and operators of the stores have been sent warning letters as well.

The charges claim that business and property owners knowingly allowed marijuana sales to illegally take place. The Department of Justice said the moves were “part of a continuing, coordinated effort against commercial marijuana operations in California that started last fall.” California’s four USAttorneys announced in October coordinated enforcement actions targeting illegal marijuana cultivation and trafficking, the Justice Department said.