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December 2021


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Georgia Detective Accuses FBI of Hampering Murder Investigation of Hip-Hop Artist

Steve Neavling

A detective in Georgia accused an FBI agent of lying and impeding a murder investigation, according to video obtained by Channel 2 Action News.

“You just had an FBI agent on duty lie to me and delay this investigation,” Detective J.T. Williams said in the video, speaking to Mani Chulpayev, an FBI informant charged with assisting in the murder of Atlanta hip-hop artist Lil Phat.

Williams’ beef was with Chulpayev’s FBI handler, Special Agent Dante Jackson, for preventing police from questioning Chulpayev earlier in the investigation.

“What he does is, he tells a material witness in my case not to talk to us,” Williams said.

“That wasn’t true. I always wanted to talk,” Chulpayev told the detective.

FBI Busts St. Pete Cop For Shaking Down Informant

By Allan Lengel

The FBI has busted a St. Petersburg, Fla. police detective for shaking down an informant in exchange for helping him get  lenient treatment in some criminal matters, the Tampa Bay Tribune reported.

A federal grand jury in Tampa handed down a seven-count indictment on Tuesday against Anthony  Foster, 39, who allegedly demanded cash, a flat-screen television set, Nike sneakers for him and his children, clothes,groceries purchased by the informant with food stamps.

He also repeatedly demanded that the informant buy him a used motorcycle or give him cash to buy one, the paper reported.


Georgia Cop Tipped Off Friends About an Informant in a Joint FBI-Police Probe

By Allan Lengel

A Polk County police detective from Felton, Ga., was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison Tuesday for interfering in a joint FBI-police probe into a chop shop in Polk County and tipping off friends about an informant in the case.

Mark Howell Sparks, 40, was convicted in July of obstruction of justice, tampering with a witness and possessing a vehicle with an altered vehicle identification number (VIN).

Authorities said Sparks was privy to confidential information and encouraged an informant in the investigation into the chop shop to conceal his friends’ involvement in the operation when talking to investigators. He also tipped off the friends that the informant was wearing a wire, authorities said.

U.S. Attorney Sally Quillian said Sparks placed the informant in danger by alerting his friends of the informants role.

“Instead of enforcing the law, Sparks broke it, and now he is going to prison,” Quillian said in a statement.

U.S. Park Police Detective Saves Drowning Dog in D.C.

istock photo

istock photo

By Allan Lengel

Talk about the dog days of summer.

A U.S. Park Police detective “put her pistol aside Sunday afternoon and jumped into the murky waters of the Washington Channel to save a drowning dog, police said”, according to a story written in the Washington Post by reporter Martin Weil.

Sgt. David Schlosser, a Park Police spokesman, said the dog named Scout, described as a border collie,  appeared to be having trouble, possibly the result of heat.

“The dog was having severe difficulties in swimming,” he said, according to the Post.

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FBI Accuses Baltimore DEA Task Force Member of Embezzlement and Lying: Harms Drug Cases

Crooked  DEA task force member, Mark James Lunsford, a Baltimore police detective, is causing some big problems.  City paper reporter Van Smith lays it all out in this report.

Detective's Skyville, Md. home the FBI raided/ baltimore city paper photo
Balt. Detective’s Sykesville, Md. home the FBI raided/ baltimore city paper photo

By Van Smith
Baltimore City Paper

BALTIMORE —  On Aug. 3, Ira Jimmy Martin was arrested for armed drug dealing in Baltimore City. “Lots of cash [was] recovered in this case,” Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Margaret Burns says.

But on Sept. 24, court records show, prosecutors dropped all six charges against 33-year-old Martin. The reason, according to Burns: The case rested on the honesty of veteran Baltimore Police Det. Mark James Lunsford.

A U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area task-force officer, Lunsford was revealed in federal court as being accused by the FBI of embezzlement and lying (“Baltimore Cop Charged by Feds with Lying and Embezzlement,” the News Hole, Sept. 24 ) on the same day Martin was let off the hook.

Burns explains in an Oct. 7 e-mail that it “turns out that the drugs [in Martin’s case] were handled at all points by Lunsford only, and so we lost this one. There is no way we could get the drugs in [as evidence in court] due to the taint of the officer.”

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