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War Crimes Tribunal to Hear Complaints About FBI Trying to Turn Member of Defense Team into Informant

Steve Neavling

A U.S. war crimes tribunal will determine whether the FBI acted inappropriately by trying to turn a member of the legal defense team into an informant, Reuters reports.

Attorneys for Guantanamo Bay inmates accused of orchestrating the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks plan to argue that the FBI created a conflict of interest.

The Guantanamo Bay military commission is to hear the defense motion today and Tuesday.

The defendants have been held since 2002 and 2003.

Reporters are monitoring the hearing through a closed-circuit TV in Maryland.

Defense Team: FBI’s Attempt to Gather Information from Suspects’ Attorney Has Serious Ramifications

Steve Neavling

Defense attorneys for five defendants accused of helping orchestrate the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks warned of “staggering” implications after divulging that the FBI tried to recruit a member of the defense team.

The Associated Press reports that the defense team is urging the war crimes tribunal to aggressively pursue allegations of what would be an unprecedented breach.

According to the defense, two agents with the FBI’s Terrorism Task Force approached one of the attorneys at home and asked about the counsel’s work. At issue is whether the visit created a conflict of interest that compromised the defense team’s loyalty to is clients.
The allegations brought the case to an abrupt halt.

FBI Tried to Enlist Member of 9/11 Defense Team, Prompting Abrupt Recess in Case

Steve Neavling

Did the FBI try to turn a defense team security officer into a secret informant?

The question, which was raised by defense lawyers at the first 9/11 hearing of the year Monday, was enough to prompt a judge to abruptly recess the case, the Miami Herald reports.

Defense lawyers argued that the actions, if true, may compromise attorney-client privilege in the case against five men accused of orchestrating the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Defense lawyers said two FBI agents tried to turn a civilian on the defense team into a confidential informant.

The FBI declined to comment.