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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Tag: death threats

FBI Investigates Death Threats Against Group Auctioning Off Permit to Kill Endangered Black Rhino

Steve Neavling

A rare permit to kill an endangered black rhino has incensed wildlife advocates to the point that a hunting club is getting death threats, the Associated Press reports.

Now the FBI finds itself trying to hunt down the anti-hunters.

“The FBI is aware of the threats,” FBI spokeswoman Katherine Chaumont said. “If a violation of federal law is determined, additional action or investigation as necessary will take place.”

The Dallas Safari Club set off a firestorm after announcing that it would auction off a permit to hunt the endangered rhino in Namibia in Africa.

Washington State Man Accused of Sending Ricin-Tainted Letters to President Obama, Federal Judge

Steve Neavling

A 37-year-old Washington state man accused of sending a ricin-laden letter and death threat to a federal judge also is suspected of recently sending the poison to President Obama, the Associated Press reports.

Matthew Ryan Buquet, who is being held without bond in a Spokane jail, has pleaded not guilty to sending a death threat and ricin to U.S. District Judge Freed Van Sickle.

On the same day he is accused of sending those out from Spokane, three poison-tainted letters addressed to President Obama were postmarked from the same location, according to the AP.

The president’s letter was intercepted May 22.


Ted Kennedy FBI Files: Father Phoned FBI to Check on Rumors of Son; Tipster Told FBI Mob Was Trying to Set Up Teddy and Robert Kennedy and Peter Lawford

Late Sen. Ted Kennedy

Late Sen. Ted Kennedy

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — FBI files released Monday on the late Sen. Ted Kennedy show that Joseph P. Kennedy, the senator’s father, felt close enough to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to check on a rumor regarding his son.

An FBI file dated May 11, 1954, said Kennedy called the bureau and spoke to an assistant director. Kennedy said he had learned that muckraking journalist Drew Pearson was going to write a story about his son “Teddy” that said he had not been admitted to school at Fort Holabird, Md., while in the Army because of an “adverse FBI report which linked him to a group of ‘pinkos.'”

The FBI assured him that Ted Kennedy had not been investigated for any links to communism.

In another document, an informant told the FBI the mob was plotting  a character assassination of Robert and Ted Kennedy and brother-in-law Peter Lawford.

(Read FBI Files)

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Secret Service Probes Presidential Death Threats on Twitter Tied to Healthcare Debate

white house photo
white house photo

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Secret Service is looking into two death threats against President Obama that surfaced on Twitter regarding the historic health care vote in the House, according to the Daily Telegraph of Australia.

“We are aware of the comments and are taking the appropriate investigative action,” the U.S. Secret Service said, according to the Daily Telegraph. “We respect the right of free speech, but in such instances we have a right and an obligation to ask questions and determine intent.”

The paper reported that as the House debated the bill, someone tweeted on Twitter: `America, we survived the assassinations and Lincoln & Kennedy. We’ll surely get over a bullet to Barrack Obama’s head.”

“The next American with a Clear Shot should drop Obama

like a bad habit . . . Turn on Barack Obama.”

A second Twitter user wrote, according to the paper:“You should be assassinated!! @Barack Obama.If I lived in DC. I’d shoot him myself.”