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Tag: David Axelrod

Report: Holocaust Museum Shooter Targeted White House’s David Axelrod

James von Brunn/facebook photo

James von Brunn/facebook photo

By Allan Lengel
For AOL News

WASHINGTON — Weeks after a white supremacist shot and killed a guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington in 2009, White House senior adviser David Axelrod showed up at his favorite Chicago Jewish deli with an entourage of Secret Service agents.

In the past, he had no protection. But in July 2009, it was different. He was spotted with the added protection at Manny’s, a cafeteria-style deli on South Jefferson Street.

At the time, few knew why he suddenly was getting protection, though it was clear plenty of citizens around the nation were up in arms over President Barack Obama’s push for health care reform.

But now Time magazine reports that the Holocaust museum shooter, James von Brunn, who shot and killed an African-American guard, also had someone else on his list: David Axelrod. The magazine suggests the threat prompted the new protection detail.

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The White House, Drug Trafficking and a U.S. Attorney’s Press Release

White_HouseBy Allan Lengel

Fair to say, no one in the Whitehouse including President Obama, Rahm Emanuel or David Axelrod were involved in drug trafficking in Texas — methamphetamine to be exact.

Nonetheless, a press release issued Tuesday by the U.S. Attorney in Texas seemed a bit curious: “Whitehouse, Texas Man Guilty of Drug Trafficking Charges.”

Turns out,  it wasn’t really thee Whitehouse, but rather a man named Jose Zavala, who pleaded guilty to trafficking in methamphetamine and  happened to be from Whitehouse, Texas, a little town in Smith County, Tex., with a population of 7,000-plus.

Sorry Rush Limbaugh. No Obama White House scandal this time.

Presidential Advisor David Axelrod Picks Up Secret Service Protection

David Axelrod/meet the press

David Axelrod/meet the press

By Allan Lengel
CHICAGO –– David Axelrod, President Obama’s senior advisor, is now being protected by the U.S. Secret Service, has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation said Axelrod picked up the detail in recent weeks.

U.S. Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan declined to provide details, but said: “I can confirm that he is a protectee of the Secret Service.”

He declined to say why Axelrod, 54,  had picked up the detail or whether there had been any recent threats.

Last month, Axelrod was spotted with a Secret Service detail at Manny’s, his favorite Chicago deli  on South Jefferson.

The White House did not immediately respond and asked that questions be submitted via email. The White House had yet to respond to the written questions as of late afternoon Tuesday. Later on, the White House declined to comment.

The Secret Service provides protection for the President and Vice President and their families, his chief of staff and some other members of the cabinet.

But people like Axelrod don’t automatically get protection unless it’s authorized by the Department of Homeland Security and approved by the White House with an executive order.