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December 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Tag: cybercriminals

FBI Looking for Computer-Savvy Agents to Combat Growing Threats of Cyberattacks

By Steve Neavling 

This isn’t J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI.

A new criminal – a far more elusive one – is attacking companies, governments and personal computers.

The rising number of cyberattacks has prompted the FBI to look for more computer-savvy agents who can “keep pace with the evolving threat” of hackers, the Boston Herald reports.

“Although this wasn’t in response to the Sony hacking, investigating cyber crimes and widespread intrusions is a top priority for the FBI,” said Kristen Setera, spokeswoman for Boston’s FBI office. “This push to hire new people is an effort to keep pace with the evolving threat.”

This year has been been especially damaging for hacking victims like Sony and the customers of stores like Target, Neiman Marcus and Home Depot.

“We are completely understaffed and under attack from Iran, Russia, China and now North Korea — if that was actually them,” said Gary Miliefsky, a cybersecurity expert. “We’re bombarded, whether it’s our business or our critical infrastructure, and I think the FBI is going to have to find gems, and it’s hard to find talent.”

FBI Takes Offensive in New Crackdown on Cyber Crime Under New Leader

Steve Neavling

The FBI is trying to crank up its efforts against cyber crime.

Over the next few weeks, the bureau is expected to announce new searches, charges and arrests of cyber criminals, Reuters reports.

“There is a philosophy change. If you are going to attack Americans, we are going to hold you accountable,” the FBI’s Robert Anderson told the Reuters Cybersecurity Summit in Washington. “If we can reach out and touch you, we are going to reach out and touch you.”

Anderson, who took over the cyber program in March, said the FBI will exhibit “a much more offensive side.”

The result will be more arrests of more serious cyber criminals, he said.

Secret Service Investigates Massive Breach of Credit Cards at Target During Holidays

Steve Neavling 

Just as the holidays kick into high gear, Target is reporting a security breach involving stolen credit card and debit card information for millions of customers, the New York Times reports.

The Secret Service is investigating a breach that apparently occurred on the day after Thanksgiving and may still be happening.

Authorities worry that cybercriminals are creating counterfeit cards and may even be able to withdraw cash through an ATM, the Times reported.

Target and major credit card companies also are investigating.