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August 2022


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Tag: copyright

Why ICE agents Raided a Lingerie Shop Over Kansas City Royals panties


By Steve Neavling

Raiding a lingerie shop may seem like an odd task for Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, but it’s a part of their responsibilities.

News of the underwear seizures raised some questions about the involvement of ICE.

So what prompted the raid?

IJReview reports that the panties included a trademarked logo: The Kansas City Royals’ initials and a copyrighted phase, “Take the Crown.”

The federal agency handles those issues, among many others not directly involving immigration.

High-Ranking FBI Agent Makes ‘Comedy of Errors’ by Copyrighting Sensitive Records

Steve Neavling 

A high-ranking FBI agent made a series of baffling mistakes.

For one, the agent filed a sensitive internal manual about secret interrogation practices with the Library of Congress, which means anyone with library card get access it without any redactions, Mother Jones reports.

While the manual sat in a public The ACLU had tried for years to get a copy of the manual and has only ever received a heavily redacted copy.

Turns out, the supervisory special agent wanted to get it copyrighted – even though government documents can’t be copyrighted.

“A document that has not been released does not even need a copyright,” says Steven Aftergood, a government secrecy expert at the Federation of American Scientists. “Who is going to plagiarize from it? Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t violate the copyright because you don’t have the document. It isn’t available.”

“The whole thing is a comedy of errors,” he adds. “It sounds like gross incompetence and ignorance.”

Dotcom Denied Bail, US Seeks Extradition

By Danny Fenster

The US government’s determination to prosecute copyright infringers continues to strengthen.

After being arrested in New Zealand on behalf of the US, the man behind the file-sharing website Kim Dotcom was denied bail, reports the Sydney Morning Herald, and US authorities are now seeking his extradition.

Dotcom’s company is said to have cost copyright owners more than $500 million through copyright infringement. Dotcom, for Kim Schmitz in Kiel, Germany 38 years ago, was previously convicted of hacking and insider trading. He continues to deny any wrongdoing.

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