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September 2022


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President Trump’s Third Homeland Security And Counter-Terrorism Adviser Leaves Job

Rear Admiral Peter Brown, via Coast Guard.

By Steve Neavling

President Trump’s third homeland security and counter-terrorism adviser, Rear Admiral Peter Brown, appears to be on his way out after about six months on the job, Bloomberg reports.

Brown took over for Doug Fears, who left the job in July and returned to the Coast Guard, where Brown had previously served.

Brown was considered one of the president’s most loyal supporters, defending the president when he was mocked for claiming Hurricane Dorian might hit Alabama, contradicting the National Weather Service.

With Brown gone, it’s unclear whether anyone will fill the homeland security adviser position, which Bloomberg says “seems to have narrowed, with counterterrorism, cybersecurity and biodefense playing a less prominent role.”

According to Bloomberg, Brown departed the White House’s West Wing a couple weeks ago and is expected to begin overseeing Puerto Rico recovery following hurricane and earthquake damage.

Trump’s original homeland security adviser was Thomas Bossert, who served in the role from January 2017 to April 2018.

FBI, ATF Conduct Raids as Part of Probe into Deadly California Boat Fire

By Steve Neavling

The FBI, ATF and U.S. Coast Guard on Sunday raided the Santa Barbara offices of a diving company that owns the boat that caught fire off the California coast and killed 34 people on Labor Day.

Federal agents also served warrants to search two boats owned by the company, Truth Aquatics, the Los Angeles Times first reported.

Authorities have been trying to determine the cause of the fire and why no one below the deck was able to escape. The only survivors were a captain and four crew members, who were on deck when the fire broke out shortly after 3 a.m.

No one was arrested during the raids as investigators snapped photos and seized boxes.

“You can only do so much with your basic investigative efforts, and at some point you have to use a search warrant as the means to collect information,” Lt. Eric Raney of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office told the Times.

Obama’s Nominee to Lead TSA Gets Advances After Senate Committee Approval

Peter Neffenger via YouTube

By Steve Neavling

President Obama’s nominee to lead the TSA was approved by a Senate committee following the enforcement of the Commerce Committee less than two week earlier, Bloomberg reports.

The Senate Homeland Security Committee approved Coast Guard Vice Admiral Peter Neffenger on a voice vote.

The nomination comes at a strenuous period for the TSA, which recently was exposed for failing to spot weapons and other banned items in a vast majority of the test cases. The agency also has come under criticism for purchasing decisions, hiring practices and aggressive pat-downs.

If approved, Neffenger would replace former acting TSA Administrator Melvin Carraway.

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Man Drives Pickup Through Coast Guard Station Gate, Assaults Personnel in Michigan

By Steve Neavling

Investigators are baffled after a 34-year-old man drove his pickup truck through a Coast Guard station gate Sunday morning in Michigan and assaulted personnel after saying he had packed his vehicle with explosives, WZZM-TV reports. 

The man, whose identity has not yet been released, was subdued and arrested at the Grand Haven station.

“The suspect is not from Grand Haven,” Hawke told reporters. “We’re unsure, unclear on whether he is acting alone or not. The investigation is rapidly expanding into other areas of Michigan. No indication of a motive at this time. That part of the investigation is still ongoing.”

Authorities found no explosives.

No one was serious injured.

Local, State, Federal Authorities Increasingly Using Drones to Spy on Americans


Stock Photo

Steve Neavling 

Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies are increasingly using drones to spy domestically, the Washington Post reports, citing newly released documents.

The agencies are borrowing drones from Border Patrol in what could become more commonplace in the future, the Post wrote.

CBP has the largest domestic drone fleet and flew about 700 spying missions from 2010 to 2013, according to flight logs.

The agencies most involved borrowing the unmanned aircraft are the DEA, Coast Guard and immigration officials.

The aircraft has been used to search for drugs, meth labs and missing people.

Civil libertarians worry that the aircraft could mean ubiquitous surveillance of Americans on private property, the Post wrote.


Report: Homeland Security Employees Are Disproportionately Affected by Low Morale

Steve Neavling

The Department of Homeland Security is plagued with low morale, much more so than other federal agencies, according to a Department of Homeland Security report.

The report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office urges the DHS to determine the reason for low morale and solve the problem.

“GAO found that despite having broad performance metrics in place to track and assess DHS employee morale on an agencywide level, DHS does not have specific metrics within the action plans that are consistently clear and measurable,” the GAO report concluded.

The report examined four agencies within DHS: ICE, TSA, Border Protection and the Coast Guard.

Job satisfaction, according to the report, is being affected by perceptions of low pay and unfairness of performance evaluations.

FBI Hunts for Killer in Coast Guard Slaying in Alaska

By Allan Lengel

A murder mystery in Alaska has set the FBI off on a hunt.

Reuters reports that FBI agents are trying to determine who fatally shot two U.S. Coast Guard employees last week at a communications station on Alaska’s Kodiak Island.

“No arrests have been made in connection with the shootings,” FBI agent Eric Gonzalez said, according to Reuters. “We are obviously trying to determine the person responsible for the murders.”

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FBI Recovers Over 6 Tons of Cocaine from Sunken Ship

By Danny Fenster

The FBI has gone digging for sunken treasures, and the find was no small prize.

FBI divers, with the US Coast Guard and a Canadian warship, found over six tons of drugs on a recovered drug cargo ship in the Caribbean, AFP reported early Tuesday morning.

An FBI laboratory technical dive team recovered more than 6,700 kilos of cocaine from the sunken vessel, according to AFP.

Traffickers pursued by US and Honduras forces had scuttled the vessel off the coast of Honduras, officials told AFP. A Honduran official said three suspects were arrested on November 20, but the vessel remained some 3,000 feet underwater.

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