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September 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Tag: CIA

Imprisoned CIA Officer Pleads Guilty to Espionage for 2nd Time in 13 Years

Harold James Nicholson/cia photo

By Glynnesha Taylor

Father and sons have different ways of bonding. Some go camping or fishing. Ex-CIA officer Harold J. Nicholson and his son chose a more novel way: they worked together in the espionage world with the Russians.

On Monday, Nicholson, 59, who is already serving a 23 year-plus year sentence after pleading guilty in 1997,  pleaded guilty again on Monday in Portland, Or., to espionage charges in a case involving his son and the Russians.  Authorities alleged that his son helped his imprisoned father collect some back payments from the Russians while passing on information.

Nicholson worked for the CIA for 16 years. Between June 1994 and November 16, 1996, authorities said he provided the Russian Federation documents, photographic negatives and information relating to the national defense of the United States,  according to Nicholson’s indictment.  He was arrested in November 1996 at Dulles Airport in Virginia while trying to board a plane to Zurich, Switzerland with classified documents.

In return, Nicholson received cash payments he used to pay credit car bills and other expenses, according to court papers. In 1997, he pleaded guilty and agreed to have no direct contact with any foreign government or through another party. His youngest son Nathaniel was 12 at the time.

Authorities say that agreement was broken when around June 2006 Nicholson’s  son Nathaniel J. Nicholson began communicating with the  Russian Federation on behalf of his father.

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Furious Cheney Confronted Pres. Bush About Scooter Libby Pardon

By Allan Lengel

Under the category of “not very surprising”, Dick Cheney was fuming when President Bush refused to pardon vice presidential aide I “Scooter” Libby after he was convicted of lying in the leak  investigation into the identity of CIA spy Valerie Plalme.

Appearing in an interview on NBC’s Today Show, said ex- George W. Bush said Cheney confronted him about his decision to commute Libby’s 30-month sentence, but not pardon him.

Bush, who is promoting his memoir, “Decision Points”, writes that  a furious Cheney told him: “I can’t believe you’re going to leave a soldier on the battlefield,” according to the Associated Press.

Bush said he was concerned the decision would damage his friendship with Cheney.

“I’m pleased to report we are friends today,” he said.

Feds Won’t Appeal Witness Ban in NY Gitmo Trial

Judge Kaplan

Judge Kaplan

By Allan Lengel

Saying they didn’t wish to delay the trial, federal prosecutors on Sunday said they won’t appeal a judge’s ruling that bans a key witness from testifying in the first criminal trial of Guantanamo Bay terrorism suspect, Reuters news service reported.

“The government . . . has decided not to pursue an appeal from the court’s decision,” said a letter from the New York U.S. Attorney’s Office to the presiding judge in the case, Reuters reported.

The letter said the government case is sufficient without the witness.

On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan cause a delay in the trial when he ruled that the witness, Hussein Abebe, couldn’t be used in the trial against Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, who is accused of conspiring in the 1998 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, which killed 224 people, including a dozen Americans.

The judge ruled that the government discovered the name of the witness during a harsh interrogation of the defendant in an overseas jail run by the CIA. The government insisted it would have learned about Abebe even without the interrogation, an argument the judge rejected.

Prosecutors had said that the witness told FBI agents he had sold the defendant explosives for one of the bombings.

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Column: Top Goal in Afghanistan Should Still be to Capture bin Laden

Jack Devine ,a former CIA deputy director of operations and chief of the CIA Afghan Task Force from 1986 to 1987, is president of the Arkin Group, a private intelligence company based in New York.

bin Laden said getting weapons of mass destruction was a "religious duty"

Osama bin Laden

By Jack Devine
Washington Post Outlook Section

There is no doubt that Osama bin Laden is foremost on the minds of the courageous CIA and Special Forces officers in Afghanistan who are looking for him.

Where he hasn’t appeared lately is in the debates about what the United States is trying to achieve in Afghanistan and whether our emphasis should be on counterinsurgency and nation-building or on counterterrorism.

It has been nine long years since bin Laden and his disciples attacked the United States, bringing about the catastrophic loss of American lives on Sept. 11, 2001, and more in the military battles that followed.

The debate about where we are headed in Afghanistan must include finding bin Laden.

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FBI Impersonator Who Hired Assistant Gets Sentenced

fbi-badgeBy Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — The fun is over for Brenna Marie Reilly.

The Washington Examiner reports she was sentenced Friday in federal court in Alexandra, Va., to 30 days in prison and four months of house arrest for impersonating an FBI agent and hiring an assistant  to work for her as a fake agent.

U.S. District Judge Anthony Trenga said she could serve her home confinement intermittently — on evenings and weekends — so she can work and go to school, the Examiner reported.

Authorities alleged that Reilly told neighbors, starting in August 2009, that she was a director of the FBI’s Forensic Division and an assistant director of the FBI., according to an affidavit from FBI agent Kari Alexa Parker.

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Retired FBI Intelligence Section Chief Cornelius Sullivan Dies at Age 84

fbi logo largeBy Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — Retired FBI agent Cornelius “Neil” Sullivan, who was the section chief of the intelligence division and was credited with fostering improved relations with the CIA, died earlier this month in Silver Spring, Md. at age 84, the Washington Post reported.

Sullivan joined the FBI in 1951 and served in fields offices in Cleveland, Minneapolis and New York, the Post reported.

He later went to headquarters and retired in 1979 as section chief of intelligence, the Post reported.

Sullivan was born in Fall River, Mass. and joined the Navy at age 17 and served in the Pacific during World War II, the Post wrote. He graduated from Seton Hall University in New Jersey.

He had been married for 44 years to Lucille Friedrich, who died in 1993.

CIA Had Plan to Make Saddam Hussein Look Like a Pedophile

Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein

By Allan Lengel
For AOL News

WASHINGTON — The CIA had a bag of dirty tricks ready for Saddam Hussein in preparation of the 2003 American invasion of Iraq that included making him look like a pedophile. It also had something similar planned for Osama bin Laden.

The Washington Post blog Spy Talk, citing former CIA officials, said one devious tactic involved creating a video showing the Iraqi strongman purportedly having sex with a teenage boy.

“It would look like it was taken by a hidden camera,” one ex-CIA official told Spy Talk’s Jeff Stein. “Very grainy, like it was a secret videotaping of a sex session.”

The ex-CIA officials said the idea was then to “flood Iraq with the videos.”

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Ex-CIA Spy is Arrested Aftering Failing to Appear in Fed Court in D.C.

cia-logoBy Allan Lengel

A former CIA station chief in Algiers was arrested Monday at a Norfolk, Va. hotel after failing to show up for a hearing last week in U.S. District Court in Washington where he faces charges of sexually assaulting a woman while stationed overseas, the website Spy Talk reported.

U.S. Marshals, Diplomatic Security Service Special agents and Norfolk police arrested Andrew Warren, 42. Spy Talk said a Virginia TV station reported that the ex-spy had been exposing himself to neighbors in recent weeks.

Authorities have accused Warren of drugging a woman at his CIA residence in Algiers and sexually assaulting her, Spy Talk reported.

Spy Talk said Warren’s attorney, Mark David Hunter said in March that his client was innocent and would contest the charges.

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