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Tag: Chief of Strategic Management

ATF Tries to Boost Low Morale By Building Store at Washington D.C. Headquarters

Steve Neavling 

It’s no secret that ATF employees are struggling with morale problems.

In hopes of turning around that morale, the federal government is opening a store inside ATF headquarters in Washington D.C., Townhall reports.

“Currently the Office of the Director is in the process of coordinating the opening of an ATF store, which will be located in ATF HQ,” ATF Chief of Strategic Management Ron Humphries wrote in an email to employees on October 28, 2013. “The mission of the store is to serve current and former employees of ATF, Task Force Officers, and family members by promoting the general welfare and morale of the employees of ATF by providing, encouraging and supporting social, educational, and recreational activities of interest to its employees. In the coming weeks, more information will follow about the ATF HQ store.”

It’s unclear exactly what would be sold in the store.

Not everyone is sold on the idea.

“At a time when our Bureau is plagued by years of mismanagement, lack of oversight and abuses directed at its agents, it’s very disheartening to the field that headquarter priorities have nothing to do with correcting the broken policies and practices or even relate to strengthening our mission capability,” ATF Special Agent and whistleblower Vince Cefalu told Townhall. “The best they can come up with is selling ATF SWAG. For a Bureau suffering such huge divisions between the field and management, this does nothing to rebuild confidence in our leadership by either the agents or the American public.”