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Chicago U.S. Atty. Pat Fitzgerald to Personally Prosecute Mumbai Case

Patrick Fitzgerald/doj photo

Patrick Fitzgerald/doj photo

By Allan Lengel

Chicago U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, regarded as the gold standard for U.S. Attorneys, plans to personally prosecute two men accused of being part of the 2008 bombings in Mumbai, India that killed 170 people, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The paper reported that Fitzgerald has personally prosecuted only one case in Chicago since arriving in 2001 from New York.

Fitzgerald had prosecuted terrorism cases in New York and was named a special prosecutor in Washington in the leak case of  CIA operative Valerie Plame, which resulted in the conviction in 2007 of  Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff Scooter Libby.

In Chicago, Fitzgerald will join assistant U.S. Attorneys Daniel Collins and Vicki Peters in prosecuting the Mumbai bombing defendants Tahawwur Rana and David Headley, the paper reported.

Chicago Alderman Carothers Latest to Go Down After Getting Bit by the Bribery Bug

Isaac Carothers/city photo

Isaac Carothers/city photo

By Allan Lengel

Chicago has long been known for its deep dish pizza, blues, Dah Bears, Dah Bulls and public corruption.

In living up to the latter, Alderman Isaac Carothers, a key ally of Mayor Daley, resigned Monday after striking up a deal with the feds that will put him behind bars for more than two years for taking bribes, The Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The paper reported that at 2:49 p.m., Carothers submitted his resignation to the mayor.

“It is with deep regret that I inform you that I, Isaac S. Carothers, will resign my elected position as alderman of the 29th Ward effective on Feb. 1, 2010,” Carothers wrote, according to the Sun-Times.

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Two Illinois Men Charged With Plotting to Kill Chicago Fed Prosecutor

ChicagoBy Allan Lengel

Two DuPage County men in Illinois have been busted for allegedly plotting to kill an assistant U.S. Attorney in Chicago, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Authorities charged Jack Mann, 41, of Naperville, Ill. and Frank Caira, 39, of Downers Grove, Ill.

The Trib reported that a defense lawyer for an ex-convict told the FBI that his client had been solicited by Mann to kill the prosecutor in a drug case in which  Caira was a defendant.

The ex-convict who was solicited had been convicted of murder and was a member of the Latin Kings, the paper reported.

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New Weapon in Bank Robberies: GPS Device

bank-robberyBy Allan Lengel

Apparently GPS isn’t just for the geographically challenged anymore.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that police were able to track down three bank robbers in suburban Chicago last week, thanks to a credit-card sized GPS device that had been stuffed in with the stolen cash.

The paper, referring to an FBI affidavit, said the GPS led police almost instantly to the robbers in Dolton, Ill.

The Trib reported that the FBI and banking officials said “they believed it was the first time the technology — similar to what is increasingly used in cell phones and other devices — had been deployed to solve a bank robbery in the Chicago region. The FBI did use a GPS device last year to help free a man being held for $40,000 ransom, placing it in a bag of money tracked to a South Side home.”

Debbie Jemison, a spokeswoman for the Illinois Bankers Association, told the paper that banks started using the device about two years ago, but is unclear how widespread it’s use is.

Mexican Cartels Operating in 230 U.S. Cities, Justice Dept. Says

The evidence keeps mounting that the war on the Mexican drug cartels is every bit the United State’s war as well. The cartels have sunk their tentacles into major cities around the U.S. like Chicago. In fact, the Post reports that the Justice Dept. has found that Mexican cartels are operating  in 230 U.S. cities.

drug war art

By Steve Fainaru and William Booth
Washington Post Foreign Service

The Flores brothers had never looked like much in the eyes of local narcotics agents. But by the time it all came crashing down this year, the drug-distribution network allegedly run by the 28-year-old twins from the Mexican American barrios of Chicago was one of the largest and most sophisticated ever seen in the U.S. heartland, according to interviews and federal indictments.

Pedro and Margarito Flores allegedly operated as an American annex to a major Mexican drug mafia, and their arrest and the dismantling of their purported network opened a window on how powerful Mexican cartels operate in the United States, distributing cocaine and heroin with the corporate efficiency of UPS, while back home competitors are tortured and beheaded.

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Chicago Fed Judge Overturns Public Corruption Conviction; Says Feds Failed to Disclose Info on Key Witness

chicago signBy Allan Lengel

Mayor Richard Daley’s ex-Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Al Sanchez and a co-defendant caught a big break Tuesday when a federal judge overturned their public corruption convictions and ordered a new trial because the government failed to reveal the extensive criminal record and gang ties of a key witness, the Chicago Tribune reported.

“Based on these findings, this court has lost confidence in the integrity of the verdict convicting these defendants,” U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman wrote. No new trial date was set.

The judge said the failure to disclose the information prevented the defense from properly cross examining the witness, the Tribune reported.

In March, a jury found Sanchez guilty of mail fraud for rigging city hiring to reward political workers. Co-defendant Aaron Del Valle, who worked for Sanchez, was convicted of perjury, the Tribune reported.

Government officials acknowledged the error, but had contended it wasn’t enough to warrant a new trial, the Trib reported.

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FBI Raids Chicago Bars; Probe Video Poker Machine Links to Mob

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Reputed Chicago Gang Member Charged With Killing ATF Informant

ChicagoBy Allan Lengel

A reputed Chicago gang member was charged Tuesday with killing an ATF informant in 2006, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Spencer Martin, 32, a member of the Vice Lords, is accused of fatally shooting Earl Willis, 26. Willis’ body was found in a van on the city’s South side.

The paper reports that Martin and Willis allegedly robbed a North Side gas station and Martin shot someone.  Tests indicate the same gun was used to shoot Willis.

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