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February 2023


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New Special Agents in Charge of FBI Field Offices Named

Robert W. Wheeler Jr.

By Steve Neavling

FBI Director Christopher Wray announced on Tuesday the appointment of new leaders of the FBI field offices in Minneapolis and Chicago.

Robert W. “West” Wheeler Jr. is the new special agent in charge of the Chicago Field Office. Before the appointment, Wheeler served as the chief of staff to the executive assistant director of the Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch at FBI headquarters. 

Alvin M. Winston Sr. will serve as special agent in charge of the Minneapolis Field Office. Most recently he was the deputy assistant director in the Internal Operations Division at FBI headquarters. 

Alvin M. Winston Sr.

Wheeler joined the bureau in 1999. Before that, he was a special agent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. 

Winston joined the FBI in 2006. He previously served in the U.S. Marine Corps on the Fleet Anti-Terrorist Security Team. He was also a homicide detective with the City of Atlanta and the chief investigator at the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.  

Man Accused of Setting Fire to Guardhouse at FBI’s Chicago Field Office

FBI’s Chicago Field Office. Photo via FBI.

By Steve Neavling

A man is facing federal arson charges after authorities say he threatened a security officer and later set fire to the guardhouse at the FBI’s Chicago Field Office. 

James Lofton was scheduled to make his first court appearance on charges of maliciously damaging and destroying a U.S. government building by means of fire, CBS News reports.

Four weeks before the fire, Lofton is accused of approaching the guardhouse and telling the officer, “B****, I’m going to burn you, and everyone is going to die. You f***ing Mexicans are going to burn and die.”

Authorities say Lofton returned to the security station shortly after 3 p.m. on Friday and doused his jacket with fire and used it to set the guardhouse ablaze. 

The FBI arrested him a few blocks away about 15 minutes later. 

In August, another man was arrested for throwing rocks at the field office. 

Suspect Detained After Jumping Fence, Throwing Rocks at Chicago’s FBI Field Office

FBI’s Chicago Field Office. Photo via FBI.

By Steve Neavling

The FBI came under attack again, this time from someone who jumped the fence and threw rocks at the bureau’s Chicago Field Office. 

The motive was unclear as of Friday morning, and the FBI is investigating. 

“FPS detained the individual and Chicago PD have taken the individual to a local hospital for evaluation,” a Federal Protective Service spokesperson said in a statement to CNN.

The incident happened around 11 a.m. 

“The FBI Chicago facility remains secure, and there are no reported injuries or known threats to the public at this time,” FBI spokesperson Siobhan Johnson said.

The FBI has become the target of extremism after agents searched former President Trump’s home in Florida. 

On Aug. 11, a man wearing body armor tried to attack the FBI’s Cincinnati Field Office. He was eventually killed in an hours-long standoff.

Republican lawmakers have also lashed out at the FBI, and some even called for the bureau to be disbanded.

On Aug. 12, the FBI and Homeland Security issued a bulletin, warning of “an increase in threats and acts of violence directed at bureau employees. 

Chicago Man Faces Assault Charges for Allegedly Spitting in Face of FBI Agent

By Steve Neavling

A 55-year-old Chicago man is facing federal assault charges after authorities say he spit in the face of an FBI special agent. 

The incident occurred while the agent was in his car on the morning of Jan. 12, waiting in line to enter the parking lot at the FBI’s Chicago Field Office, The Chicago Tribune reports

Behind him was Jerome Bychowski, who began honking the horn of his van, according to a criminal complaint filed Friday. When the agent asked Bychowski to stop honking, the man pulled his van next to the agent’s vehicle and said he was honking at the SUV in front of the agent. 

Bychowski grew angry when the agent refused to talk to the driver of the SUV.

“Go inside and do your (expletive) job,” Bychowski is accused of saying. 

After the agent asked Bychowski to calm down and get back in his van, Bychowski drove next to the SUV, walked toward the agent and then said, “If you’re such a tough guy, get out of the car and show me.”

The agent remained in his car and again told Bychowski to stop being aggressive. At that point, Bychowski allegedly called the agent an “(expletive) who’s hiding behind your job and your car and afraid of getting your ass kicked.”

The Bychowski spat at the agent through the agent’s open driver’s window, striking him in the cheek and forehead, according to the complaint. 

After the agent advised Bychowski that he had committed a crime, he got back in his van and began reversing, the complaint states. This time the agent got out of his car and again told Bychowski against that he had committee a crime. 

Bychowski responded, “Good luck proving it – there’s video.”

Turns out, the driver of the SUV was also an FBI agent and heard Bychowski admit that he had spit on the agent, according to the complaint. Using his cell phone, the agent took pictures of Bychowski and his license plate. 

DEA Agent Indicted on Charges of Decade-Long Affiliation with Deadly Drug Gang

By Steve Neavling

A sweeping federal indictment alleges a DEA agent began working with a gang a decade ago while he was a police officer in Illinois and continued the work while at the drug agency’s Chicago field office.

According to the indictment, Fernando Gomez, 41, was affiliated with the Organizacion de Narcotraficantes Unidos, a Puerto Rico-based group that imported vast amounts of cocaine into the U.S. and was involved in at least eight drug-related killings.

He was arrested at the DEA’s field office Tuesday morning, The Chicago Tribune reports

When Gomez was a detective for Evanston police, prosecutors said he began working with the gang, obtaining guns from drug dealers and giving them to gang leader Jose Martinez-Diaz, AKA “Tony Zinc.”

The indictment alleges Gomez became a DEA agent to provide protection for the gang.

FBI Employee Continued Working for Bureau Months After Admitting He Raped Teenaged Babysitter

James Luttinen

James Luttinen

By Steve Neavling

An FBI Employee in the bureau’s Chicago office has been charged with raping a teenage babysitter in his Indiana home.

ABC7 reports that James Luttinen, 33, is accused of raping the teenage relative in July while he was drunk and his family was in the next room at his home in northwest Indiana.

Although court records indicate he admitted sexually assaulting the girl in July, he continued working at the FBI field office until an arrest warrant was filed two weeks ago.

The computer systems specialist for the FBI had high security clearance and worked at the office since 2009.

According to a police affidavit, Luttinen gave the girl alcohol and said he was “three sheets to the wind”  and there was this “young, good-looking girl, rubbing up against him” so  “I decided to just go with it.”

Robert Holley, Head of Chicago’s FBI Field Office, Plans to Retire, Join Private Sector

Robert Holley

Robert Holley

By Steve Neavling

The special agent in charge of Chicago’s Field Office plans to retire in late August following 20 years with the bureau, The Chicago Tribune reports. 

Robert Holley, who once led international terrorism investigations, conducted work for the FBI in Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Tanzania, India and Isreal.

Holley’s career began in 1995 at the Chicago FBI office, where he received several promotions. He also served as deputy assistant director in the Counterterrorism Division and was the special agent in charge of the FBI Indianapolis Division.

“I am most proud of having the opportunity to lead the Chicago Field Office and work with these men and women every day,” Holley said Tuesday in a FBI news release. “I am amazed by their dedication and what they do for the citizens of the United States every day.”

Like many retiring agents, Holley has accepted a job in the private sector. He will work on Discover Financial Services’ Global Security Team after his retirement on Aug. 20.