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January 2023


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Tag: celebrity

FBI Raids California Home of YouTube Celebrity Following a Mall Riot in Arizona

By Steve Neavling

The FBI raided the California home of YouTube celebrity Jake Paul on Thursday in connection with a riot at an Arizona shopping mall, The Los Angeles Times reports.

Agents were seen removing firearms from the home.

The FBI also served search warrants in Nevada and Arizona.

“The FBI is executing a federal search warrant at a residence in Calabasas in connection with an ongoing investigation,” an FBI representative said in a statement. “The affidavit in support of the search warrant has been sealed by a judge and I am, therefore, prohibited from commenting as to the nature of the investigation. No arrests are planned.”

Paul was charged with misdemeanors in connection with the riot, but police are dismissing the
case and cooperating with the FBI.

Comedian Kathy Griffin: FBI Saved My Life Following Death Threats from Trump Fanatics

Kathy Griffin on Jimmy Kimmel show.

By Steve Neavling

Comedian Kathy Griffin credited the FBI for saving her life after receiving death threats from President Trump supporters.

The threats came after Griffin posed for a photo in May 2017 holding a mock “decapitated” head of Trump.

“I will say this, I am not anti-government at all after this experience. I think the FBI saved my life,” the comedian said on the Jimmy Kimmel show Tuesday night. “I was not only on the MAGA bomber’s list, but … the FBI did something they call a ‘no-knock’ to my house, where it’s such an imminent threat, they don’t even call, they came right over.”

The FBI made an unannounced visit because she was on the kill list of “MAGA bomber” Cesar Sayoc, the Trump fanatic who mailed 16 explosive devices to the president’s critics and other prominent Democrats in 2018.

“They said during the interrogation of Cesar Sayoc, he admitted that he shared the kill list, which I’m on, with like-minded people,” she said. “So it’s an ongoing thing, and it’s just part of my new normal.”

FBI Investigating Threatening Letter Sent to Jussie Smollett Before Brutal Attack

Jussie Smollett via Twitter

By Steve Neavling

The FBI has joined the investigation into the alleged racist, homophobic attack that left Empire star Jussie Smollett in the hospital.

Police are investigating Tuesday’s brutal attack in Chicago as a “possible” hate crime after Smollett told authorities he was beaten by two white men in ski masks who hurled racist and homophobic slurs at him. It appears the attackers also put a noose around the 35-year-old actor’s neck and poured an unknown substance, possibly bleach, on him, while yelling, “This is MAGA country.”

The FBI is involved because Smollett received a chilling letter in the mail that contained threatening language and a powdery substance that police believe was Tylenol.

The letter was sent to the Fox studio in Chicago on Jan. 22.

Smollett was treated and released from Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

FBI Reportedly Identifies Suspect in Attempted Extortion of Kevin Hart

Actor Kevin Hart, via Wikipedia

Actor Kevin Hart, via Wikipedia

By Steve Neavling

The FBI has identified a suspect in the extortion attempt against actor Kevin Hart, TMZ reports

The suspect is accused of contacting the comedian and demanding a “multi-million dollar” sum to prevent the “sexual provocative” video that allegedly features the Hart from going public.

The video prompted Hart, 38, to admit to “a bad error of judgment” in an Instagram post in which he appeared to admit to cheating on his pregnant wife. Hart also said he was targeted by someone for “financial gain.”

The iPhone video shows a man believed to be Hart in a sexually provocative position with a woman at a club and later under the covers in a bedroom.

Ex-Secret Service Agents Give Kim Kardashian Protection Worthy of a President

Kim Kardashian, via Wikipedia

Kim Kardashian, via Wikipedia

By Steve Neavling

Former members of the Secret Service are protecting reality star Kim Kardashian after she was robbed in Paris, a source told TMZ. 

Kardashian isn’t playing around after she was tied up and gagged at her Paris residence.

Former members of the Secret Service will join her security team, and they will be armed. She also will be transported in an “armored” car.

TMZ also reports that she met with former CIA agents and special force members of the Israeli army.

Kardashian also is planning to hire security for her daughters, but it’s unclear whether former Secret Service agents will be part of that detail.

FBI Investigating Allegations That Brad Pitt Abused Children on Private Jet

Actor Brad Pitt, via Wikipedia

Actor Brad Pitt, via Wikipedia

By Steve Neavling

The FBI is investigating allegations that Brad Pitt was verbally and physically abusive with his children on a private jet last week.

The FBI is investigating because the alleged abuse occurred on a flight from France to the U.S.

“The FBI is continuing to gather facts and will evaluate whether an investigation at the federal level will be pursued,” FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller told press in a statement late on Thursday night, Business Insider reports. 

A TMZ report suggested Pitt was drunk during the flight and that his wife Angelina Jolie and their children were on board.

Jolie has filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

FBI Investigating Hacking of Actress Leslie Jones After Nude Photos Posted


By Steve Neavling

The FBI is investigating the hacking of actress and comedian Leslie Jones.

TMZ reports the FBI is trying to track down the person or people who hacked her iCloud and cell phone for photos and personal information. 

Nude photos and personal information was added to her website, causing a big embarassment for the star.

It’s unclear whether agents are investigating on the West Coast or East Coast because Jones lives in both.

Jones was a co-star on the new Ghostbusters movie and has been taunted by racists on Twitter.