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Border Patrol Agent Disciplined for Speaking with Media about Agency Concerns

By Steve Neavling

A Border Patrol agent has been disciplined for speaking to the media, the National Review reports.

By speaking to the media, Agent Ron Zermeno violated an “cease and desist” order to stop issuing statements that contain “Law Enforcement sensitive” information to the media.

Zermeno, who is the health and safety director of the National Border Patrol Council Local 1613, spoke out about the cease and desist.
CBP recommended that Zermeno be reprimanded for unauthorized disclosure and failure to follow instructions.

But Zermeno allegedly ignored the order about a month after the gag order.

“You willfully abandoned your responsibilities as a Border Patrol Agent and potentially placed several persons at risk,” the CBP wrote.

Others have defended Zermeno, including a staff member of ranking Republican Senator Tom Coburn.

“We’ve reviewed, and I’ve reviewed his comments, and I don’t think he has released anything that would violate law-enforcement sensitivities,” the staffer says. “I can’t see what he released that would have done any harm, but I’m willing to keep an open mind to that. I just don’t see it. I think he’s a good American who’s done the right thing.”

Border Patrol Agent Told to ‘Immediately Desist’ from Speaking to Media

Steve Neavling 

Border Patrol sent an official warning to one of its agents, saying he must “immediately desist” from communicating with the media with information that is “Law Enforcement sensitive,” according to the document obtained by National Review.

The letter from Kathleen Scudder, assistant chief patrol agent of the San Diego Sector, was sent to agent Ron Zermeno, health and safety director of National Border Patrol Council Local 1613.

Zermemo said he believes the letter was retaliation for blowing the whistle on public health risks involving illegal immigrants.

“As a union officer, I feel it’s my job to expose when management is putting people at risk,” he said. “They violated their oath as Border Patrol agents.”

Zermemo recently notified a superior that two agents contracted scabies while processing immigrants.

“I’m willing to lose my job over this because I know I’m doing the right thing,” Zermeno said. “I’ve been in this agency for 20 years and this is the worst I’ve seen it. It’s similar to the VA.”