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Ex-FBI Linguist Gets 20 Months in Prison For Leaking Info to Blogger

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By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — An ex-FBI contract linguist with top security clearance is headed off to prison for one year and eight months for leaking classified documents  to a blogger.

U.S. District Judge Alexander Williams in Greenbelt, Md. sentenced Shamai Kedem Leibowitz, aka Samuel Shamai Leibowitz, 40, of Silver Spring, Md.,  and ordered that he be under supervision for three years following his release.

Leibowitz, an Israeli-American lawyer, had been translating intercepted phone calls for the FBI from Hebrew to English and working out of the Calverton, Md. FBI office.

“The willful disclosure of classified information to those not entitled to receive it is a serious crime,” David Kris, Assistant Attorney General for National Security, said in a statement. “Today’s sentence should serve as a warning to anyone in government who would consider compromising our nation’s secrets.”

In April 2009, Leibowitz  leaked  five secret documents relating to “the communication intelligence activities of the United States” to a blogger, who posted some of the information for all to see, authorities said.

“As a trusted member of the FBI ranks, Leibowitz abused the trust of the FBI and the American public by using his access to classified information for his own purposes,” said Special Agent in Charge Richard A. McFeely.

He had been described in numerous press reports as being an Israeli peace activist.

Homeland Security May Search the Internet for Terrorist Threats

The Internet has become the wild wild west and Homeland Security wants to be the sheriff. Can the agency pull that off? Is the universe small enough to police?

By Thomas Frank
WASHINGTON – The Homeland Security Department may soon start scouring the Internet to find blogs and message boards that terrorists use to plan attacks in the USA.
The effort comes as researchers are seeing terrorists increasingly use the Internet to plan bombings, recruit members and spread propaganda. “Blogging and message boards have played a substantial role in allowing communication among those who would do the United States harm,” the department said in a recent notice.
Homeland Security officials are looking for companies to search the Internet for postings “in near to real-time which precede” an attack, particularly a bombing. Bombings are “of great concern” because terrorists can easily get materials and make an improvised-explosive device (IED), the department said.
“There is a lot of IED information generated by terrorists everywhere – websites, forums, people telling you where to buy fertilizer and how to plant IEDs,” said Hsinchun Chen, director of the University of Arizona’s Artificial Intelligence Lab. Chen’s “Dark Web” research project has found 500,000,000 terrorist pages and postings, including tens of thousands that discuss IEDs.
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