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Prison Warden Where Whitey Bulger Was Confined: ‘I think he wanted to die’

Whitey Bulger

By Steve Neavling

The then-warden of a prison where James “Whitey” Bulgar was confined said he believes the Boston gangster “wanted to die.”

“Quite frankly, I think he wanted to die,” Charles Lockett, the Florida penitentiary’s former warden, told NBC News in an exclusive interview.

“I think whatever issues he had, he had come to peace with them.”

Bulger, 89, was beat to death inside his cell on Oct. 30, 3018, just hours after he was transferred to a West Virginia prison. The transfer came after the wheelchair-bound ex-mob boss threatened a Florida prison nurse who suggested he see an outside heart doctor.

No one has been charged in his death.

Lockett, who retired in late December, spoke out for the first time, saying he doesn’t believe the death was the fault of prison officials.

It’s a tragedy, but I don’t think anyone was deficient in their duty,” Lockett said.

Lockett opened up about his personal feelings for Bulger.

“He killed a lot of people, but he wasn’t a bad old guy,” Lockett said. “Every Friday, I would walk that entire penitentiary and I would see him and he would speak to me. He was a nice, respectable guy, the murderer that he was.”

When a nurse told Bulgar he should be taken to a local hospital to see a heart specialist, the former mob boss lashed out, Lockett said.

“She pressed him to go see the doctor, and he got mad about it,” Lockett said. “He told her point blank, ‘I know people. I still have connections back home.’”

Former TSA Agent, 2 Children Accused of Beating Man Nearly to Death

tsa_logoBy Steve Neavling

A former Charlotte TSA agent and her two children are accused of brutally beating her ex-boyfriend nearly to death with a bat and propane tank, WBTV reports.

Claudine Manning and her two children have been charged with attempted first-degree murder of Kevin Jackson, who was on life support for several days after the Sept. 28 beating.

“They viciously and violently went to my son’s home, with his new girlfriend, and attacked my son,” mother Nicole Jackson told WBTV.

Claudine was a TSA agent for nine years, according to an attorney.

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FBI Arrests Correction Officers in Beating Death of Rikers Island Inmate

Photo by Tim Rodenberg - Flickr: Rikers Island Jail.

By Steve Neavling

FBI agents arrested two New York correction officers Wednesday accused of beating to death a Rikers Island inmate, Newsweek reports.

A pretrial detainee, 52-year-old Ronald Spear, was killed in December 2012 from bunt force trauma to the head.

Agents arrested former officer Brian Coll and officer Byron Taylor.

According to the complaint, Coll “willfully kicked Ronald Spear multiple times in the head while he was restrained, which resulted in injury to Spear.”

Both officers “agreed to make false statements to multiple investigators about the assault of Ronald Spear…in order to cover up the fact that Coll had unlawfully assaulted Spear,” according to the complaint.

New York City settled a wrong death lawsuit in the case for $2.75 million.

Justice Department Opens Civil Rights Investigation over Baltimore Death

By Steve Neavling

Freddie Gray was seen walking and talking when he was placed into a Baltimore police van.

But when he emerged, Gray “could not talk, he could not breathe,” Deputy Police Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez said in a story in the Washington Post.

Gray died after suffering a severe spinal cord injury.

Six Baltimore police officers were suspended while there is an investigation.

The Justice Department plans to turn over results of the investigation to prosecutors by May 1.

Protests have broken out over the death.

FBI Launches Probe of Police Chief in Long Island After Suspect Allegedly Beaten

Steve Neavling

The FBI is investigating Suffolk County Chief of Police James Burke after allegations surfaced that he beat a man who broke into his car, NBC 4 New York reports.

Christopher Loeb, 26, said he was home in Smithtown when Burke attacked him on Dec. 14.

He is accused of stealing the chief’s gun belt, ammunition, handcuffs and other items stuffed into a duffel bag in the chief’s SUV.

Mexican Man Gets 3 Years for Beating FBI Agents in New Mexico Train Robbery


By Allan Lengel

A Mexican man has learned the hard way not to press his luck, particularly when it comes to physically beating FBI agents who suffered serious, but non-life threatening injuries.

Juan Jose Magallanes Torres of Anapara, Mexico, was originally charged with being part of a gang that beat two FBI agents in Sunland Park, N.M., during a 2002 train robbery. The charges were dropped when he was deported, the El Paso Times reported.

But after he got caught back in the U.S., the charges were revived, the El Paso Times reported. He pleaded guilty in April and was sentenced Monday in Las Cruces, N.M.,  to three years in prison.

Two other robbers pleaded guilty in the case and got two years in prison. The charges were dropped against others who were deported, the El Paso Times reported.

One FBI agent suffered injuries to her left eye and neck,  the paper reported. The other suffered a skull fracture. Both are back on the job in El Paso, Tex.

2 Pa. Cops Charged in Beating-Coverup of Indecent Exposure Suspect

Fed prambridgeosecutors plan to get to the naked truth in this case in Ambridge, Pa.

The Associated Press
PITTSBURGH – Two western Pennsylvania police officers conspired to violate the rights of an indecent exposure suspect when one beat the man and the second officer helped destroy or alter a police department video of the incident, a federal grand jury said.

The four-count indictment unsealed Monday contains few details, but stems from the beating of a man identified as David Baker at the Ambridge police station on Feb. 20. The alleged cover up occurred the next day.

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FBI Investigates Minneapolis Police Beating Caught on Video

The FBI is investigating the Minneapolis police beating of a 42-year-old motorist Derryl Jenkins in February, according to media reports on Monday. The incident was captured on video.