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January 2023


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Tag: bath salts

DEA-Led Crackdown on Synthetic Drugs Netted 150 Arrests Across 29 States

Steve Neavling

The DEA carried out a nationwide crackdown on synthetic drugs early Wednesday, netting 150 arrests and at least $20 million in cash and assets, Time reports.

This is the second phase of an operation dubbed “Project Synergy,” which began in December 2012 and went after products marketed as “spice,” “bath salts,” and “molly.” Those drugs are dangerous because they’re often laced with illegal chemicals that cause dangerous symptoms and health problems.

The operation focused on 29 states and included roads of hundreds of warehouses, smoke shops and houses.

“Many who manufacture, distribute and sell these dangerous synthetic drugs found out first hand today that DEA will target, find and prosecute those who have committed these crimes,” said DEA Administrator Michele M. Leonhart.

Deadly Bath Salts Became Big Craze in Syracuse, Making it ‘Ground Zero’ for Synthetic Drug

Steve Neavling

Bath salts, a synthetic stimulant blamed for the deaths and panic attacks of users nationwide, appeared to become a craze in Syracuse before spreading elsewhere, the Syracuse Post-Standard reports.

A former candidate of the Syracuse Common Council received a shipment of the drug, which he called “molly,” a name for the pure form of Ecstasy.

It was anything but pure.

But as he circulated different version at swingers’ parties in the Syracuse area in 2010, partygoers became agitated and dehydrated, the Post-Standard wrote, citing a DEA investigation.

“And Syracuse apparently was ground zero in the United States,” the newspaper wrote, attributing the DEA.


DEA Launches ‘Largest’ Ever Worldwide Crackdown on Synthetic Drugs

Steve Neavling

The DEA has launched what it calls its “largest ever” crackdown on synthetic drugs, arresting more than 150 people in 49 cities and five countries, the U.S. News & World Report writes.

The bust is good news for authorities who have seen the devastating impact of designer synthetic drugs, which often are marketed to teens as a harmless product such as bath salts or herbal incense. Users have suffered from seizures, hallucinations, significant organ damage and even death, according to the DEA.

More than 225 people were arrested.

“This is a significant seizure of synthetic drugs and is a terrific result for our respective law enforcement agencies,” said Graham Fletcher, Australia’s acting ambassador to the United States, in the DEA statement. “Australia remains committed to sharing intelligence with its U.S. partners to combat transnational crime across international borders. This is a win for our collective communities.”

Police Believe They Found Homemade Bath Salts at Michigan House Following Ban on Substance

Steve Neavling

DETROIT — While states are banning dangerous bath salts from store shelves, some dealers are making their own with a toxic combination of acetone, butane and caffeine anhydrous, reports.

Most recently, 11 members of the DEA were asked for help after local authorities who found the substances, along with large amounts of the finished product, which resembled bath salts, in a Bad Axe, Mi.  house, reports.

Police arrested a 47-year-old resident and plan to send the chemicals to get tested, according to

In July, Michigan banned the possession, use or sale of bath salts and other synthetic drugs.

Man Who Took Hostage at FBI Building Anguished Over Ex-Wife’s Death

Steve Neavling

 A 41-year-old man charged Wednesday with holding a hostage at knifepoint in a Salt Lake City office building that houses the FBI wanted to speak with the bureau’s forensic psychiatrist, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Robert Joseph Hibbard was upset about his ex-wife’s death and what he considered to be a botched investigation into the role the woman’s new husband played in the death, according to the Tribune.

Police said the ex-wife, Rashell Langford, fatally shot herself while high on bath salts with her husband, who allegedly backed out of a suicide pact with her.

According to the Tribune, the new husband, Shawn Langford, received a reduced charge of reckless endangerment and faces up to a year in jail.

Study: Bath Salts Similar to Cocaine in Brain

Steve Neavling

Commonly abused bath salts act like cocaine in the brain, U.S. researchers have found, UPI reports.

Mephedrone, which is in so-called bath salts, activate reward centers of the brain, leading to addiction, said Dr. C.J. Malanga, an associate professor of neurology, pediatrics and psychology at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine.

The study measured the effects of mephredone on reward centers of the brain and discovered the stimulant acts similarly to cocaine.

“As expected our research shows that mephedrone likely has significant abuse liability,” Malanga said in a statement. “It increases the rewarding potency of intracranial self-stimulation just like cocaine does.”