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September 2021


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ATF’s B. Todd Jones Faces Tough Questions Tuesday from Senate Judiciary Committee about

Todd Jones

Steve Neavling

Minnesota U.S. Attorney B. Todd Jones’s nomination to head the ATF has become mired in congressional politics, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports.

Nearly six months after he was mentioned as a candidate, Jones is expected to face tough questions from Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“I am looking forward to meeting with the committee and answering all their questions,” Jones told the Star Tribune.

Republicans say they are concerned about his leadership as a temporary ATF head and his positions on gun-control.


Judge: ATF Agent Not Negligent While Driving Through Red Light to Murder Scene

Steve Neavling 

A federal judge ruled that an ATF agent was not negligent when he drove through a red light with his emergency lights on and collided with another car at a suburban Detroit intersection in 2010, The News-Herald reports.

Saying Agent William Temple “exercised due care” while driving to a murder scene, U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts said the driver of the other car, Lynae Neal, was more at fault for failing to yield to the unmarked law enforcement car.

Neal filed a lawsuit, claiming the agent was negligent, but acknowledged he heard a siren and still drove through the intersection.

ATF Agent Jay Dobyns Who Went Undercover With Hells Angels To Get Day in Court Against the Bosses

By Allan Lengel

Jay Dobyns, who has become a controversial agent at ATF, is finally getting his day in court.

Trial begins in the U.S. Court of Federal on Monday addressing claims in his lawsuit of  breach of contract.

Dobyns claims the agency failed to abide by a 2007 written contract to protect him and his wife and two children against death threats from the Hells Angels. He worked undercover, posing as a Hells Angels, which didn’t go over too big when the gang found out.

The suit, which will be heard in U.S. Court of Federal Claims, also says the agency failed to stop subjecting him to a hostile work environment for complaining about his safety.

Dobyns posted this on his blog:

Beginning on Monday, June 10, 2013, at 10:00 a.m., my nine-year war becomes official in a United States Courthouse. It has been a long, hard, brutal and bloody fight to get to the point where the truth can be told. The trial will start in Arizona and end in Washington, D.C. in early August.

I have never strayed from my respect and admiration for every ATF agent or supervisor who places themselves in the path of danger or makes the tough, real-time decisions on how we attack violent criminals.

My disgust is with those who are corrupted by the power of their titles and then use their influence to damage my ATF and hurt those who try to do it right.

Some very authoritative people in our government have done everything within their power to paint me as a greedy, ungrateful, malcontent. Decide for yourself how you feel about me but know that any public or private opinion I have expressed has always, and only, been critical of corruption in the White House, DOJ and ATF – not against my peers who do a job that no one else wants.

I do not enjoy the position I am in. In a time when it is very easy to hate ATF, I love ATF, always have. Those who think that all of ATF is dirty are entitled to their opinions but I will never fully agree and will openly defend my position. In our purest sense we don’t go after guns. We go after violent criminals who use guns, bombs, and arson to commit crimes like murder, rape, drug dealing, home invasion, murder-for-hire and intimidation.

On Monday I intend begin proving in a court of law what has been known from both inside and out at ATF, DOJ and the Administration for a very long time – that ATF ignored facts, evidence and the official conclusions of investigators and tried real hard to frame me as a murderer and arsonist. In my case ATF became the opposite of what America expects, demands and is due from a law enforcement agency.

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ATF Agents in Milwaukee Face Disciplinary Action Over Handling of Storefront Operation in Milwaukee

Steve Neavling

Some ATF agents involved with a botched gun-buying storefront operation in Milwaukee face disciplinary action, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

The investigation was so bungled that agents last year had their guns stolen and their storefront pillaged.

The Journal Sentinel discovered through a letter sent to Congress that the Justice Department is conducting personnel investigations in connection with “Operation Fearless.”

According to the letter, the FBI backed off helping because of concerns about how the investigation was run.


New ATF Chief in Philadelphia Impressed in Early Days with Federal Agency

Steve Neavling 

Philadelphia’s new ATF chief, Essam “Sam” Rabadi, wasted no time to impress when he became an agent in the 1990s, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Just a few years on the job, Rabadi played a major role in breaking up a team of thieves who were committing robberies in Baltimore and New York. Agents eventually arrested 17 people.

Earlier this month, Rabadi became head of the bureau’s Philadelphia division, the fifth largest in the country, the Inquirer reported.

“The No. 1 issue in this city is the proliferation of illegal handguns and the violence attached to that,” Rabadi, 51, told the Inquirer in an interview at the ATF office across from Independence Hall. “The level of gun violence here, it’s fairly remarkable.”

Hearing for ATF Nominee B. Todd Jones Set for June

Todd Jones

By Allan Lengel

The long awaited hearings for B. Todd Jones for ATF director will begin next month.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the Senate Judiciary Committee will begin confirmation hearings on June 4.

Jones, the U.S. Attorney in Minneapolis, could catch some grief from some Republicans in the Senate.

As we’ve seen over the past years, it’s not easy getting confirmed for this post, particularly when the NRA is behind the opposition.

Jones is currently the acting director.



Justice Department to Probe Big Blunders in ATF Milwaukee Sting

Steve Neavling 

The Justice Department is investigating the high-profile blunders of the ATF in Milwaukee following embarrassing mistakes reported by the the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the newspaper reports.

In letters to two members of Congress, Inspector General Michael Horowitz said the sting raised “significant management issues related to the oversight and management” of the ATF, the newspaper wrote.

Journal Sentinel reports detail serious mistakes, including having their guns stolen, losing $40,000 in merchandise and allowing an armed man who had threatened to shoot someone leave the store.

ATF Let Gunman with Violent History Walk Away During Sting Operation in Milwaukee

Steve Neavling

ATF agents who were conducting a sting operation in Milwaukee last summer allowed a felon with a violent history to leave a store without taking him into custody or tracking him, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

Bobby Ball, who is a felon with a history of violence, never returned to the store to sell guns to agents as promised.

The suspect went missing for four months until he was arrested recently for drunken-driving in Minnesota.