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Man Arrested in Shooting at White House

Miami Fed Prosecutor Off the Hook After Arrest for Jumping in Pool With Boxers

Sean Cronin/miami-dade corrections

Sean Cronin/miami-dade corrections

By Allan Lengel

Good news for the Miami fed prosecutor who was arrested after jumping into a pool in his boxers: You’re no longer in hot water.

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office has decided not to formally charge Assistant U.S. Attorney Sean Cronin, the Miami Herald reported.

The paper reported that Assistant State Attorney Laura Adams said Tuesday in a court filing that her office decided not to charge Cronin because of “insufficient evidence” that he “intentionally exposed his genitals in a lewd or lascivious manner.”

Cronin, 36, was arrested Sept. 26 after the parents of a young girl accused him of exposing himself as he came out of a public pool in his boxer shorts, the Herald reported.  He was arrested on a charge of lewd and lascivious behavior in front of a minor younger than 16.

Cronin’s lawyer, Joel Denaro, told The Miami Herald after the arrest that the charges were “beyond absurd. He went swimming in his boxer shorts, for God’s sake. He did nothing wrong.”

The incident happened on a recent  Sunday afternoon at Finnegan’s River, a restaurant and bar on Southwest Third Avenue in Miami. The New England Patriots football game was on the big screen, and Cronin, a Boston native, was watching. At some point, the 5-foot-5, 160-pound Cronin jumped into the pool at the bar, wearing only his boxer shorts. A woman and her young daughter were at the pool.

Then, according to a police report, when Cronin “came out of the pool, his penis was exposed and appeared to be erect.”

The mother “covered her daughter’s eyes,” then alerted pool staff members, who tried to detain Cronin until police arrived, the report said.

“While trying to detain the defendant, he tried escaping through a back exit,” the report said. “At this time Officer Arzola … arrived on the scene in a marked police vehicle wearing full uniform [and] observed the defendant running out the back of the establishment … and [he] continued fleeing southbound, jumping over multiple fences.” The officer apprehended him.

A Costly Dip in the Pool for Fed Prosecutor Who is Arrested

miami-mapBy Allan Lengel

Assistant U.S. Attorney Sean Cronin’s decision to take a little dip in the pool has created a major headache.

The Miami Herald reports Cronin was arrested Sunday in Miami  after a mother and young girl accused him of being indecent when he jumped into the pool at Finnegan’s River, a local bar overlooking the Miami River and downtown, wearing his boxers.

The Herald reported that the 35-year-old prosecutor was charged with a felony — lewd and lascivious behavior in front of a minor.

The arrest form said the girl and her mother, who were in the pool, said Cronin’s privates were exposed after getting out of the pool and the mother had to cover up her daughter’s eyes, the Herald reported.

Cronin, who is assigned to the appellate division in Miami, tried fleeing, but officers caught him, the Herald said. He was arrested about 2:30 p.m.

Cronin’s lawyer, Joel Denaro, told the Herald that the charges are “beyond absurd.”

“He went swimming in his boxer shorts, for God’s sake,” Denaro told The Miami Herald. “He did nothing wrong.”

The U.S. attorney’s office in Miami declined comment, according to the Herald.

The Latest from the Once Friendly Skies: FBI Arrested Intoxicated Passenger Who Locked Himself in Bathroom

plane window2By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — And now for the latest from the once friendly skies.

Authorities say a Virginia man who forced an Atlanta to San Francisco AirTran flight to divert to Colorado on Jan. 8 got angry after flight attendants cut him off from having more alcohol, according to Denver tv station KDVR. He had downed 5 airplane sized wines.

Federal prosecutors say Muhammad Abu Tahir, 47, eventually locked himself in the bathroom and took off some of his clothes and at one point  placed his shoes and socks outside, the station reported, the station reported.

At another point he opened the lavatory door, revealing that he was shaving with no shirt, the tv station reported, referring to the arrest affidavit. As a precaution, flight attendants strategically placed beverage carts to prevent the man from reaching the cockpit.

Two military F-16s escorted the plane to Colorado Springs Airport while Tahir remained in the bathroom, the station reported.  The  FBI then arrested him.

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Feds Say They Arrested Louisiana Judge After They Had Concern He Might Harm Himself

louisiana-mapIt’s not everyday that the feds say the timing of the arrest was based on concerns that the person might harm themselves. Even the judge’s attorney found that “ironic”.

By  Chris Kirkham
The New Orleans Times-Picayune
NEW ORLEANS –– Friday’s FBI arrest of St. Bernard Parish District Judge Wayne G. Cresap came after concerns that the judge might harm himself if agents didn’t make a move, U.S. Attorney Jim Letten said Monday.

Letten would not go into detail about how seriously Cresap might have injured himself or how agents learned about the risk, but he said “the timing of the arrest was precipitated in some significant measure by our concerns.”

Cresap was released Monday evening from Orleans Parish Prison after Letten’s office and Cresap’s attorney agreed he was no longer a danger to himself, three days after he was arrested on wire fraud charges stemming from an alleged judicial corruption scheme.

U.S. District Judge Lance Africk released Cresap on a $100,000 signature bond after a medical examination, meaning the judge did not have to put up any money, authorities said. Cresap’s attorney, Pat Fanning, said “it did seem a little ironic” that the FBI and the U.S. attorney’s office were primarily concerned about Cresap’s mental health.

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FBI Arrests El Paso Judge on Charges of Taking Bribes in Money and Sex

Judge ?/news channel 9-el paso

Judge Manuel Barraza/news channel 9-el paso

This is really where the system breaks down. When a judge is accused of wrongdoing, things are really broken. 

By Ramon Bracamontes
El Paso Times
EL PASO, Tex. — EL PASO — The state suspended District Court Judge Manuel Barraza on Thursday afternoon, just hours after FBI agents arrested him on suspicion of taking money and sexual favors as bribes.

“This is embarrassing,” Barraza said of his arrest. “What concerns me the most right now is that I’ve embarrassed my family.”

A federal grand jury indicted Barraza, 53, on three charges of wire fraud and deprivation of honest services. He faces an additional charge of making a false statement to the FBI, whose agents arrested him at his house Thursday morning.

In an interview outside the federal courthouse, where he posted $10,000 bond, Barraza spoke of the U.S. Constitution in relation to his case.

“The great thing about this is that we have a right to presumed innocence,” he said.

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Breaking News: N.Y. FBI Agent Charged With Sharing Confidential Info

new-york-mapFor the second time in about four months, a New York FBI agent has been charged criminally. In December, FBI agent Mark Rossini was charged with illegally accessing FBI data bases for personal use.

By The Associated Press
NEW YORK — An FBI agent assigned to the New York office has been arrested on charges he shared confidential information with an informant.

William H. Shirk III is charged in a criminal complaint filed Wednesday in Manhattan federal court.

The complaint alleges the 37-year-old Shirk warned the informant he was being investigated for drug trafficking. The information was from a confidential FBI database.

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