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Arizona Republic Editorial: Don’t think Border Patrol Impacts You? Arizona Republic Spells Out Reasons To Care

By Editorial Board 
The Arizona Republic

You might shrug off concerns about how the Border Patrol operates. After all, it’s just the border. Migrants. Smugglers. Lawbreakers.

It’s not about you and me.

Well, yes it is.

We hold police to high standards to protect everyone’s civil rights. Exempting the nation’s largest police force undermines decades of work to increase the professionalism of your local cops. What’s more, the lethal power of the Border Patrol is not limited to migrants and smugglers.

They’ve killed citizens, too.

A lack of transparency and accountability raises red flags about human rights and public safety.

It raises questions about the efficiency and effectiveness of an agency that has grown rapidly in recent years and would double in size under the Senate’s immigration reform plan.

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Border Patrol Accused of Excessive Force, Illegal Searches in Arizona

Steve Neavling

Border Patrol agents are accused of using excessive force and conducting illegal searches on people in southern Arizona, the Arizona Republic reports.

The ACLU claims the abuses are occurring without any explanation and said scores of people have complained.

The ACLU is delivering an administrative complaint Thursday morning.

The complaints come just two weeks after the ACLU settled a lawsuit over similar Border Patrol methods in Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.

Tucson Sector of Border Patrol Gets New Leader from Washington D.C.

Steve Neavling

Felix Chavez, who served as deputy division chief of operations for Border Patrol at Washington  headquarters, is returning to the Tucson Sector to take the job as deputy chief patrol agent, Tucson News reports.

As an added bonus, Chavez is intimately familiar with the development and implementation of the 2012-16 National Border Patrol Strategic Plan. He’s also familiar with the challenges along the Southwest border, Tucson News wrote.

Chavez began his Border Patrol career in July 1985 at what is now the Sierra Blanca Station – or the El Paso Sector, as it was previously called.

Environmentalists Concerned About Growth of Border Patrol

Steve Neavling

Add environmentalists to the groups of people opposing the growth of the Border Patrol.

The inundation of 20,000 agents could irrevocably damage the Southern Arizona’s deserts and wildlife, according to the Siera Club Borderlands, which has a Tucson office.

Border Patrol is not subject to environmental laws along the international border, creating fears that heavy SUVs and hundreds of miles of more fencing and hardware would cause significant environmental harm, the Arizona Daily Star reports.

“This goes far beyond what has been considered in the past. It is one thing when you have 10,000 agents. When it is double, it’s something entirely different,” said Dan Millis, spokesman for Sierra Club Borderlands. “We are talking about having 38,500 Border Patrol agents. It’s an agency that has grown too fast, and I fear that it is going to bust.”

Border Patrol Agents Save More than 175 People in Scorching Arizona Desert

Steve Neavling 

More than 175 people trying to find freedom in America were rescued while trying to traverse the scorching Arizona border over the past month, the Associated Press reports.

Border Patrol agents in the Tucson Sector made the rescues.

The AP wrote that more than 250 agents also are trained as EMTs and first-responders.

Border Patrol has 22 rescue beacons in the area, the AP reported.

Border Patrol Pursuit Leads to Death of 5 in Rollover Accident in Arizona

Steve Neavling

A van being pursued by the Border Patrol this weekend flipped over and killed five people in southern Arizona, the Associated Press reports.

Authorities found 22 people in the van Saturday between Tucson and Benson, Ariz., the AP reported.

The remaining 17 were rushed to a hospital for a variety of injuries.

Details of the pursuit remained murky Monday.

Friday’s Planned Sequester Could Force Big Payroll Reductions at CBP

Steve Neavling 

CBP officials warned Congress that failing to prevent the planned sequester Friday would force the agency to cut hours by the equivalent of a quarter of its workforce – or 5,000 full-time workers, the Arizona Republic reports.

That will mean reduced border security and longer waits at airports and border entries, the CBP cautioned.

For now, the CBP plans to give 14 furlough days for every agent, the Arizona Republic reported.

Overtime hours also will be cut.

Union leaders told the Arizona Republican that agents and their families are encouraged to call Congress about the reductions.

Sierra Club Accused Border Patrol of Endangering Wildlife, Environment in Arizona

Steve Neavling

The environmental group, Sierra Club, has released a video that shows untold damage from Border Patrol roads cut into the desert through the Organ Pipe National Monument and the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge in Arizona, the Arizona Daily Star reports

Activists say the Border Patrol has far more road than is needed.

Off-roading activities are impacting wildlife “on a huge scale” and causing compacted soil and water channeling, the Star wrote.

Customs and Border Protection denied damaging the environment through a statement to the Star.

“The preservation of our valuable natural and cultural resources is of great importance to CBP and we are fully engaged in efforts that consider environmental impact as we work to secure our Nation’s borders.  The Border Patrol complies with all established laws and reporting procedures in place at National Parks and protected wilderness areas. We are committed to responsible environmental stewardship and look forward to working with interested parties and border residents to accomplish our mission while preserving the environment.”