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Border Patrol Agent Killed in Likely ‘Ambush,’ Beaten to Death by Rocks

File photo of a Border Patrol vehicle, via Wikipedia.

By Steve Neavling

A Border Patrol agent who was killed in southwest Texas was likely “ambushed” and beaten to death by rocks, according to the president of the National Border Patrol Council.

Another agent was seriously injured and remains in the hospital following the attack on Sunday.

Rogelio Martinez, 36, and his partner were patrolling the Big Bend Sector when they came under attack by a group of illegal immigrant, Brandon Judd, president of the labor union, said.

“I have been told by several agents that it was a grisly scene, and that his injuries were very extensive,” Judd said Monday in a phone interview with The Washington Post. “We believe he was struck in the head with rocks, or multiple rocks.” 

Both agents received blunt force trauma to the head.

“There were no indications the agents fired their weapons,” Judd told Fox News. 

The FBI is now investigating the assault.

Details remain murky because Customs and Border Protection has yet to disclose what happened.

The agents were patrolling near Interstate 10, in the Van Horn Station area, when they were alerted to illegal immigrant traffic.

Justice Delayed? Four U.S. Security Contractors Charged in 2007 Baghdad Shooting

Steve Neavling 

Four years after a judge dismissed the case, four former Blackwater security contractors were charged Thursday in the 2007 attack on Iraqi civilians in which 17 people were killed, Time reports.

The men, who were hired to guard U.S. diplomats, are accused of using machine guns and grenades at a Baghdad Square in 2007.

Among the victim were women and children, Time reported.

Defense attorneys said the contractors were firing on an ambush by insurgents.

Law Enforcement Killings Up in 2010, FBI Report Says

Brian Terry

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — Fifty six law enforcement officers were “feloniously killed” killed in 2010, including U.S. Border agent Brian Terry, up from 48 in 2009, according to preliminary statistics released Monday by the FBI.

Of the 56 felonious deaths:

  • 15 officers were killed during ambushes.
  • 8 were investigating suspicious persons or circumstances.
  • 7 were killed during traffic pursuits/stops.
  • 6 were interrupting robberies in progress or were pursuing. robbery suspects.
  • 6 were responding to disturbance calls (four of them being domestic disturbances).
  • 3 interrupted burglaries in progress or were pursuing burglary suspects.
  • 3 died during tactical situations.
  • 2 were conducting investigations.
  • 1 was handling or transporting a prisoner.
  • 1 was killed during a drug-related conflict.
  • 4 were attempting to make arrests for other offenses.

Offenders used firearms in all but one of the felonious deaths of law enforcement officers in 2010, the FBI said.

Thirty-eight of the fallen officers were killed with handguns, 15 with rifles, and two with shotguns, the FBI said. The only officer who was not a victim of firearms was killed with a vehicle.

Among those killed in 2008 was U.S. Border agent Brian Terry, 40,  who was killed in Arizona last Dec. 14 while trying to apprehend a group of suspects.