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Tag: Alabama

FBI: Alabama Hostage-Taker Was Ready to Detonate Explosive Devices

Steve Neavling 

An Alabama man who took a boy hostage in an underground bunker for days had two explosive devices ready to detonate, the FBI said Tuesday, the Miami Herald reports.

The FBI also revealed that a firefight ensued as FBI agents rushed the bunker to save the boy who turns 6 today.

The Herald wrote that one of the bombs was in the bunker, while the other was in a plastic tube through which negotiators were speaking to the suspect, Jimmy Lee Dykes.

FBI special agent Jason Pack said Dykes “reinforced the bunker against any attempted entry by law enforcement.”

The devices were never detonated.

The boy is reportedly doing well, the Miami Herald reported.

FBI Agents Rescue Child Who Was Held Captive for Seven Days in a Bunker

Steve Neavling 

After seven grueling days, negotiations between the FBI and a kidnapper had broken down in southern Alabama.

Fears elevated when agents saw the kidnapper, Jimmy Lee Dykes, with a gun, NBC News reports.

A decision had to be made.

“Within the past 24 hours negotiations deteriorated and Mr. Dykes was observed holding a gun,” Special Agent in Charge Stephen Richardson, of the Mobile, Ala., office, said at a press briefing Monday. “At this point, FBI agents, fearing the child was in imminent danger, entered the bunker and rescued the child.”

Dykes was killed in the standoff, and the child was unharmed, NBC New reported.

FBI Hostage Negotiator Urges Kidnapper to Surrender, Hand Over Boy in Alabama

Steve Neavling

As a hostage standoff reaches a fourth day in Alabama, authorities are hoping the kidnapper grows tired and surrenders as a FBI hostage negotiator talks with the suspect through plastic ventilation pipes, CNN reports

On Tuesday afternoon the suspect boarded a bus stop, killed the bus driver and grabbed two children. One of them escaped.

The gunman is holed up in an underground bunker.

An FBI hostage negotiator has been communicating with the suspect through an underground bunker four feet beneath the ground, CNN report.

“They’re taking time and trying to wear him out,” said Police Chief James Arrington of Pinckard, who is familiar with details of the case.

The motive of the kidnapping is unclear.

Alabama Releases Over-the-Top Instructional Video on Mass Shootings

Steve Neavling

The Alabama Department of Homeland Security released an unusual instructional video on how respond to a mass shooting, Gawker reports.

With haunting music and blood spatter, the six-minute video “scares the shit out of everyone who watches it,” Gawker reported.

The video, produced originally by the Houston Police Department, depicts an office shooting in direct response to the Dec. 14 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.


FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists List Grows to 31 with American Suspect

 Steve Neavling

The FBI’s list of most wanted terrorists now includes an American accused of working with terrorists in Somalia, the Associated Press reports.

The AP reported that the FBI on Wednesday added former Alabama resident Omar Shafik Hammami to the most wanted list, which has grown to 31 since being created a month after the terror attacks of 2011.

Hammami is accused of being a senior leader in al-Shabab, a Somalia-based terror group with links to al-Qaida.

The FBI’s counterterrorism division nominates suspects to the list.

A nominee must be under a criminal indictment, according to the AP.

California Senate Passes Bill to Protect Illegal Immigrants

Steve Neavling

In a dramatic departure from tough laws in Arizona and Alabama, the California Senate Thursday approved a bill that would bar local law enforcement from cooperating with immigration officials on most cases, the LA Times reports.

The Trust Act bans local police from detaining suspects for possible deportation unless they have serious criminal convictions.

The legislation is headed to the Assembly, which appears poised to pass the measure, according to the Times.

The bill would protect the state’s estimated 2.6 million illegal immigrants.

The idea is to stop the deportation of illegal immigrations for relatively minor offenses.


California Champions Bill to Protect Illegal Immigrants

Steve Neavling

While Arizona and Alabama impose tough crackdowns on illegal immigration, California lawmakers are creating a bill that would protect many illegal immigrants, Reuters reports.

California lawmakers are crafting a bill that would bar local police from referring a detainee to immigration officials unless he or she has been convict of a serious felony.

“California cannot afford to become another Arizona,” said California Assembly member Tom Ammiano, the bill’s sponsor, according to Reuters.

Critics of the crackdowns in Alabama and Arizona say they lead to unconstitutional racial profiling.

Ala. Man Pleads Guilty to Selling Bird Feathers


Anhinga bird/istock photo

By Danny Fenster

It ain’t the crime of the century. But it can still land  you in one heck of a lot of trouble. Ask Alexander D. Alvarez.

Alvarez  pleaded guilty to the selling and possessing of illegal migratory bird feathers, the Department of Justice announced on Wednesday.

Alvarez, of Atmore, Ala., entered a guilty plea in federal court to violating the Lacey Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA), according to the Justice Department Environment and Natural Resources Division announced on Wednesday. The MBTA protects certain birds from being “killed, sold, bartered, transported or possessed,” with exceptions for some American Indian tribes. Alvarez was charged on the first of the month with two felonies and one misdemeanor, violations which carry a combined possible nine-and-a-half year sentence and up to $785,000 in fines. Sentencing is scheduled for May 22.

Court documents indicate that Alvarez emailed a Louisiana individual regarding the exchange of two Anhinga tails for a crested Caracara tail, a Harris’s hawk tail and $400, then sent 14 sets of Anhinga tail feathers to the individual, asking the recipient to photograph and offer the tails for sale via email. He later received payment for the tails.

Alvarez’s home was searched with a federal search warrant on March 11, 2009, where feathers from several migratory bird species were seized, according to the Justice Department.