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December 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Tag: airport screeners

DEA Busts T.S.A. Screeners at LAX for Letting Drugs Through Security

tsa photo

Shoshanna Utchenik

This time it was drugs slipping through security for a few thousand in bribes.  Next time? Who knows?

One federal prosecutor noted that next time it could be dangerous materials.

The L.A. Times reports that the DEA has busted four former and current TSA agents at LAX. They allegedly accepted cash to let drug couriers board planes with suitcases full of cocaine and methamphetamines.

Authorities filed trafficking and bribery charges against the 4 TSA screeners, in a case that represents a “significant breakdown of the screening system,” U.S. Atty Andre Birotte Jr. said in a  press release, adding that the accused screeners “placed greed above the nation’s security needs.”

The bust carries larger security implications.

“In this case it was narcotics; we want to make sure the next time it’s not other dangerous materials,” Assistant U.S. Attorney David Herzog told the L.A. Times. Herzog added that the drugs did not make it out of the airport.

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Airport Screeners a Step Closer to Collective Bargaining

It never made sense that airport screeners didn’t have the right to collective bargaining. This should right that wrong.

By Joe Davidson
The Washington Post
WASHINGTON — Charity Wilson didn’t go looking for a fight when she went to the Cannon House Office Building yesterday, but she was ready in case one broke out.

Wilson, an American Federation of Government Employees lobbyist, was prepared to provide Homeland Security Committee members with rebuttal arguments against any attempt to weaken or kill legislation that would allow airport screeners the right to bargain collectively.

But Republican opponents apparently knew a fight would be futile. The 13 to 6 vote along party lines that advanced the bill came after almost no debate. What could have been a long, contentious meeting was over in less than 20 minutes.

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