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Blago Asks for FBI Interview Summaries of President Obama

Gov Blagojevich in happier days as gov/state photo

By Allan Lengel

Attorneys for ex-Ill. Gov. Rod Blagojevich want prosecutors to turn over FBI interview summaries of President Obama.

In a motion filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Chicago, the attorneys asked for the documents known as FBI 302 reports so they can use the information to cross examine a government witness.

“In support of said motion, defendant states the following: Prior to the first trial, the defense filed a Motion for the Trial Court to Issue a Subpoena to President Barack Obama,” the motion stated. “That motion was not granted and at this time, in preparation for re-trial, Blagojevich renews the portion of the motion seeking access to the FBI 302 interview summaries of President Barack Obama.

” The instant request is made because it is believed that the government will call Tom Balanoff as a witness at retrial. The Obama 302s are likely to contain information that is necessary to prepare for the cross-examination of Balanoff.”  (Balanoff is president of the Service Employees International Union Illinois Council).

“This is not a request to interview the President or to subpoena the President and it is not intended to burden the Office of the President.”

Blago, who faces a second trial on April 20, is charged with using his office as governor to personally profit and of selling President Obama’s vacant senate seat.

Blago was convicted in the first trial on only one of 24 counts– for lying to the FBI.

Read Blago Motion

Baltimore’s Anti-Snitching Culture and a Dead FBI Informant

There have been anti-snitching videos distributed in Baltimore, reminders of the very real anti-snitching culture that has snatched many lives. Van Smith, an investigative reporter for the Baltimore City Paper, takes a look at one of the latest victims: Kareem Kelly Guest, an FBI informant.

Kareem Kelly Guest/baltimore city paper photo

Kareem Kelly Guest/baltimore city paper photo

By Van Smith
Baltimore City Paper

BALTIMORE — Kareem Kelly Guest, a 29-year-old Westport resident, was no saint. He’d been charged dozens of times in state court for crimes typical of those in the drug game.

He was convicted in several cases, though his sentences were lenient and involved little jail time. But on Jan. 9, 2008, Guest did something that may have helped end his life: He sat down with federal law-enforcers and answered questions about what he knew about drug dealing in his neighborhood.

Twenty months later, after documents proving Guest’s cooperation started showing up on the streets of Westport last summer, Guest was shot dead. Who shot him and why remain unknown, though aspects of law enforcers’ efforts to answer those questions surfaced on June 1, when an obstruction-of-justice indictment was unsealed in U.S. District Court against Raine Zircon Curtis, an alleged witness to Guest’s murder.

To read the full story click here.