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September 2022


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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FBI: Polygamist Leader Lyle Jeffs Escaped Using Slippery Substance

Lyle Jeffs' mugshot

Lyle Jeffs’ mugshot

By Steve Neavling

Fundamentalist LDS Church leader Lyle Jeffs was able to escape custody using what likely is a readily available product.

“He used a substance which may have been olive oil to lubricate the GPS tracking band and slip it off his ankle,” Eric Barnhart, the Special Agent-in-Charge of the Salt Lake City field office of the FBI, said in an interview with FOX 13. “The damage to the bracelet was not such to trigger the full array of alarms that law enforcement or the U.S. Marshal’s Service would have responded to.”

Jeff, whose trial on food stamp fraud and money laundering charges was delayed, was released from jail and told to wear a a GPS monitoring device as part of a home arrest.

At some point on June 18, Jeffs appeared to lather himself in oil and slide the ankle bracelet off.

“Checks were done with Mr. Jeffs and at some point, on the 18th, to a satisfactory level the bracelet was still intact where it was supposed to be,” he told FOX 13. “The evening hours, though, that changed. Attempts were made to contact him to no avail. The next day he was found to be missing.”

Thief Steals Service Weapons from FBI Agent’s Car in Washington D.C.

fbigunbadgeBy Steve Neavling

The FBI is trying to determine who broke into an agent’s car and stole two service weapons on Sunday in Northeast, D.C.

Fox5 reports that someone smashed a rear window of the vehicle and stole a Colt AR-15 rifle and a Glock 22 pistol.

The FBI said the weapons were in a lockbox in the parked Ford Expedition.

The FBI declined to say whether the agent is on administrative leave or if it’s standard operating procedure to leave weapons inside a lockbox in an unattended car.

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Column: Retired FBI Official: I ‘Felt The Air Being Forced Out of My Body’ While Watching FBI Director Comey Announce Recommendation in Hillary Clinton Case

Anthony Riggio is a former lawyer who went on to work for the FBI for 24 years. He held a number of posts during that time including assistant special agent in charge of the Detroit office. He retired in 1995 as a senior executive at FBI headquarters.

Anthony Riggio

Anthony Riggio

By Anthony Riggio

Thoughts on the investigation and pronouncement of a negative recommendation by the head of the FBI to the Department of Justice regarding Hillary Rodham Clinton:

As a retired FBI agent, who has witnessed many struggles of the FBI with both prosecutorial authorities as well as the public, I watched Director James Comey’s televised presentation of the facts contained in the FBI’s (prosecutorial) report to the Department of Justice presented in an atypical manner.

He chose to deliver it via a press conference.  Normally, when an agent presents a final report on an investigation, the agent has a clear understanding of the intent to prosecute on the part of the government.  The agent has a working relationship with the representative of the government, to wit the United States Attorney and his assistant who will handle the prosecution responsibilities on behalf of the United States.  Usually, both the agent or agents involved in the investigation are on the same page as the federal prosecutor and the relationship is one of harmonious pursuit of trying the bad guy in a federal court, or causing the subject/defendant to take or “cop” a plea.

In the Hillary Clinton investigation the relationship between the investigating agents and the government was mired in a swamp of political intrigue, primarily because Mrs. Clinton was a Presidential candidate and was also a protégé of the current President.

This was further compounded by a meeting between the current Attorney General, Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton almost immediately prior to Comey’s pronouncement as to the conclusion of the FBI’s long investigation into Hillary’s handling of Department of State communications on a private server, which were both sensitive to National Security and classified.

Obvious Violations

There was also the issue of  the destruction of other documents in the possession of Hillary, which belong to the people of the United States. That Hillary co-mingled personal communications with those of the People, exacerbated the whole magillah.

It was obvious to me that Hillary violated every rule written within every agency of the United States. Furthermore, it was patently clear that this mishandling of U.S. documents violated National Security matters.  The average person who ever worked for the U.S. Government knew that this was not only improper but was also a violation of federal law.

Federal laws were broken,  and orbiting around this debacle, was the Congressional investigation into the Benghazi tragedy, where our Secretary of State and government failed to raise the hue and cry to save our ambassador and his workers.  I cannot recall in American history a more perfect storm of events surrounding one person, to wit Hillary Clinton.  It should become obvious to any objective thinking American that Hillary was at the center of a storm of untruths, that unfortunately were not the first in her history of “public service”.

The only agency capable of investigating the e-mail debacle was the FBI, especially considering that her mentor, the President, would not allow an independent prosecutorial investigation to give an unbiased outsider’s look into these violations of law.

I believe firmly that this placing of the e-mail scandal into the arms of the FBI was a political move engineered by the powers that be to control the probe.  The average citizen knew that any finding by the FBI would be held to public scrutiny, and there would be political fallout.

The FBI was placed in an awful situation because of the characters involved and the sensitivity of a Presidential election hanging in the balance. It was the most obvious Hobson’s choice situation.

Apolitical Organization

As a former Special Agent of the FBI, I am very familiar with the strains placed on every agent connected with this massive investigation, and can only barely see the strains of the head of the FBI, an agency built on the idea of being an apolitical organization and an objective finder of facts.

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Poll: Majority of Americans Disagree with Decision Not to Charge Hillary Clinton

By Steve Neavling

Most Americans disagree with the FBI’s recommendation against charging Hillary Clinton with a crime over her e-mail practices, a Washington Post-ABC News poll found. 

A majority of those surveyed also said her handling of e-mails are concerning if she becomes president.

Still, about 60% of voters said they won’t change their vote based on the outcome of the investigation.

FBI Director James Comey recommended last week that Clinton not face charges and the Justice Department went along with that recommendation.

Fox News: FBI’s ‘Blatant Malfeasance’ Behind Decision Not to Charge Clinton

FBI Director James Comey

FBI Director James Comey

By Tom Fitton
Fox News

There is the bipartisan pretense that the FBI is the only government agency in Washington that is above reproach. Yet, this is the agency that collaborated with Lois Lerner and the IRS in an effort to criminally prosecute opponents of Barack Obama. Then, unsurprisingly, this same FBI (and Justice Department) found nothing worth prosecuting in their own blatant malfeasance.

Again, this is the same FBI whose Keystone Cops approach to counter-terrorism failed to prevent eminently preventable terrorist acts ranging from the Boston Marathon bombing to the Orlando massacre. In fact, we now know that an FBI supervisor actually told one Florida police department investigating Omar Mateen, “We do NOT believe he is a terrorist” [Emphasis in original]

How does an agency with this sort of record escape accountability? Quite simply, by doing favors for the likes of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It is to politicians like Clinton and Obama that men such as Comey owe their jobs – and agencies such as the FBI owe their budgets. And so, they are subservient.

According to Comey’s testimony before the House Thursday, the Hillary Clinton lies, subterfuge, document destruction and national security violations that would, for starters, get you or any other non-political elitist drummed out of the FBI, shouldn’t even be considered for prosecution by a “reasonable prosecutor.” Well, not if that “reasonable prosecutor” owes his meal ticket and position of power to the likes (and dislikes) of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

To read more click here. 

FBI Warns Cities in Louisiana to Brace for Potential Violence During Protests

Screenshot of video of man killed by police.

Screenshot of video of man killed by police.

By Steve Neavling

The FBI’s New Orleans Field Division has issued a warning to law enforcement to be on the look out for potential violence in Baton Rouge and Shreveport.

The bulletin cites numerous problematic social media posts after the fatal shooting of 37-year-old Anton Sterling by Baton Rouge police.

The “Potential Activity Alert” came before police in riot gear arrested dozens in Baton Rouge on Sunday. Police said protesters were throwing chunks of concrete and bottles at law enforcement.

New Border Patrol Chief Has Enormous Challenge to Reform Embattled Agency

New Border Patrol chief, Mark Morgan

New Border Patrol chief, Mark Morgan

By Steve Neavling

The Border Patrol’s new chief, Mark Morgan, has a big job ahead of him.

The first outsider appointed to run the Border Patrol, Morgan is a former FBI official.

The hiring of Morgan sends a clear message: “The Border Patrol has a culture problem that needs to be fixed,” The Texas Tribune reports.

But there is one problem: Morgan has only seven months before President Obama leaves office.

“I get that it’s a sad day for the Border Patrol,” said Ronald Colburn, who retired in 2009 as the agency’s No. 2. “But tomorrow, you put your boots back on and your uniform back on – and do your job.” 

Homeland Security Secretary Says He’s ‘Concerned’ about Race Relations

Jeh Johnson

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson

By Steve Neavling

After numerous rallies nationwide following the police shootings of black people, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said he’s “concerned” about race relations in America.

Trying to speak to both police and protesters, Johnson said, “Violence never solves anything.”

“An eye for an eye leaves everybody blind and at this point, we need to stand with our law enforcement community,” Johnson said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Johnson also was referring tot he sniper attack the killed five officers and injured seven others in Dallas.

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, speaking with Johnson, criticized Black Lives Matter.

“The reality of the Black Lives Matter movement is it is significantly focused, primarily focused on police and their efforts to portray police and the police profession in a very negative way, which is unfortunate,” he said.

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