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June 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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Feds Investigate Hacking Of Palin’s Email

Was is it politics or just plain shananigans? The U.S. Secret Service and FBI want to get to the bottom of the email caper and find out who hacked Sarah Palin’s account.

Gov. Palin/state photo

Gov. Palin/state photo

Anchorage Daily News
ANCHORAGE – A hacker broke into the Yahoo e-mail account that vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin uses for official business as Alaska’s governor as well as for personal communications.
The intrusion, which apparently began early Tuesday morning, alarmed the McCain-Palin campaign, though Internet security experts and Palin critics weren’t surprised that her Yahoo account on the Web was vulnerable.
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Grand Jury Indicts Suppliers Of Materials In Iraq

Federal authorities in Miami say a number of foreigners and overseas businesses found a way to make money off the Iraq war by selling electronic parts that were used to kill American solidiers.

Miami Herald
MIAMI – Sixteen foreigners and overseas businesses were charged in Miami on Wednesday with illegally supplying U.S.-made electronic parts to Iran for producing explosives to kill American soldiers fighting in the Iraq War, federal authorities said.
The computer chips and other high-tech goods — made in South Florida and other regions of the country — were used by Iranian-controlled companies to make roadside bombs, federal officials said.
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Ex-Hitman Testifies Against Former FBI Agent

ex-FBI agent Connolly/wbztv

ex-FBI agent Connolly/wbztv

Prosecutors continued to parade a cast of characters to the stand in the murder trial of ex-FBI agent John Connolly. Prosecutors have accused Connolly of acting like one of the members of the Whitey Bulger gang in Boston.

Miami Herald
MIAMI – John Martorano, 67 years old and jowly, crossed his hands and described his work, shrugging matter-of-factly.
”Richie started counting money. I went down, got a gun and came down and shot him,” Martorano said in court Wednesday, recalling his murder of a snitch named Richard Castucci.
Then, another killing. ”Pistol. Carbine. Machine gun. I think some [fake] beards and a car-stealing kit,” he said, describing a ”murder kit” he was sent before shooting millionaire Roger Wheeler between the eyes.
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TSA Could Use Controversial Scanner For Car Bombs

A scanner used to check passengers at airports could be used by TSA to check for car bombs, but some say it may be too intrusive.

By Thomas Frank
A controversial new X-ray technology is being tested that could stop potential terrorists from blowing up a car bomb at one of the nation’s airports, homeland security officials say.
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is running a test at a North Carolina ferry terminal of a 21-foot-high arch-like machine that shoots low-intensity X-rays at cars as they pass through. The photos show whether explosives or drugs might be in the car.
The technology, called backscatter X-ray, is in use at several airports to screen passengers. Privacy advocates have denounced scanning people as invasive because the X-rays can see through clothes.
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FBI Director Faces Hill Skeptics On Anthrax

FBI director Robert Mueller faced a skeptical Congress Tuesday
when he assured members that the anthrax case would still get a thorough review. Some people still wonder whether the FBI got the right guy.


By Carrie Johnson
Washington Post Staff Writer
WASHINGTON –FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III told skeptical lawmakers yesterday that the bureau will enlist an expert panel to assess the quality of scientific evidence in its widespread anthrax investigation.
Deflecting calls for a special congressional inquiry, bureau leaders are reaching out to the National Academy of Sciences to evaluate the advanced genetic tests that investigators used to trace lethal anthrax spores back to a single flask in an Army lab at Fort Detrick, Md.
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ATF Adds A New Nose To Its Team

ATF in Chicago is getting an added nose for sniffing out crime: A dog.

Mike Robinson
The Chicago Sun-Times
CHICAGO –Meet Chris. He has a nose for trouble.
The frisky yellow Labrador retriever is the newest sleuth to join the crime-fighting team in the Chicago office of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
With his sensitive and highly-trained nose, Chris doesn’t just sniff out a hidden bomb. He finds where explosives used to be stored — even after they have been removed.

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Mueller Goes Up To The Hill To Talk Anthrax

Mueller/fbi photo

Mueller/fbi photo

FBI director Robert Mueller III is up on the Hill today to explain the anthrax case against scientist Bruce E. Ivins, who committed suicide before any charges were filed. The case relies heavily on circumstantial evidence, which has created a stew of critics.

By Carrie Johnson
Washington Post Staff Writer 
WASHINGTON — The strength of the government’s evidence against Bruce E. Ivins, who died before prosecutors publicly labeled him the lone culprit in the 2001 anthrax-by-mail attacks, will be tested anew today when FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III appears before the House Judiciary Committee.
Authorities have released scores of pages from search warrants that they executed in an attempt to link Ivins, a bioweapons researcher at the Army lab at Fort Detrick, Md., to poison-laced letters that killed five people and sickened 17.

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Feds Say Ex-FBI Agent Acted Like Gangster

John Connolly/wbztv

John Connolly/wbztv

On the opening day of trial in Miami, prosecutors portrayed ex-Boston FBI agent John Connolly as another member of the Whitey Bulger gang who was responsible for murder. Meanwhile, Bulger remains a fugtive.

Shelley Murphy
Boston Globe Staff
MIAMI – A jury of Floridians was introduced yesterday to Boston’s most notorious gangsters, a dizzying array of slayings, Byzantine betrayals, and a glimpse of a scandal involving the FBI’s handling of informants, as testimony began in the trial of former FBI agent John J. Connolly Jr. on murder charges.
A federal prosecutor from Boston portrayed Connolly as a corrupt agent who recruited gangster James “Whitey” Bulger as an informant and then became “just another member of the gang” and leaked sensitive information that provoked the 1982 slaying of Boston business consultant John B. Callahan.

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