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November 2022


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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Trump Lied about Security Threats to Get Out of Deposition at New York AG’s Office

Trump Tower in New York City.

By Steve Neavling

Former President Trump falsely claimed that the Secret Service had security concerns about him going to the New York Attorney General’s office for a deposition last month, The Daily Beast reports.

Trump’s legal team requested that the interview be held instead at Trump Tower. 

The excuse didn’t work, and the interview took place as planned. Trump repeatedly pleaded the Fifth as investigators continue to probe allegations that the Trump Organization committed business fraud, dodged taxes and lied about the value of numerous properties. 

Reached by The Daily Beast, the Secret Service said it was not aware of any potential security threats – or court filings outlining them. 

So why’d he prefer an interview at Trump Tower? 

Barbara A. Res, a former Trump Organization construction executive, had a theory: “He’d be sitting behind the big desk, where he has the authority. That’s the only thing I can think of. It’s his desk, with chairs all around. It puts him at a very superior position.”

Judiciary To Probe Ex-U.S. Attorney’s Allegations That Trump’s DOJ Meddled With Investigations

By Allan Lengel

A just-released book by former U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman for the Southern District of New York is causing a stir.

The Senate Judiciary Committee announced Monday it will investigate Berman’s allegations in his book that President Trump’s Justice Department interfered with investigations in his Manhattan office to protect Trump and his allies, the New York Times reports. Berman also alleged in his book, “Holding the Line,” that the DOJ pushed his office to go after foes like John Kerry.

Berman was U.S. Attorney from 2018 until June 2020 when he was fired by Trump. In 2020, he was named Fed of the Year.

Judiciary chairman Sen. Richard J. Durbin made the announcement of the probe in a letter sent to Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The book paints an unflattering picture of a meddling Attorney General William Barr.

DOJ Issues Dozens of Subpoenas Related to Trump, Insurrection

Former President Trump, via White House

By Steve Neavling

The Justice Department has issued about 40 subpoenas over the past week for information about the 2020 election and the Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, marking the latest developments in a sprawling investigation into former President Donald Trump’s actions, The New York Times reports. 

Investigators also seized the phones of Trump campaign strategist Mike Roman and longtime Trump adviser Boris Epshteyn. 

The subpoenas and phone seizures indicate the investigation of Trump is more expansive than previously known. 

The issues range from post-election fundraising to using fake electors in six swing states. 

Convicted Drug Lord Sentenced for Murder of DEA Agent Is Granted Home Confinement

DEA Agent Enrique Camarena

By Steve Neavling

Convicted drug lord Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, who was imprisoned for the murder of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena and other crimes, has been granted home confinement by a Mexican court. 

Felix Gallardo, 76, who was considered the godfather of Mexican drug smuggling and the co-founder of the Guadalajara cartel, has been behind bars since 1989. 

He was sentenced to prison for 40 years in 1989 after being convicted of crimes that include racketeering, firearms possession and bribery. 

In 2017, he was re-sentenced by a Mexican court to 37 years for the murder of Camarena.

Last week, a judge with the Seventh District of Federal Criminal Proceedings court granted home confinement to Felix Gallardo due to his poor health, the Daily Mail reports.

A court in Mexico City denied a similar request for home confinement in February 2019. 

Felix Gallardo said in an August 2021 jail house interview with Telemundo that he was in poor health and that “half of my body (is) paralyzed.”

He also lost vision in one eye and is deaf in one ear, has undergone eight hernia removal surgeries and injured his arm when he fell in prison. 

Camarena was 37 when he was killed. He left behind a wife and three children. 

FBI Surveilled Aretha Franklin, Detroit’s ‘Queen of Soul,’ For Years

By Allan Lengel

Detroit’s “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin, who was involved with civil rights groups, was surveilled for years by the FBI, a 270-page document shows, according to NPR. She died in 2018.

Aretha Franklin in 2005 (Deposit Photos)

NPR reports that informants provided information about Franklin for possibly appearing at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s 1967 and 1968 national conventions, in Atlanta and Memphis, respectively.

Copies of “The Atlanta Voice” newspaper were distributed to FBI offices around the country reporting her visit to town.

Franklin, who died at age 76, and was listed in the Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Artists of All Times,” was involved in the civil rights movement through her music and personal connections, NPR reports. In 1970 she offered to pay the bail for Angela Davis, who had been arrested for kidnapping, conspiracy and murder. She was eventually acquitted.

Fake DEA Agents Assault Man with Guns, Steal His Car

By Steve Neavling

Two armed men masquerading as DEA agents beat a man and shoved him into his own car before driving off in New York City. 

The encounter was captured on surveillance, NYPD Crime Stoppers wrote Friday.

The incident occurred around 3 a.m. Aug. 10 in Queens. 

The impersonators beat the 31-year-old man with their guns and punched him before forcing him into his own car. 

At some point, the armed men fled after dumping the victim in the middle of the street. 

The suspects took off with the victim’s wallet containing $1,700, his cellphone and credit card. 

Surveillance footage captured the masked men inside an elevator.

CBP’s West Texas Twitter Account under Fire for Offensive Retweets

Photo: Shutterstock

By Steve Neavling

CBP deactivated its Twitter account for the West Texas region following retweets criticizing President Biden and the media. 

The content included retweets from Stephen Miller, the architect of former President Trump’s hard-line immigration policies. 

CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus said the content was removed, and the Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating. 

“Totally unacceptable and disappointing that any CBP Twitter account was used to R/T offensive, unauthorized content,” Magnus tweeted. “This must not happen again.”

The content was revealed by Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, policy director of the American Immigration Council, who tweeted screenshots of the offensive remarks.

In one of the retweets, Miller wrote, “Violent criminals lay waste to our communities undisturbed while the immense power of the state is arrayed against those whose only crime is dissent.”

“The law has been turned from a shield to protect the innocent into a sword to conquer them,” Miller wrote. 

On Sunday, Miller slammed CBP for deactivating the account. 

“Joe Biden’s soulless open border crusade is killing thousands of innocents,” Miller tweeted. “Death and destruction everywhere. But instead of going after the murderous cartels, they are going after agents for RTs of pro-border messages. The Biden Administration hates the law and law enforcement.”

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