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June 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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Drug Smugglers Try Wigs, Secret Pockets

Seized in the investigation/ICE photo

By Danny Fenster

Suspected drug couriers from the east coast and Panama apparently used some innovation, smuggling cocaine and heroin in small pockets sewn into Lycra shorts and in their hair weaves and wigs, according to the website Government News Service.

GNS reports that 12 individuals were charged in a 20-count indictment, the results of a three year investigation of ICE, Homeland Security and the DEA, allege the individuals.

ICE officials called the investigation a game of cat and mouse. Law enforcement officials would crack down on the smuggling ring, only to have smugglers adapt to new law enforcement techniques, and so on.

Ronaldo Edmund, Kelvin Cook and Julio Archer, of the US, allegedly recruited mostly female couriers, reports GNS, to smuggle heroin and cocaine by the kilo from Panama to the U.S.

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More Delays for FBI Computer System

By Danny Fenster

It seems the FBI is having a very tough time getting to the finish line when it comes to implementing an advance computer system.

A Justice Department audit has concluded that the launch of a long-delayed FBI computer upgrade has been pushed back to the middle of 2012, reports the Associated Press.

The Sentinel program, launched to build a paperless case management system, was supposed to be completed in December of 2009. Now, the FBI’s chief technology officer told the Justice Department inspector general, the system won’t be deployment until this coming May. “Deficiencies” were discovered in the program’s performance in the inspector general’s audit which forced the cancellation of the scheduled January launch, according to the AP.

The audit, released Friday, also raised concerns over whether the FBI would be able to stay within its estimated budget of $451 million for the system.

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Arsonist Sentenced in Post-Obama Election Burning of Black Church

By Danny Fenster

A Massachusetts man was sentenced to nearly 14 years for a 2010 arson incident, according to a statement from the FBI.

Michael Jacques, a 27-year-old of Springfield, Mass., was sentenced to 166 months in federal prison in connection with the arson of the Macedonia Church of God in Christ in Springfield, a predominately African-American church, according to the statement, hours after Barack Obama was elected president. The prison term will be followed by four years of supervised release, and Jacques was also ordered to pay $1.6 million in restitution, including $123,570 directly to the church.

The church was 75 percent complete, and the fire destroyed nearly everything, authorities said.

Jacques was found guilty in April of this year of conspiracy against civil rights, damage or destruction of religious property and use of fire to commit a felony. Benjamin Haskell and Thomas Gleason, Jacques’ co-conspirators, plead guilty to charges in 2010. Haskell was sentenced to nine years, while Gleason is set for sentencing in January.



Oops: Fed Agents’ Big Goof in Arrest of NY Mobster

By Allan Lengel

This is a goof almost too good to be true.

Mob expert Jerry Capeci of Gang Land News reports that the feds — more specifically, federal agents with the Department of Homeland Security — were a little embarrassed a few weeks ago when they tried arresting Gambino crime family  capo Alphonse Trucchio.

The feds phoned Trucchio and told him to step outside his South Ozone Park, Queens home so they could arrest him on racketeering charges, according to Gang Land News.

Problem was, when Trucchio stepped outside, no one was there, Gang Land reported. Inside, shortly after, the phone rang again.

“If you don’t come outside now, we’re going to break the door down,” warned an agitated agent, Gang Land reported.

“Where are you? I just went outside and there was no one there,” said Trucchio, according to Gang Land.

The agents said they were outside his Howard Beach home.

“I don’t live there anymore,” replied the gangster, according to Gang Land. “I’ve been living here for 10 years…I’m on house arrest on an electronic monitor – and you don’t know where I am?!”

Gang Land reported that he then gave the agents the right address.


Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah from









Weekend Series on Crime: The Philly Mob

NY Assemblyman Indicted for Bribes

William Boyland Jr./ gov photo

By Danny Fenster

A New York state Assemblyman has been charged by a federal grand jury for soliciting more than $250,000 in bribes, reports the New York Post.

William F. Boyland, Jr. is charged with soliciting more than $250,000 in bribes in order to fast-track development deals and to help a carnival company, the Post reported.  Boyland and his aide Ry-ann Hermon were arrested last month by FBI agents on an array of corruption charges.

Indictments were secured on Wednesday by Brooklyn federal prosecutors on 19 counts each, including fraud, bribery and extortion. Hermon was also charged individually on two additional counts for attempting to shake down a carnival to line his own pockets, aside from bribing the carnival company for Boyland’s benefit.

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Dept. of Corrections Employee Accused of Aiding Heroin Dealer

By Danny Fenster

A Seattle Department of Corrections worker wasn’t acting so correctly, reports the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Corrections Officer Christian Knight is charged with providing suspected heroin and meth drug dealer Todd Hamilton, a convicted felon with connections to the Aryan Nation,  “security” and intelligence on investigations, according to court documents. Hamilton was on probation. Knight is no longer with the Corrections Department.

A detailed 120-page criminal complaint, which also names Hamilton as a defendant,  showed that Knight provided sensitive investigative information via texts.  Knight is also accused of delivering heroin for the drug organization, the Post-Intelligencer reported.

Hamilton and several suspects were affiilated with “The Hated,” an Aryan Nation-affiliated gang operating in state prisons, according to charges unsealed this week.

“This drug-trafficking organization damaged many lives with the heroin and methamphetamine they spread in our communities,” U.S. Attorney Jenny A. Durkan said in a statement. “This conspiracy thrived on threats and violence, and used a corrupted former corrections officer to try to avoid arrest.”

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