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June 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

News Story

New ATF Special Agent In Charge of LA Field Division

Shoshanna Utchenik

Steven J. Bogdalek is the new head of ATF in Los Angeles, which includes Southern California, the agency announced.

Bogdalek began his career with ATF in Detroit in 1987, according to the PR Newswire.

From 2002 until this latest appointment, he served as Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the St. Paul Field Division, overseeing five criminal enforcement groups and one intelligence group in a three-state area. These were instrumental in the investigation, arrest and conviction of numerous violent street gangs.

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Postmodern Mashup: CouponBuzz Capitalizes on Secret Service Scandal

Shoshanna Utchenik

Was the Secret Service scandal really about finding love in all the wrong places? Or agents simply failing to take advantage of online dating services?

Well, Online marketing site CouponBuzz pokes fun at the recent Secret Service-Colombian prostitution debacle by holding it up as an example of today’s singles struggling to connect.

The site markets online dating services like as the solution to problems like those facing lonely agents working on the road away from home. CouponBuzz advises, ‘tsking’ like a yenta, “Using an online dating service like could have helped the unfortunate Secret Service agents caught in the sex scandal find ways to end their loneliness, and not their careers.”

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President Carter Comments on Secret Service Scandal

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Ex-Interim U.S. Atty in Detroit Gets Nomination for Fed Judgeship

Terrance Berg/doj photo

By Allan Lengel

DETROIT — Former interim U.S. Attorney Terrence Berg, who lost out in his bid to become the permanent U.S. Attorney in Detroit under the Obama administration, has gotten a nice consolation prize.

On Wednesday, President Obama nominated Berg, 52, for a federal judgeship, the Detroit News reported.

The nomination was first reported by the Detroit News.

“The president has made an outstanding choice in nominating Terry Berg to the federal district court bench. He is hard-working, courteous, unflappable and smart — all important qualities for a judge,” U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade told the News. McQuade ended up getting the job as U.S. Attorney instead of Berg.


Retiring Head of Dallas FBI Recalls the Cases He Oversaw

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Senators Gone Wild?

Sen. Pryor/official photo

By Allan Lengel

Senators gone Wild?

Hardly, says Arkansas U.S. Senator Mark Pryor.

Prior told the Associated Press that on Wednesday that he’s asked the FBI to investigate who set up a bogus online auction for an internship in his D.C. office.

Interestingly, thefounder of “Girls Gone Wild” videos says he was the winning bidder, AP reported, and that he bought it for the winner of a reality show.

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Alleged Head of New England Mob Busted

By Allan Lengel

Last June, Anthony L. Denunzio, the suspected leader of the New England crime family, met with a senior Gambino mobster.

During the conversation, Dinunzio allegedly discussed the rules for joining the mob, according to the Justice Department.

“You know what I can’t understand?,” he stated. “How the hell did he get made, because he’s half Irish…I don’t understand that…that’s not the rules…you gotta do one hundred percent (Italian).”

At the same meeting, he discussed his leadership style and said: “As soon as I took over I changed everything. One guy… ‘What if nobody wants to listen to you?’ ‘I said you’re shelved.’

“He said ‘What if they don’t wanna get shelved?’ ‘Well then you and I get to watch you die in the ground….I’ll bury you right in the [expletive] ground puts all the dirt. You’re alive. They stay there. I’ll stay there [expletive] 10 hours until you’re dead. And I’ll dig you back up and make sure you’re dead.’”

On Wednesday, the feds  arrested him  on racketeering charges that included allegations that he was involved in extorting protection payments from adult entertainment businesses in Rhode Island, the Justice Department announced.

Dinunzio, 53, of East Boston, Mass., made his initial appearance in Providence, R.I.

“According to the indictment unsealed today, as the leader of the New England LCN for more than two years, Mr. Dinunzio used fear and intimidation to control the corrupt activities of his criminal enterprise,” said Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer. “Among other charged criminal conduct, he allegedly asked an LCN member to extort a businessman in the adult entertainment industry and told others he would use violence against insubordinates. These charges are another step in our unrelenting efforts to stamp out the mafia.”