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October 2022


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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FBI Analyst Charged with Distributing Child Porn to Undercover Cop

Steve Neavling

 An FBI analyst is accused of distributing child pornography to an undercover cop in Washington D.C., ABC 7 reports.

Keith Dietterle, 28, is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing Tuesday on charges of possessing and peddling child pornography.

A task force of FBI agents and local police arrested Dietterle after authorities says he sent videos and images of children being sexual abused to a man he met on a seedy chat room, ABC 7 reported.

That man turned out to be a D.C. police detective, ABC 7 reported.

Arizona Man Charged with Bombing a Government Office Had Ingredients for a Disaster

Steve Neavling

 An Arizona man charged with trying to blow up a Social Security Administration Office was researching how to build the type of powerful bombs used by terrorists, the Associated Press reports.

Abdullatif Ali Aldosary, 47, was charged in federal court Monday with maliciously damaging federal property by means of an explosive and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Despite evidence found at his home that suggested Aldosary was building a much more destructive bomb, the explosion was relatively small and injured no one at the Social Security Office in Casa Grande, about 50 miles south of Phoenix, the AP wrote.

ATF handed the investigation over to the FBI.

FBI Hunts for Victims of Self-Professed Serial Killer Who Committed Suicide

Steve Neavling 

The FBI is searching for victims of a self-professed serial killer who said he killed four people in Washington before committing suicide in an Alaskan jail, the Seattle Times reports.

The suspect, Israel Keyes, was awaiting trail for the killing of an 18-year-old barista when he killed himself at the Anchorage Correctional Complex.

Keyes claimed he killed at least four people between 2001 and 2006, but the bodies have the victims have never been found, the Seattle Times wrote.

“It is unknown if the victims were residents of Washington or if they were vacationing in Washington but resided in another state,” according to a news release out of the FBI’s Anchorage office. “It is also possible Keyes abducted them from a nearby state and transported them to Washington.”

Border Patrol Helps Nab Illegal Moose Hunters

Steve Neavling

Border Patrol agents are best known for protecting the border from drug smugglers and illegal immigrants.

But agents in New Hampshire are on the hunt for something different this fall – Canadian hunters slipping illegally into the U.S. to poach moose, according to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

Agents teamed up with Canadian officials and the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department to search for illegal hunters who are setting up shacks in the U.S. with heaters, stoves and beds as they stake out moose, the department said Monday.

A dog helped lead authorities to a man who was poaching moose.

Meat from the dead moose was used to feed hungry families in New Hampshire.


Coast Guardsman killed Trying to Arrest Marijuana Smugglers in Waters Off Southern California

coast guard photo

Steve Neavling

A Coast Guardsman was killed Sunday and another injured when an alleged marijuana smuggler intentionally rammed into two agents in the waters off the Southern California Coast the ABC News reports.

Four suspects were arrested, but authorities are still on the search for two others, ABC News reported.

The Coast Guard was trying to intercept two pot-smuggling boats when two agents climbed into a smaller, quicker craft in an attempt to arrest occupants of one of the boats.

But one of the suspect’s boats, according to ABC News, rammed into the smaller vessel and struck the agents.

The Coast Guard is working with local police and Border Patrol.

How a Drifter-Turned-Terrorist Planned to Blow up a Bridge in Cleveland

Steve Neavling

Douglas Wright first caught the attention of the FBI when he began to advocate violence as a tactic for the Occupy movement, the Indy Star reports as part of an in-depth look at how the drifter turned into a terrorist intent on blowing up a bridge that crosses the Cuyahoga River into Cleveland.

At an Occupy meeting, Wright met up with an undercover agent masquerading as a member of the group.

Wright, who was sentenced to 11 years in prison Nov. 20 on terrorism charges, became obsessed with disrupting corporate America, the Indy Star wrote.

Wright tried to detonate what he thought were explosives that would blow up the Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge.

Virginia, Maryland Pick Up Fight to Land New FBI Headquarters

Steve Neavling 

Virginia and Maryland are stepping up competition to land the new headquarters of the FBI, the Washington Examiner reports.

Drawn by the promise of 12,000 new jobs and an infusion of new tax revenue, the states and cities are lobbying hard to replace the current headquarters in Washington D.C., the four-decade-old J. Edgar Hoover Building.

That building is in disrepair and would cost nearly $2 billion to renovate.

The plan calls for the new site to be 2-million square feet.

Tough restrictions on where a new headquarters can relocate – such as within two miles of a Metro station – have put Fairfax County and Prince George County in the top positions to land the new headquarters, the Examiner wrote.


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