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September 2022


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

News Story

Prosecution: Ex-Detroit Mayor Ran a Criminal Enterprise That Was Like a “Private Profit Machine”

Kwame Kilpatrick/deadline detroit

By Allan Lengel
Deadline Detroit

DETROIT — Federal prosecutor Mike Bullotta loaded up with plenty of ammunition and never stopped firing away Monday afternoon during a forceful closing argument in the Kwame Kilpatrick corruption trial.

Standing in front of a lectern, before jurors, he said Kilpatrick turned the mayor’s office into “a private profit machine” in what the government dubbed “Kilpatrick Incorporated.”

He said the mantra of corrupt organization, made of up Kilpatrick, his dad Bernard Kilpatrick and friend Bobby Ferguson — was “no deal without me.”

“If you wanted a city contract, you had to pay,” Bullotta said. “If you didn’t pay, you didn’t get a contract.” He added that the citizens of Detroit lost out.

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Book on Whitey Bulger: He Ranted Against Obama and Offered to be Executed

By Allan Lengel

A new biography on mobster James “Whitey” Bulger reveals some interesting tidbits about the one-time fugitive accused of killing 19 people.

The Boston Globe reports that the book,   “WHITEY BULGER: AMERICA’S MOST WANTED GANGSTER AND THE MANHUNT THAT BROUGHT HIM TO JUSTICE” by Globe staff writers Kevin Cullen and Shelley Murphy says that he’s brooding in his cell while awaiting trial, but he’s told friends he’s looking forward to “the big show,” a reference to his pending trial. Reporters Kevin Cullen and Shelley Murphy report that he feels tortured by the cramped quarters and isolation.

The book also reports that Bulger was prepared to work out an arrangement where he would agreed to be executed if the feds would let his girlfriend Catherine Greig go free, according to the Globe.

“I never loved anyone like I do her and offered my life [execution] if they would free her — but no they want me to suffer — they know this is the worst punishment for me by hurting her!” Bulger wrote to a friend last year. 

Meanwhile,  Howie Carr of the Boston Herald reported that  a new biography on Bulger:  “Whitey: The Life of America’s Most Notorious Mob Boss“, suggested that Bulger’s ranting against President Obama may have had something to do with his capture.

According to the book by veteran Boston reporters Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill.,  Bulger and his girlfriend  had been living in Santa Monica, Calif., as “Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Gasko,”  and Greig had become close to Icelandic model Anna Bjornsdottir, who lived near them.

The book says that  Bjornsdottir and Whitey never spoke again after she “unabashedly” expressed admiration for the first black president, the Globe reported.
The book stated:

“He practically exploded … disgusted that she could admire a black man as president … Nothing was the same after. Whitey gave Anna the cold shoulder, would not even respond when she said hello to him. Anna Bjornsdottir, meanwhile, would not forget the old man’s sudden rage — or his angry, cold glare.”

The book reported that Bjornsdottir recognized Bulger after seeing a report on CNN. Days later, Bulger and his girlfriend were captured.


Feds Delay Plan to Blanket Mexican Border with High-Tech Sensors


Border fence along Juarez-El Paso border/istock photo

Steve Neavling 

Technology glitches have delayed the federal government’s plan to place sensors along the Mexican border, Wired reports.

The plan by the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Customs and Border Protection was to saturate the border with a new generation of unattended ground sensors, or UGS.

Now the feds are backing down from spending the money, saying now there are no plans “release a solicitation for this specific requirement in the near future.”

The problems are related to frequency and bandwidth, Wired reported

We’ve determined that we need to resolve issues with saturated radio frequencies, limited bandwidth and system integration with the existing CBP infrastructure,” Jenny Burke, a public affairs officer with CBP, told Wired.

FBI Probing Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Accused of Lying During Testimony in Drunken-Driving Case

Steve Neavling 

A Utah Highway Patrol trooper appears to be under FBI investigation after a judge revealed she lied during testimony in a drunken-driving case, KUTV reports.

The question is whether Trooper Lisa Steed, who has been fired, violated the civil rights of the person accused in the DUI, KUTV reported.

At least one witness has been questioned by the FBI .

Family of Joe Paterno Commissioned Study That Suggests Late Coach Did Nothing Wrong

Steve Neavling

The family of Joe Paterno commissioned a report that suggests the Penn State University coach did nothing wrong and was the victim of a rushed investigation, CBS News and the Associated Press report.

The report argues that the probe into the handling of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal, which was led by former FBI director Louis Freeh, contends the evidence against Paterno is not supported by the facts, the CBS News and AP wrote.

One of the experts used in the report, Former U.S. Attorney General Dick Thornburgh, said the Freeh investigation was incomplete and flawed.

Freeh’s report reached “inaccurate and unfounded findings related to Mr. Paterno and its numerous process-oriented deficiencies was a rush to injustice and calls into question” the investigation’s credibility.

Freeh defended the probe.

“I stand by our conclusion that four of the most powerful people at Penn State failed to protect against a child sexual predator harming children for over a decade,” he told the AP.

Homeland Security Secretary: Mexican Border Safer Now Than in Past


Janet Napolitano

Steve Neavling 

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano criticized Republican lawmakers for suggesting that immigration is on the verge of getting out of control, the Associated Press reported.

While inspecting border security in El Paso, Napolitano said arrests and the seizure of drugs, weapons and currency are up.

“I believe the border is secure. I believe the border’s a safe border. That’s not to say everything is 100 percent,” Napolitano said Monday in San Diego during the first leg of her trip to the Southwest border.

The Obama administration has “deployed historic levels of personnel, technology and infrastructure to help secure the Southwest border,” she said Tuesday in El Paso.

Attempts to illegally cross the Mexican border are have been halved since 2008, Napolitano said.

It has meant that attempts to illegally cross from Mexico are half of what they were in 2008 and 78-percent down from their peak in 2000. “The numbers are the numbers,” she said.

Sweeping Budget Cuts Could Force Furloughs for as Many as 1,000 Secret Service Agents

Steve Neavling 

Homeland Security is preparing sweeping budget cuts that could result in as many as 1,000 Secret Service agents, officers and others being furloughed, the Washington Guardian reports.

In an agency wide memo last week, officials warned of reductions that are needed in the event of sequestration, which is an automatic budget cut to take effect March 1, the Guardian reported.

The memo warned that the “department leadership is engaged in extensive planning efforts” determining how best to deal with the potential budget cuts.”

The Secret Service is known for protecting the president, also investigates major financial crimes.


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