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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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In response to one such question

now you can stick julia child and james beard on your envelopes

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11 Virginia 7 6 before 4,490 fans, surviving a big comeback by

Todd Morton, who owns Morton Siesta Market, said he believes the key true personality will come through in the show. A Sarasota native, Morton says he would hate to see the region branded with outlandish characters like or Situation from MTV reality show “Jersey Shore.” It hard to know what to expect without seeing it, he said, but the publicity the island community gets could be positive for businesses. Know people are going to worry that it going to be another ‘Jersey Shore,'” Morton said.

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Whether it is for the way in which the wine was made or the

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Weekend Series on Crime History: The Detroit Mob


Eric Birnbaum Heads West to Become an SAC in FBI’s Los Angeles Division

Eric Birnbaum

By Allan Lengel

Eric S. Birnbaum, who served as chief inspector of the Inspection Division at headquarters, has been named special agent in charge of the Administrative Division in the Los Angeles office of the FBI.

Birnbaum  joined the FBI 1988 and was first posted in the Washington Field Office, where he focused on white collar and violent crime.

In 1992, he was promoted to firearms examiner in the FBI Laboratory and managed an initiative that used a computer imaging technology to link evidence from serial shooting crimes, according to an FBI press release.

In 1997, he was assigned assistant inspector in the Inspection Division and audited FBI operations nationwide.

Two years later, it was off to the San Diego Division to supervise a White Collar Crime Squad that focused on health care fraud, governmental fraud and environmental crime matters.

In 2003, he headed north to the San Francisco Division where he served as assistant special agent in charge for the intelligence, criminal and SWAT programs.

In 2007, he was promoted to deputy assistant director of the FBI Laboratory.

Two years later, Birnbaum returned to the Inspection Division as one of eight inspectors who lead teams that worked on  treamlining the FBI’s operations. He was named chief inspector in 2012.

Birnbaum has a doctorate in physical chemistry from Stanford University.


Column: The FBI, Some Gay Murders and a Fingerprint Examiner Named Thurman Williams

Greg Stejskal

Greg Stejskal served as an FBI agent for 31 years and retired as resident agent in charge of the Ann Arbor office.
By Greg Stejskal

I was seated, facing Michael Lee Sprague as I interviewed him. We were on the same side of the table. As an FBI agent on the fugitive squad in the Detroit Division, I never liked having anything between me and the person I was interviewing. It was  easier to observe body language, and it didn’t  give the person being interviewed the psychological shield of having an object between them and me.

I was transfixed by Sprague’s eyes. He had just confessed to a double homicide, but his eyes revealed nothing. I knew the aphorism, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” Sprague’s eyes were more like black holes – they didn’t reflect light they absorbed it.

But how did Sprague come to be arrested and interviewed by the FBI?

The story really begins in Jackson, Tennessee. Sprague was a drifter, and he had met Thomas Menth on the road. They had decided to travel together. In December, 1975, they picked up two gay professors from Bethel College which is near Jackson. They had all gone to a room at the Holiday Inn where Sprague and Menth overpowered the professors. They bound and gagged them, stabbed them multiple times and slit their throats – their throats weren’t just slit, the professors were nearly decapitated.

The murder scene was extremely bloody. When Sprague and Menth left the room, one of them put his hands covered with the victims’ blood on the wall near the light switch. This left impressions of several of his fingerprints from both hands. These prints were” identifiable,” but there was a problem.

There was a common myth at the time probably propagated by the movies and TV, that a fingerprint found at a crime scene could be matched with someone if their fingerprints were on record. The reality was, at the time, fingerprints were classified using all 10 fingers. The US central repository for all the fingerprint records was the FBI Identification Division in Washington, DC. (In 1924, J. Edgar Hoover, the Director of the FBI, was responsible for the establishment of a national repository for fingerprints.)

ice photo

When a person was arrested their inked prints were put on a fingerprint card which had pre-marked spaces for each finger. At the Identification Division, the card was classified by fingerprint examiners using the Henry classification system. Each fingerprint is unique like a snowflake. All fingerprints have common characteristics referred to by terms like loups, arches & whorls. Using these common features with their infinite variations, each of the fingerprints is classified with numbers and letters. These individual classifications are written in sequence determined by the order of the fingerprints on the card. The total sequence of all 10 fingers is the classification.

If an investigator were lucky enough to find an identifiable fingerprint at a crime scene, that is, one that was at least partially classifiable, the investigator could compare the single print to the fingerprints of a suspect. But only if a suspect was developed through investigation, a suspect could not be identified with just the found fingerprint.

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Justice Department Loses Another Top Official with Imminent Departure of Public Affairs Post

Steve Neavling

Tracy Schmaler, head of the Justice Department’s public affairs office, is stepping down to join the private sector, the Washington Post reports.

Schmaler, whose departure next month leaves another vacancy at the top level of the department, took a job for ASGK Public Strategies, a firm created by former senior White House adviser David Axelrod, the Post reported.

Before coming to the Justice Department, Schmaler oversaw Yahoo’s global public affairs office.

Judge: Top FBI Agent in Seattle May Proceed with Age Discrimination, Hostile Workplace Lawsuit

Steve Neavling

The special agent who oversaw the FBI’s Seattle office cleared a hurdle in her discrimination lawsuit against the bureau Thursday, the Seattle Times reports.

U.S. District Judge John Bates ruled that Special Agent-in-Charge Laura M. Laughlin, 55, can proceed with her claims of sex discrimination and retaliation, the Seattle Times reported.

Laughlin claims she has been denied at least 10 promotions since taking over the FBI office in 2005.

The Times wrote that the judge dismissed claims of age discrimination and a hostile work environment.

“After 27 years in the FBI, (Laughlin) has worked her way up to a position with a high level of responsibility, only to find that she no longer has the opportunity for advancement that her peers have (and) she no longer has control of all bureau operations in her jurisdiction,” Laughlin’s attorneys wrote.