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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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There’s an onsite gym with free lunchtime classes

12 surefire ways to build muscle with your diet

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I’m in process of going through all my pins and deleting everything that I think could be questionable and only saving links to blogs that seem Pinterest friendly. I realize this may still not be 100% safe. It’s a shame we are so Law Suit happy that it comes down to this.

If you step on the scale immediately after eating a lot of food, you may weigh several pounds more than you did first thing in the morning, however. This type of daily weight fluctuation is normal. The higher weight is simply the mass of undigested food in your belly.

Operation Christmas Child has collected and delivered more than 100 million shoebox gifts to children in more than 100 countries since 1993. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Operation Christmas Child hopes to collect another 9.8 million gift filled shoeboxes this year. It is a project of Samaritan’s Purse, an international Christian relief and evangelism organization headed by Franklin Graham.

For Francis, the modern headquarters building is another of the attractions. Workspaces are open concept, with variable height desks and plenty of meeting areas. There’s an onsite gym with free lunchtime classes. Brisbane Conway, Qupasha D. Brown, Tiffany N. Bryan, Blanqui R.

Consider Cara, a 25 year old young professional who is newly married and is decorating her first Christmas tree. When she left home for her first apartment, she took a small box of mementoes with her so that she will have those memories to share with her new husband, and as time goes on, her own children. Tucked into this box of holiday decorations is her first Christmas ornament that hung on the family Christmas tree the year that she was born.

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You’ll all be aware of Sheba, one of my own collies, who had a stroke a few weeks ago. Well she’s still improving slowly. Eating has to be done little and often and we have to keep including really horrible things like steak, lamb and such like to keep her interested

If a woman has to go out of her home

8 easy steps to babyproofing your hotel room

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Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan Says So-Long On Friday

Mark Sullivan/s.s. photo

By Allan Lengel

Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan, who served under two presidents, steps down on Friday after a long reign at the head of the agency.

Sullivan, who had been director since 2006,  had a successful run as director, but his tenure was not without heartburn.

He had to deal with the couple who crashed a White house party in 2009, and last year, his agents were involved in a sex scandal involving prostitutes in Colombia.

He was an agent for 30 years.

Immigration Group: Border Patrol Abusing People Trying to Cross Border

Steve Neavling 

Border Patrol agents have abused illegal immigrants and systematically denied them the opportunity to contact the Mexican Consulate, according to a report by a pro-immigration reform group, The Arizona Daily Star reports.

The report by the Kino Border Initiative says one in four illegal immigrants surveyed said they were abused in some way by Border Patrol, the Daily Star reported.

Officials at Customs and Border Protection declined to comment to the Daily Star.

“We are very concerned about this situation because we feel it’s a violation of human rights,” said the Rev. Sean Carroll, executive director of the initiative.

Immigration Activist Arrested, Pepper-Sprayed After Trying to Intervene in Traffic Stop

Steve Neavling

An immigration activist who tried to intervene in a traffic stop by Tucson Police on Sunday was arrested and pepper-sprayed after authorities say he crawled under a Border Patrol car, News 4 Tucson reports.

The activist, Paul Ochoa, laid under the car after police pulled over a father of six, News 4 reported.

Several suspects were taken into custody, said Border Patrol spokesman Jeremy Copeland.

Ochoa is known for taking brave stands against immigration enforcement.

FBI Investigates 6 Philadelphia Cops Accused of Planting Drugs, Stealing Money

Steve Neavling 

Hundreds of people may be unjustly behind bars because of six Philadelphia cops accused of planting drugs and stealing money, NBC 6 Philadelphia reports.

The FBI is investigating the former narcotics officers who were transferred to other duties pending the outcome of the investigation, NBC 6 reported, but the details are unclear.

The cops’ behavior led to the dismissal of 270 cases, according to NBC 6.

“We made the FBI task force, which is made up of FBI and Philadelphia Police, aware of what’s going on,” Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said. “That is continuing at this time. We’ve taken them from narcotics pending the outcome of the investigation.”

Opinion: Automatic Budget Cuts Would Hamper Progress on Immigration Reform

The Bakersfield Californian 

The prospect for real bipartisan progress on immigration reform may take a serious hit if sequestration, the automatic cuts scheduled for March 1, take place.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano informed the Senate Appropriations Committee last week the cuts will result in a workforce-hours reduction equivalent to 5,000 Border Patrol agents, or about 25 percent of the workforce. That kind of reduction will almost surely impact current efforts and future plans to secure the U.S. border with Mexico, which happens to be one of the key components of the immigration reform proposal forwarded by a bipartisan panel of senators last month. In fact, those senators are demanding that the border be secure before proceeding with opening paths to U.S. citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants. In other words, no matter which side of the immigration debate you’re on, you can’t be happy with that kind of hit to the Border Patrol.

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