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June 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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Former FBI Agent, Wife Face Prison Today in Investment Fraud Case That Targeted Seniors

Steve Neavling

 A former FBI agent and his wife face prison time Tuesday  for preying on seniors in an investment fraud case, the Associated Press reports.

John and Sara Graves, of Fredericksburg, Va., were convicted in April of mail fraud, conspiracy and four counts of wire fraud.

Prosecutors said the couple opened an investment company in 2003 and used the funds of elderly people to buy real estate and other personal belongings, the AP wrote.

John Graves faces up to 17 and a half years under federal sentencing guidelines. His wife faces nine years.

Defense attorneys are calling for no more than five years for the former FBI agent and home confinement for his wife, the AP wrote.

Hate Crimes Drop Nationwide in 2011, But More Attacks Against Gays, Lesbians

Steve Neavling

 Fewer people reported hate crimes in 2011, but those based on sexual orientation rose, the FBI said Monday.

Reported hate crimes dropped 6%, to about 6,200, according to the recently released Hate Crime Statistics.

About half the hate crimes were racially motivated and predominately targeted African Americans.

In a press release, the Anti-Defamation League expressed concern over the rise in hate crimes directed at gays and lesbians.

“The increase in the number of reported hate crimes directed against gays and lesbians, now the second most frequent category of crime, is especially disturbing,” the ADL statement read.

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FBI Agent Jarrod Petrelli Dead at 34

Jarrod M. Petrelli/funeral home photo

By Allan Lengel

Jarrod M. Petrelli died young, and he died suddenly.

The St. Louis FBI agent, who was 34, about to turn 35, died at a training conference in Florida, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

The paper reported that he died last week of natural causes.

He worked violent gangs during his four year career.

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Husband Kills TSA Baggage Inspector in Murder Suicide at Cleveland Airport Parking Lot

By Allan Lengel

A bagage inspector for the Transportation Security Administration was fatally shot by her husband Sunday morning in a murder-suicide at the Cleveland airport, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.

The shooting took place in the employee parking lot of the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, the paper reported.

The paper identified the TSA worker as Kimberly Alkahder, 20. Her husband, who shot himself,  was  identified as Ahmad Alkahder, 28. The couple was estranged.



Investigation: Border Patrol Investigations of Agent-Involved Shootings are shoddy

Steve Neavling 

U.S. Border Patrol agents rarely are held accountable over shootings, and investigations are done in the dark, an Arizona Daily Star investigation has found.

In one case, the newspaper wrote that one agent-involved shooting has remained secret and ongoing for three years

Scrutiny on the federal agency is increasing after several well-publicized border shootings.

Over the past three years, Border Patrol agents have shot at least 22 people. Some agents have also been killed.

The Daily Star also wrote that agents are given the benefit of the doubt, and prosecutors rarely take the cases.

Justice Department Probes School District Over Alleged School-to-Prison Pipeline

Steve Neavling

The Justice Department is investigating a Mississippi school district that is accused of sending predominately black and disabled children to jail without probable cause for minor offenses, the Associated Press reports.

A suit filed by the Justice Department said jail is used as “a medium for school discipline,” the AP reported.

The city of Meridian and Lauderdale County have policies that permit officials to arrest and ship students 80 miles away to a juvenile detention center without probable cause.

Superintendent Alvin Taylor said the district has been cooperating with feds.

“We’ve changed our discipline policies, our procedures in the district,” Taylor told the AP. “When I got here in the summer of 2011, I made a lot of changes during that period. We basically changed how we did a lot of things — how we handled discipline, how we handled academics, how our administrators handled procedures in their buildings.

The Justice Department is Investigating Wrongful Conviction of Englewood 4

Steve Neavling

Four teenagers were convicted of murdering a 30-year-old Chicago woman and sent to prison in 1994.

After evidence surfaced that the teens were innocent, the prosecutor’s office earlier this year released them.

Now the Justice Department wants to know how and why the four teens were convicted, the Associated Press reports.

Cook County officials are cooperating, the AP reported.

The four teens were Michael Saunders, Harold Richardson, Terrill Swift and Vincent Thames. They were convicted of killing Nina Glover of Chicago.