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June 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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Secret Service Dog Plunges to Death Following Event Involving Vice President Biden in New Orleans

Steve Neavling

A Secret Service dog fell to its death from a parking garage in New Orleans Saturday while on guard for an event featuring Vice President Biden, The Hill reports.

Biden was speaking at a fundraiser for Sen. Mary Landrieau when the dog fell.

“It was a tragic accident,” Secret Service spokesman Max Milien told The Hill Sunday.

The age and name of the Belgian Malinois has not been released.

The dog was part of the Secret Service’s K-9 division called Canine Explosives Detection Unit, which sniffs out firearms and bombs, the Hill reported.

Despite Reputation for Strong Gun-Control Laws, Massachusetts Refuses to Provide Mental Health Records for Federal Background Checks

Steve Neavling 

Massachusetts has a good reputation with strong gun-control laws – until it comes to mental health records.

The Boston Globe reported Monday that a 43-year-old law prohibits the state from sharing mental health records with the FBI database for gun background checks.

The FBI processed about 1.6 million background checks of Massachusetts residents since 1999 without having access to mental health records, according to the Globe.

Although some state officials warn about the dangers of mentally ill people carrying guns, the state Legislature has rejected two efforts by Gov. Deval Patrick to make the records available.

“You have to have state legislation to authorize the release of that information,” Patrick told the Globe. “I’ve filed legislation in the past, and I filed it again last week.”

Rep. Darrell Issa Blasts Outgoing Justice Official Lanny Breuer

Lanny Breuer

By Allan Lengel

No surprise here.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif), head of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, isn’t sad  to see the resignation of Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer, who heads the Justice Department’s Criminal Division.

“Lanny Breuer’s resignation is long overdue,” Issa said in a press release issued late last week. “Breuer was at the heart of several critical failures in Operation Fast and Furious: he knew about reckless tactics, failed to take seriously allegations that they were continuing, and only owned up to his failures once they were publicly exposed.

“The Inspector General’s report admonished Breuer for failing to inform the Deputy Attorney General or the Attorney General when he learned, in April 2010, that the reckless tactic of gunwalking was used in a prior operation,” Issa said. Furthermore, several of Breuer’s top deputies authorized sensitive wiretap applications under Breuer’s authority that, according to the OIG report, contained stark, incontrovertible evidence of the exact same gunwalking tactic. Had Breuer taken any action whatsoever, Fast and Furious would have ended eight months sooner than it did. This resignation paves the way for needed new leadership in the Criminal Division.”


Her patients lacked the cystatin b mutation and had a severe

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Weekend Series on Crime: Inside the Mind of a Mafia Hitman


FBI Sting Nets 4 Detroit-Area Cops on Bribery and Drug Charges

By Allan Lengel
Deadline Detroit

DETROIT— An FBI sting netted four Highland Park police officers on charges of bribery and drug trafficking, the feds announced Friday.

The cops included: Anthony Bynum, 29, of Highland Park; Price Montgomery, 38, of Highland Park; Shawn Williams, 33, of Detroit; and Craig Clayton, 55, of Highland Park. Williams and Clayton are both auxiliary officers.

The FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office said it all began when officers Bynum and Montgomery arrested a man in August 2012 on a firearms charge and beat him. While in the hospital, the man offered the officers a bribe to drop the charges.

The man started working as an unpaid FBI informant and allegedly gave the two officers $10,000 so they wouldn’t show up to trial. The exchange was recorded by the FBI, and the two cops failed to appear in Wayne County Circuit Court for trial. The charges were dropped, the FBI said.

Subsequently, last Nov. 15, the two officers agreed to transport what they thought was two kilos of cocaine from the Oakland Mall to a location in Taylor for the FBI informant. Each was paid $1,500.

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FBI Investigating Whether Sen. Bob Menendez Bought Prostitutes in the Dominican Republic

Steve Neavling 

The FBI is investigating the latest sex scandal in Washington D.C.

The Daily Caller reports that Sen. Bob Menendez is under investigation on accusations that he was purchasing prostitutes and attending wild sex parties in the Dominican Republic.

The probe focuses on the New Jersey Democrat and a Miami eye doctor, the Daily Caller reported, citing federal documents.

Menendez also may face an ethics hearing because some of his trips may have been paid for by someone else but not disclosed.

FBI Hopes to Swap Old Headquarters for New Place at No Cost

Steve Neavling 

The federal government is hoping to trade the FBI headquarters in Washington D.C. for a new home without any additional costs, the Washington Business Journal reports.

Officials from the FBI and General Services Administration met with about 350 interested developers last week to outline the plan, the Journal wrote.

The FBI is looking for a new home because its current home is antiquated and cumbersome.

Cities and counties in Maryland and Virginia have expressed interest.