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June 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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Newspaper to Examine FBI Treatment of Civil Rights Icons in 1960s photo

Steve Neavling

The FBI is releasing dozens of investigative files involving civil rights-era photographer Ernest Withers as part of a lawsuit with The Commercial Appeal of Memphis, Tenn., CNN reports.

Among the files is an investigation of Martin Luther King Jr. while in Memphis in 1968, CNN reported.

The bureau also examined the NAACP, Southern Christian Leadership Conference and peace and black power movements.

The files are expected to shed light on how deeply the FBI probed the lives of civil rights leaders.

The newspaper won the right to examine the records after reaching a settlement under the Freedom of Information Act.

Illinois Man Charged After Claiming He Was Scammed by FBI in Home Search

Steve Neavling 

An Illinois man complained to local police nearly two weeks ago that two people impersonating FBI agents came into his South Elgin home and examined the contents of his computer.

Now the homeowner, L. John Toth, 51, has been charged with making a false police report, The Courier-News reports.

Turns out, those people were not scammers; they were real FBI agents investigating Toth for possessing child pornography, The Courier-News reported.

“The alleged offender failed to notify the police that he actually knew that the two subjects were actual agents and failed to notify police of specific incidences with the reason the agents were there,” said a statement from South Elgin police.

Border Patrol Agents Accused of Targeting Latinos

Steve Neavling

U.S. Border Patrol agents in Northern Ohio are accused of targeting Latinos and using racial slurs to describe them, WXYC NBC 3 reports.

The station reported that two federal lawsuits claims Latinos are targeted solely based on their race or appearance.

“Agents…are engaged in a pattern or practice of restraining, interrogating, and arresting persons regarding their  immigration status based on their being Hispanic,” attorneys wrote, in a 2009 lawsuit. “These seizures and interrogations have taken place in bus stations, gas stations, retail establishments, during traffic stops, (and) at soccer games.”

In court records, the Border Patrol denied any wrongdoing.

Video: Meet New Head of ATF in St. Paul, Find Out His Plan to Curb Gun Crimes

Steve Neavling

KSTP ABC News interviewed ATF Chief Scott Sweetow about his plans for curtailing gun crimes.

Reporter Steve Teller interviewed Sweetow about his expectations for the office.

Watch the entire video here.



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Mobster Whitey Bulger Befriended Ordinary Neighbor in Big Mistake Before Arrest

Updated Bulger photo/wbur

 Steve Neavling 

John Bond thought it was odd for the old man to stop by several times a week, sometimes with gifts, to tell him stories.

It didn’t occur to him that the old man was James “Whitey” Bulger, one of the most wanted men in America, Salon wrote in a lengthy narrative of how the mob boss made critical mistakes that led to his arrest.

The friendship lasted through 2011, when federal authorities amped up their search for Bulger. 

When authorities learned of Bulger’s whereabouts, Bond received a knock at the door.

Friendly-Fire Shooting of FBI Agent Barry Bush Should Not Have Happened, New Report Shows

Slain Agent Barry Lee Bush/fbi photo

Steve Neavling 

It was an error that cost FBI agent Barry Bush his life on April 5, 2007.

A new detailed report of the friendly-fire shooting shows numerous mistakes under very confusing circumstances, the Leigh Valley Express-Times reports.

Bush, a veteran FBI agent, was supposed to perform surveillance on suspected bank robbers until a SWAT team took over.

But a command post ordered Bush to close in on one of the suspect’s cars, not knowing that SWAT was preparing to do the same thing.

Turns out, SWAT and Bush had separate written orders that were not communicated.

Mistaking Bush for one of the suspected robbers, a SWAT agent shot and killed the 52-year-old, the Express Times reported.