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June 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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GSA to Soon Begin Taking Proposals to Relocate FBI Headquarters

Steve Neavling

The General Services Association soon will begin accepting proposals to relocate FBI headquarters beginning this summer, the Kingstowne-Rose Hill Patch reports.

The FBI has received numerous preliminary proposals from surrounding cities to be home to the new FBI headquarters.

The current headquarters in Washington D.C. is outdated and crumbling, the GSA has said.

The FBI is looking for land that is close to the metro station and Beltway.

Justice Department to Probe Big Blunders in ATF Milwaukee Sting

Steve Neavling 

The Justice Department is investigating the high-profile blunders of the ATF in Milwaukee following embarrassing mistakes reported by the the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the newspaper reports.

In letters to two members of Congress, Inspector General Michael Horowitz said the sting raised “significant management issues related to the oversight and management” of the ATF, the newspaper wrote.

Journal Sentinel reports detail serious mistakes, including having their guns stolen, losing $40,000 in merchandise and allowing an armed man who had threatened to shoot someone leave the store.

Protesters Arrested After Trying to Storm Justice Department Building in Washington D.C.

Steve Neavling

Protesters furious over foreclosure attempts tried to storm the entrances of the Justice Department on Monday, leading to 17 arrests , the Washington Post reports.

About 100 protesters participated, and some were tased during the event.

After the arrests, about half the protesters stuck around as police prepared to make additional arrests.

Law enforcement blocked the entrance while a police helicopter flew overhead.


DOJ Report: Justice Dept. Temporarily Lost Track of 2 Suspected Terrorists in Witness Protection Program

By Fox News

The Justice Department temporarily lost track of two known or suspected terrorists who were in the witness protection program — and allowed others on the no-fly list to board commercial flights — according to a watchdog report which fueled criticism of the administration.

“This is gross mismanagement — pure and simple,” Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said in a statement.

The allegations were made in an inspector general report released Thursday. The report found agencies in the department did not properly share the new identities of some in witness protection — the lapse meant those new names were not updated in the no-fly list.

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Former Bush Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Says He Passed on Subpoenas For Leaks

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FBI Agents Association Issues Statement on Deaths of 2 Agents

Konrad Motyka/ photo

By Allan Lengel

The FBI Agents Association issued a statement on the deaths of FBI agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw, who died in an accident while training off the coast of Virginia Beach. The two were members of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team.

FBIAA President Konrad Motyka stated:

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Lorek and Shaw families during this very difficult time. The bravery and dedication of Special Agents Lorek and Shaw will not be forgotten, and FBIAA and our 12,000 members stand with the families and send our condolences for their loss.”