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September 2022


How to Become a Bounty Hunter


Richard C. Powers to Head FBI’s Houston Division

By Allan Lengel
WASHINGTON — Richard C. Powers, a 19-year veteran of the FBI, and a former state prosecutor, will head up the bureau’s Houston Division

Powers, who last served as assistant director of the Office of Congressional Affairs at FBI headquarters, replaces Andrew Bland, who retired, the FBI announced on Wednesday.
Powers entered the FBI in 1991 and worked in different offices including headquarters in 1996 where he was assigned to the Criminal Division’s Organized Crime/Drug Section.

From 1998 to 2004, he was assigned to the Houston office where he held jobs that included being detailed to the DEA to supervise a multi-agency major case squad; supervise a FBI-sponsored violent crime task force and work as a supervisory senior resident agent of the Texas City Resident Agency.

He eventually became a assistant special agent in charge in Houston in 2002. He returned to headquarters and later became special agent in charge of the Denver office. He then returned again to headquarters, the FBI said.

Before joining the FBI, he was a Chicago area cop, a state prosecutor and a civil litigation attorney, the FBI said.

Ala. U.S. Atty. Alice Martin Resigns Amid Criticism

U.S. Atty. Alice Martin/doj photo

U.S. Atty. Alice Martin/doj photo

By Brian Schott

U.S. Atty. Alice Martin of Alabama, whose involvement in the prosecution of ex-Gov. Donald Siegelman has raised concerns of late, is resigning.

Martin, the U.S. Attorney for Northern Alabama, announced her decision Friday in a letter to Atty. Gen. Eric Holder, which was posted on the Department of Justice’s website. She cited the change in administration as the reason for her resignation.

Martin’s departure caps an eight-year career at the Department of Justice, where her office prosecuted several notable cases including terrorist bomber Eric Rudolph for four bombings, including the 1996 attack on Centennial Olympic Park. She also directed the prosecution of 15 HealthSouth employees involved in a $2.8 billion accounting scandal.

Recently Martin had come under fire for her involvement in the conviction of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, who is serving seven years in federal prison for a bribery conviction.

Forty Four former state Attorneys General have called for an investigation into the conviction amid charges that the prosecution was politically motivated, and The American Lawyer reports that the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility is looking into whether Martin committed any misconduct in the case.

The Justice Dept. is also investigating Martin’s unsuccessful prosecution of a corporation charged with selling Blackhawk helicopter plans to China. The plans turned out to be publicly available on the Internet, according to The American Lawyer.

President Barack Obama has nominated Joyce Vance, chief of the appellate division for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Northern Alabama, to replace Martin.

She has been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee and is expected to be confirmed by the full Senate next week, The Birmingham News reports.

Kevin Perkins Named Assist. Dir. of FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division


By Allan Lengel
WASHINGTON — Kevin L. Perkins, assistant director of the FBI’s Inspection Division, has been named assistant director of the bureau’s Criminal Investigative Division.

Perkins replaces Kenneth W. Kaiser, who recently retired, the FBI said.

“Kevin has proven to be an effective investigator and manager during his time with the Bureau,” said FBI Director Robert Mueller III in a prepared statement.”As assistant director for the Criminal Investigative Division, Kevin will be responsible for coordinating, managing, and directing all criminal investigative programs nationwide.”

Perkins joined the bureau in 1986 and has worked in Kansas City, Baltimore, Philadelphia and headquarters.

R.I. U.S. Attorney Robert Clark Corrente Stepping Down

Robert Clark Corrente
Robert Clark Corrente

By Allan Lengel

U.S. Attorney Robert Clark Corrente of Rhode Island, whose office landed some high profile convictions of state lawmakers during his tenure, is resigning, effective June 26.

According to a press release issued by his office Monday, Corrente will join a private law firm on July 1. He was appointed U.S. Attorney by President Bush in 2004.

“It has been a great privilege to have served the country, the Department of Justice, and especially the people of Rhode Island,” he wrote in a resignation letter to President Obama and Atty. Gen. Eric Holder.

During his tenure, his office convicted state lawmakers John Celona and Gerard Martineau. The office also convicted Roger Williams Medical Center CEO Robert Urciuoli and executives from the former Lincoln Park slot parlor, according to the press release.

The state’s U.S. Senators have recommended that assistant U.S. Attorney Peter F. Neronha replace Corrente.

Arthur Balizan to Head FBI’s Portland, Or. Division

portland-mapBy Allan Lengel

Arthur Balizan, an inspector in the FBI’s Inspection Division, has been named special agent in charge of the Portland, Or., Division.

Balizan replaces David Ian Miller, who will retire at the end of the month, the FBI said.

Balizan started his career in the FBI in the early 1980s in the San Francisco Division and went on to the San Juan office in 1983 to work on “terrorism matters”, the FBI said.

He bounced around to the Albuquerque Division and then became a supervisory special agent assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Bogota, Colombia as the assistant project director for the U.S. Department of Justice International Criminal Investigative Training and Assistance Program, the FBI said.

He later took on other duties in Colombia. After returning to the states, taking on various jobs, he became assistant special agent in charge of the Sacramento office.

In 2006, he served as one of eight inspectors at FBI headquarters.

Before coming to the FBI, he worked as a police officer in northern California, the FBI said. He has three adult children.

Obama Announces First Batch of New U.S. Attys Including N.Y, Ala., N.J.

Paul Fishman for N.J. U.S. Atty.
Paul Fishman for N.J. U.S. Atty.

Well, it’s a start. There’s a lot more to come.

By Farhan Daredia
Main Justice
WASHINGTON — After a slow start, President Obama announced his first batch of U.S. Attorneys nominations on Friday. Notable among them is Joyce Vance for the Northern District of Alabama, who will replace the controversial Alice Martin. Martin has been accused of being part of a GOP cabal that prosecuted Democratic Gov. Don Siegelman for partisan political purposes.

The other nominees were, as expected: Preet Bharara for the Southern District of New York’;  Tristram Coffin for Vermont; Jenny Durkan for the Western District of Washington; and John Kacavas for New Hampshire. Read the White House annoucement here.

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Hundreds of Employees Gather to Commemorate the Deaths of 54 FBI Agents Killed In the Line of Duty

By Allan Lengel
WASHINGTON — Hundreds of employees and a host of Washington luminaries including the current and former FBI directors gathered Tuesday at FBI headquarters to commemorate the deaths of 54 agents killed in the line of duty.

“We come together today because we have not forgotten the cost of freedom. We have not forgotten the sacrifices these men and women have made on our behalf, nor have we forgotten the sacrifices borne by the families and friends of those we have lost,” FBI Director Robert Mueller III said in his remarks.

The gathering, part of National Police Week, was attended by Attorney Gen. Eric Holder, Dep. Attorney Gen. David Ogden and former FBI directors William H. Webster and Louis J. Freeh.

The gathering marked the 30th year the ceremony has been held at FBI headquarters.

The FBI said the names of the following special agents were read while their photos were displayed during the service (click on each photo to read more about each agent):

Photograph of Edwin C. Shanahan

Edwin C. Shanahan
1898 – 1925

Photograph of Paul E. Reynolds

Paul E. Reynolds
1899 – 1929

Photograph of Raymond J. Caffrey

Raymond J. Caffrey
1902 – 1933

Photograph of W. Carter Baum

W. Carter Baum
1904 – 1934

Photograph of Samuel P. Cowley

Samuel P. Cowley
1899 – 1934

Photograph of Herman E. Hollis

Herman E. Hollis
1903 – 1934

Photograph of Nelson B. Klein

Nelson B. Klein
1898 – 1935

Photograph of Wimberly W. Baker

Wimberly W. Baker
1910 – 1937

Photograph of Truett E. Rowe

Truett E. Rowe
1904 – 1937

Photograph of William R. Ramsey

William R. Ramsey
1903 – 1938

Photograph of Hubert J. Treacy, Jr.

Hubert J. Treacy, Jr.
1913 – 1942

Photograph of Joseph J. Brock

Joseph J. Brock
1908 – 1952

Photograph of John Brady Murphy

John Brady Murphy
1917 – 1953

Photograph of Richard Purcell Horan

Richard Purcell Horan
1922 – 1957

Photograph of Terry R. Anderson

Terry R. Anderson
1924 – 1966

Photograph of Douglas M. Price

Douglas M. Price
1941 – 1968

Photograph of Anthony Palmisano

Anthony Palmisano
1942 – 1969

Photograph of Edwin R. Woodriffe

Edwin R. Woodriffe
1941 – 1969

Photograph of Gregory W. Spinelli

Gregory W. Spinelli
1949 – 1973

Photograph of Jack R. Coler

Jack R. Coler
1947 – 1975

Photograph of Ronald A. Williams

Ronald A. Williams
1947 – 1975

Photograph of Johnnie L. Oliver

Johnnie L. Oliver
1944 – 1979

Photograph of Charles W. Elmore

Charles W. Elmore
1945 – 1979

Photograph of Jared Robert Porter

Jared Robert Porter
1935 – 1979

Photograph of Robin L. Ahrens

Robin L. Ahrens
1952 – 1985

Photograph of Jerry L. Dove

Jerry L. Dove
1956 – 1986

Benjamin P. Grogan

Benjamin P. Grogan
1933 – 1986

Photograph of L. Douglas Abram

L. Douglas Abram
1942 – 1990

Photograph of John L. Bailey

John L. Bailey
1942 – 1990

Photograph of Martha Dixon Martinez

Martha Dixon Martinez
1959 – 1994

Photograph of Michael John Miller

Michael John Miller
1953 – 1994

Photograph of William Christian, Jr.

William Christian, Jr.
1946 – 1995

Photograph of Charles Leo Reed

Charles Leo Reed
1951 – 1996

Photograph of Leonard H. Hatton

Leonard W. Hatton
1956 – 2001

Photograph of Albert L. Ingle

Albert L. Ingle
1903 – 1931

Photograph of Percy E. Foxworth

Percy E. Foxworth
1906 – 1943

Photograph of Harold Dennis Haberfeld

Harold Dennis Haberfeld
1912 – 1943

Photograph of Richard Blackstone Brown

Richard Blackstone Brown
1916 – 1943

Photograph of Trenwith S. Basford

Trenwith S. Basford
1916 – 1977

Photograph of Mark A. Kirkland

Mark A. Kirkland
1944 – 1977

Photograph of Robert W. Conners

Robert W. Conners
1946 – 1982

Photograph of Charles L. Ellington

Charles L. Ellington
1946 – 1982

Photograph of Terry Burnett Hereford

Terry Burnett Hereford
1948 – 1982

Photograph of Michael James Lynch

Michael James Lynch
1947 – 1982

Photograph of James K. McAllister

James K. McAllister
1951 – 1986

Photograph of Scott K. Carey

Scott K. Carey
1952 – 1988

Photograph of Stanley Ronquest, Jr.

Stanley Ronquest, Jr.
1939 – 1992

Photograph of Paul A. Leveille

Paul A. LeVeille
1959 – 1999

Photograph of and link to Robert R. Hardesty

Robert R. Hardesty
1965 – 2005

Photograph of and link to Gregory J. Rahoi

Gregory J. Rahoi
1968 – 2006

Photograph of Barry Bush

Barry Bush
1955 – 2007

Photograph of Samuel Hicks

Samuel Hicks
1974 – 2008

Photograph of Sang T. Jun

Sang T. Jun
1972 – 2008

Photograph of Paul M. Sorce

Paul M. Sorce
1964 – 2009

FBI Agent William Kim Gets Victim Assistance Award

By Allan Lengel
WASHINGTON — FBI special agent William L. Kim of the Washington field office has received the Vanguard Award for “outstanding work in the field of victim assistance”, the FBI said.

Kim was credited with helping in the quick recovery of an abducted 5 year old, the agency said. He was honored on April 26 by the Northern Virginia Coalition of Victim Service Providers at its annual Candlelight Vigil of Courage, Hope and Remembrance.

“Agent Kim exemplifies the dedication of FBI personnel to protect, and act swiftly to save the lives of those in danger,” said Joseph Persichini Jr., who heads the Washington FBI field office.