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June 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter


11 NY FBI Employees Given Awards for Their Work

By Allan Lengel

Legendary ex-Los Angeles Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda and Gen. James T. Conway of the Marine Corps were among those who attended the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation awards  Friday in New York at the Waldorf Astoria hotel where 11 FBI employees from the New York division received awards for their work.

Robert Rosen of FLEF, SA Kevin Ponder, SA Dave Caskey and ADIC Joseph Demarest/FBI photo

Robert Rosen of FLEF, SA Kevin Ponder, SA Dave Caskey and ADIC Joseph Demarest/FBI photo

Investigator of the Year recipients, according to a press release included:

* Supervisory Special Agent Charles Gilgen was honored for his work in counterintelligence investigations, including numerous national security cases.

* Special Agent Danielle Messineo was recognized for her tireless efforts in a child pornography investigation.

* Special Agent Brian Kopp received his award for his efforts in the Special Operations Division, where he has worked on some of the FBI’s highest profile cases.

* Special Agent Edward A. Panetta was awarded for his work on several counterterrorism cases.

* Special Agents Kevin Ponder and Dave Caskey were recognized for their efforts working in the FBI New York criminal division, many with an overseas nexus.

* Supervisory Special Agent Robert Hennigan, Special Agent Brian Fitzpatrick, Special Agent David Cox, and Financial Analyst Vinesh Manglavil were recognized for their work against public corruption in the city of New York.

Robert Rosen FLEF, ADIC Joseph Demarest and SSA Charles Gilgen/FBI photo by Daniel Piszczatoski

Robert Rosen FLEF, ADIC Joseph Demarest and SSA Charles Gilgen/FBI photo by Daniel Piszczatoski

The Jim Fox Award recipient, according to the press release:

* Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Ralph H. Tucker was honored for his work in the Special Operations Division, Surveillance Branch. SSA Tucker has served in the FBI for 33 years and has worked on countless critical cases for the FBI.

Farewell in Va. to DEA Agent Forrest Leamon Who Died in Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan

Head of FBI D.C. Office Joseph Persichini Jr. Retiring

FBI's Joseph Persichin Jr./ photo
FBI’s Joseph Persichin Jr./ photo

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — Joseph Persichini Jr., who has headed the FBI Washington field office for the past three years, is retiring at the end of the year.

Persichini, 55, was special agent in charge of the administrative division at the Washington field office before he rose in 2006 to the top post in the office and was named assistant director in charge, replacing Mike Mason who eventually went on to take a job with Verizon.

He began his FBI career in 1976 as an accountant at FBI headquarters in the Budget and Accounting Section and became a special agent in 1980, according to the FBI.

As head of the D.C. FBI field office, he oversaw some major cases including the anthrax investigation and the tax scandal in the D.C. Tax Office, which involved the theft of some $50 million.

Ex-FBI Agent and Former TV Anchor Thomas Wassell Dead at Age 84

atlanta-map1By Allan Lengel

Thomas Wassell, a former FBI agent who went on to become well-known Atlanta TV news anchor, has died at age 84 in Atlanta, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Wassell worked as an agent from 1951 to 1960 in Chicago and Miami and later went on to become an anchorman at WSB-tv in Atlanta. He left the station in 1973 and became an information officer for the Georgia State Senate and retired in 1991, the paper reported.

The paper said he used to talk to his sons about his days in the FBI and his espionage cases.

“It sounded like something out of a James Bond movie or something,” his son John Wassell of Tucker told the paper.

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Baltimore FBI Building to Be Named After Slain Agent Sam Hicks

Sam Hicks/fbi photo

Sam Hicks/fbi photo

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — The FBI’s Baltimore field office will be named after agent Sam Hicks, who was killed last Nov. 19 in a shooting in the Pittsburgh area while serving an arrest warrant in a drug case, the Associated Press reported.

The AP reported that Hicks’ wife Brooke and their son Noah will attend a Nov. 23 dedication ceremony in Baltimore.

Hicks, 33,  had been a Baltimore City Officer before joining the FBI.

The woman who shot and killed Hicks, Christina Korbe, is awaiting trial. She has told investigatators that she thought Hicks was an intruder. The FBI had gone to the house to arrest her husband.

Son of CIA Case Officer Takes Charge of FBI Salt Lake City Office

fbi logo largeBy Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — James McTighe, the son of a CIA case officer, will take charge of the FBI’s Salt Lake City Division, replacing Timothy J. Fuhrman, who was recently named special agent in charge of the Mobile, Ala. office.

McTighe had last served as special assistant for deputy director John Pistole at FBI headquarters, the FBI said.

McTighe joined the FBI in 1983 and was first assigned to the Cincinnati Division, where he worked general property crimes, public corruption, fugitives, and drug cases, the FBI said.

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FBI’s Rich Kolko and Brian Hale Leaving FBI Mothership

Rich Koko (left) and FBI's Jeff McCrehan at going away party
Rich Kolko (left) and FBI’s Jeff McCrehan at going away party/ photo

By Allan Lengel
WASHINGTON —  Two key people in the FBI’s National Press Office  have just left the mothership to take on duties elsewhere.

FBI special agent Rich Kolko, chief of the FBI’s National Press Office, is moving up to the FBI’s New York  office to head  the Office of Public Affairs
and work under assistant director in charge Joe Demarest.

Brian P. Hale of the National Press Office is moving over to U.S.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement to become Director of  the Office of Public Affairs.   Both  Hale and Kolko start their new jobs on Monday and celebrated their departure at a party at the Capitol City Brewing Company in downtown D.C. last Thursday night.

Brian Hale / photo

Brian Hale / photo

Kolko has had an interesting career path. He worked at CNN as an assignment editor and producer before joining the FBI.
He worked the FBI’s counterterrorism Fly Team and worked nearly 10 years in Atlanta primarily on terrorism issues.

In 2005, he was appointed chief of the FBI National Press Office under assistant Director John Miller, who recently left to move over to another agency. Earlier in his life, he served as an Aviator in the Navy.

At the FBI Press Office, Hale handled international and national media inquiries dealing with counterterrorism, weapons of mass destruction and operational technology.

He also served as the Office of Public Affairs primary media training instructor.

Before joining the FBI, he worked as the press relations manager for the D.C.-based international law firm Patton Boggs. Before that, he worked as a field producer for ABC News’ 20/20.

Iowa’s U.S. Atty. Matthew Whitaker to Step Down

U.S. Atty. Whitaker/doj photo
U.S. Atty. Whitaker/doj photo

By Allan Lengel

Des Moines  U.S. Attorney Matthew G. Whitaker, a former All-American football player for the University of Iowa, has announced his resignation, effective when his successor is officially appointed.

“Being United States Attorney is the greatest professional experience and honor of my life, ” Whitaker said in a prepared statement ”  I am very proud of what we have accomplished in this office.”

Whitaker had served as U.S. Attorney since June 2004.  He played for the University of Iowa’s last Rosebowl team in 1991.

Nick Klinefeldt is expected to replace Whitaker.  The Senate Judiciary Committee just gave Klinefeldt the nod, but he has yet to be confirmed by the full Senate.

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