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October 2022


How to Become a Bounty Hunter


Sources: D.C. Mayor to Propose Keeping FBI Headquarters in the Capitol

Steve Neavling 

Washington D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray plans to propose that federal authorities relocate the FBI headquarters from its outdated building to another part of the capitol, the Washington Post reports.

Sources told the Post that Gray wants feds to move headquarters from Pennsylvania Avenue NW to Poplar Point, between Interstate 295 and the Anacostia River.

The federal government is searching for new locations because the FBI has outgrown the current headquarters.


FBI Agents Are Accused of Bugging Boss’ Office, Buying Sex, Texting Lurid Photos

Steve Neavling 

It appears some FBI agents are having a little bit too much fun on the job, internal disciplinary reports obtained by CNN show.

The reports indicate agents bugged a boss’ office, sent naked photos to co-workers, sexted on the job and paid for sex at a message parlor, CNN reported.

The FBI, whose motto is fidelity, bravery, integrity, has been dealing with “a rash of sexting cases” in which agents are using government-issued phones to send lurid pictures and suggestive texts.

“We’re hoping (that) getting the message out in the quarterlies is going to teach people, as well as their supervisors … you can’t do this stuff,” FBI assistant director Candice Will told CNN this week. “When you are given an FBI BlackBerry, it’s for official use. It’s not to text the woman in another office who you found attractive or to send a picture of yourself in a state of undress. That is not why we provide you an FBI BlackBerry.”

Pittsburgh Police Chief Resigns Under Pressure Amid FBI Investigation

Steve Neavling 

Pittsburgh Police Chief Nate Harper resigned Wednesday amid a federal investigation into his department, the Associated Press reports.

The AP wrote that Mayor Luke Ravenstahl met earlier in the day with FBI agents and decided Harper should step down.

“I’m not going to talk to you about the chief’s reaction,” the mayor said. “This is a sad day.”

Harper denied doing anything wrong when he partnered with four subordinates to create a private security firm, the AP reported. Whether that’s the focus of the investigation remains unknown.

Ravenstahl said he plans to run for reelection and is not a target in the investigation.

Online Activist Who Committed Suicide Was Being Closely Monitored by FBI

Steve Neavling 

Aaron Swartz, an online activist who committed suicide last month, was being closely tracked by the FBI, Salon reports.

Records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show agents monitored the 26-year-old’s activity on the internet and collected information on even banal online activity, Salon wrote.

The probe began when the FBI suspected Swartz of downloading millions of albums.

Although it was determined he committed no crime by downloading the albums, he came under fire and was charged in connection with downloading millions of academic articles.

FBI Doesn’t Buy Police Claims that Georgia Banker Accused of Embezzlement Is Dead

Steve Neavling 

A judge believes Aubrey Lee Price, a Georgia banker accused of embezzling more than $20 million, is dead.

The FBI, however, doesn’t buy into a written confession and note that said he planned to drown himself off the Florida coast after he disappeared in June, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reports.

The FBI has seized all of Price’s cars, the Chronicle wrote.

Now agents are looking for his missing boat, a 17-foot 2004 Sea Ray Boats.

Ex-Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. Pleads Guilty in Scheme Involving Campaign Cash

Steve Neavling 

Former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., 47, pleaded guilty Wednesday for using campaign cash to buy personal items, including jewelry, fur capes and parkas, celebrity memorabilia, furniture and high-end electronics, the FBI said.

Jackson also admitted he tried to conceal illegal activities, such as false and misleading reports to the Federal Election Commission.

Jackson’s wife Sandra Stevens Jackson, 49, who also was charged in the scheme, pleaded guilty to filing false tax return.

Jesse Jackson Jr. could be sentenced up to five years in prison on June 28.

Justice Department’s Pledge to Get Tough is “Beyond Laughable,” Writer Says

Rolling Stone

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but . . . the latest ploy by the government to insist it is “getting tough” on Wall Street is beyond laughable.

The tough new-and-improved regime, as described by the curiously credulous Dealbook, is a policy of extracting criminal guilty pleas from foreign subsidiaries, as opposed to the “usual fines and reforms.” This was the path chosen in the recent UBS deal (in which a Japanese subsidiary was charged while the parent company was given a complete walk, a non-prosecution settlement) and in the more recent deal with the Royal Bank of Scotland. Both of those banks were implicated in the LIBOR rate-fixing case, which is only maybe the most egregious and far-reaching financial scandal of our generation.

To read more click here.


FBI Agents Association Warns of Dire Risk to Public Safety if Budget Cuts Kick In

Konrad Motyka/ photo

By Allan Lengel

The FBI Agents Association on Wednesday warned of the potential risks to national security and public safety if across-the-board, automatic spending cuts kick in from the sequestration.

FBIAA President Konrad Motyka stated:

“The FBI Agents Association urgently calls on Congress and the White House to reach an agreement that would avoid sequestration and that would not undermine the important work done by FBI Agents to protect the public.

“Because the FBI budget includes both defense and non-defense expenditures, sequestration cuts could be more devastating to the Bureau and its Agents than any other federal agency.”

“According to FBI Director Robert Mueller, the $550 million across the board cuts to the Bureau ‘would have the net effect of cutting 2,285 employees – including 775 agents – through furloughs and a hiring freeze.’ These cuts would be ‘equivalent in size to closing the Bureau’s offices in Chicago, Miami and Baltimore.’

“These potential cuts would pose serious risks to national security and public safety. Director Mueller has stated that the FBI ‘would be required to do more with less in all its programs, including against al-Qaida and its affiliated groups, as well as the growing and sophisticated threats from cyberattacks, foreign intelligence and national and transnational criminal activities.

“Director Mueller also warned that the cuts would hurt the Bureaus ability to penetrate and disrupt terrorist groups prior to an attack, stall high priority investigations as workload is spread among a reduced workforce, and force the reduction of ‘in-theatre support in Afghanistan where U.S. military and coalition operations rely on FBI investigative and forensic programs.’

“FBI Agents are honored to serve and protect the public. Agents put their lives on the line to protect this country by combating a wide array of crimes ranging from street gangs to mortgage fraud, and from foreign spy cells to terrorist networks.

“Many Agents have forsaken more lucrative jobs in the private sector in order to serve their country and society. We do not seek elevated salaries and end of year bonuses, only the assurance of a reasonable and stable income.

“It’s time for Congress and the White House to negotiate an agreement that protects national security and public safety, and avoids devastating cuts to the Bureau that would hurt thousands of dedicated Agents and their families who faithfully and effectively serve the United States each and every day.”